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PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 1:40 pm 
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i was with a friend of mine, he is a movie star here in Egypt. anyway, he starring in his new movie with this Morrocan HB11. So, we were going out once, alot of ppl, and she was there. we were eating, and i was out of cigs.So, i asked her for a cig:

ME: hey, can i have cig?
HER:sure...can I have a lighter, (and she smiles)
later on. i ask for my lighter...

her: u ask for a lot of things!!! cigs and lighters...

i look at her like : ohhhhh ur tryin to play with MEE?? (in a "you dont know wat ur getting ur self tooo much 4 u" kinda way)

i then reply by looking at a guy sitting at the table and saying : Yoo...give me a cig bro, i dont want random ppl to harrase me just cuz i asked 4 a cig...(in a playfull "u will NOT corner ME in a conv.")

she giggles...

later on we were going to boat to to she is standing arm to arm with my friend the actor...n i look her up n down (like "i dont know wat every one sees in u") but off course i can give u a whole list of wat ppl c in her...

her : oh oh....y u lookin at me this way...(in a 'i cant belive u just did that' kinda way)

i dont remember wat i said exactly...but she ended up complaining to my friend and saying that we had a fight earlier in the day...reffering to the cig incedent

On the weekend we met again randomly at a Bday party. when she saw me her face lighte up and can to kiss me hello.

Conencidently...a guy was askin her for a lighter...(yeah, a window to tease her) so being me...
me: AGAIN...cant u afford ur own lighters??? (mind u..she was asked FOR a lighter and ddnt ask for one)
her:haha..I was giving HIM a lighter, but i can see u can afford ur own cigs..
me: no no...i just got that off as a bday present (the cig)
A girl i met b4 was sitting on the same table, but i couldnt remember who she i was like
unknown girl: hey
me: hey...i can swear i saw u some where b4...
unknown girl: yeah we met on the location for shooting the X movie...i got u, X,Y,Z cigs remember... (yeah appaerantly...i dont buy X's, friend right??
me: yup...u dont know wat kinda favour u did us that day, we where all out of cigs......(changing the subject) n btw i love ur outfit...did u just come from school:P???
unknow girl: shut up...
i then went to say hi to the rest of the ppl...n i started drinking

few mins later while im sitting on a couch wth a frnd...and im occupying most of the space...the actress comes and stands infront of me...
(try to read my come backs in a teasing manner..cuz other than this it will sound as an insult)
me: can i help u??
her:no thanks...i came here to c friend
X: u doin....Basyo, this girl is one the best ppl i dealt with
me: yeah...but she is a bit stuck up...n i cant c y (she is standing infront of me)
HEr: blah balh
me: if u plan to keep talking u better sit down...cuz my neck is starting to hurt
Her: yeah but i want to sit next to X...
me: (i pointed at an empty couch)...then there is the place u wanna sit
she sit next to me
me: so u where saying...
her: i was saying that im not just stuck up....i am errogant !!!!!
me: n wats ur secret??
her: no secrets...thats just the case
me: mmmm...thats not enough for me to like u though....i mean u look like a nice person...but give me more reasons y i should like u...(David D..i owe that to him)
her: i have nice eyes...i ha (interupted by me)
me: no no...that doesnt count...
me: give me reasons other than ur looks...(right after i finished the sentence a gorgeous girl passes by and i couldnt help but look at her)
her: yeah...u were saying other than my looks (while she was looking to)
me: doesnt she look like that girl that sitting here a second ago
her: yeah...they look like twins
then we start making fun of them and laughing 4 lil bit
me: so...i still need my reasons...
her: ok...i am smart....blah blah blah
then a frind of mine talks to me...i tak to him 4 a min or 2...when i find her tickeling me (and i am ticklish)....
we fight for a bit...THEN
i lose it...i completly froze ppl
i ddnt do wat to do next...
i tried to get out of that i went n started talking to 4 other girls sitting at one table (right next to us)...socializing
but i was stuck in a fucked up mind state of nothingness
anyone been there...plz feed back
and btw, ive been in the game for about 3 months now...and at some point desnt sarge a lot

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