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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:01 pm 
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I have a friend, who is very popular. Girls, guys, everyone. He is confident, OK, laughs all the time, but only when it's OK. Etc.

Simply, imagine the most alpha male you have ever seen - and it's pretty damn close.

Now, his alpha, not-needy behaving comes from one thing - HE KNOWS HE CAN WALK OFF. He has a lot of friends, knows every second person you point (Well, it's a little city I live in.). He knows that he can walk away from someone, 'cause there are more guys and girls waiting for him out there. And how does he do it? How does he make everyone "buy the story?" Answer is simple.

Now, his stories aren't that funny or interesting by theme. Usually it's something about "when we played football" or "last time I went out (usually equals yesterday)." But he sells it. He ACTS his story. Body language is great. His face works for him; does every grimace he could think of. Sad when it's sad, funny when funny. His way of telling the things is close to scenes in something like in "American Pie". Like he is overly sex-possessed, has many embarrassing funny moments, etc. It works for him because he is that guy; for someone else other movies would work out well, 'cause it's other style that fits better.

Now, add to everything here said some basic alpha principles (not needy, let the others come to you after you attract them by being interesting), that he got from being socially accepted.

Actually, I don't know about you guys, but my problem of not-being alpha, confident and "womanizer" comes from being shy. I was bullied in elementary school (that little nerd over there, who is too afraid of everyone). And, sadly I think that my father is responsible for this. He never told me "that is good." He always called me only when he saw something I did wrong (from simple things like forgetting to brush my teeth and cleaning the table to having B's in school instead of A's).
If I had more confidence in myself from the day I came in first class, I would be like my above-described friend now. Because people don't know how to treat you the moment they see you; you tell them how to.

The worst problem is, I still haven't completely overcame this shyness. Damn!

Just some thoughts, Carpe Diem.

You don't know the future, you can't change the past. The only thing that matters is THE CURRENT MOMENT.

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