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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 11:10 pm 
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nothing more that a girl hates than a cheating man, and theres nothing more that a girl identifies with than a girl that has been cheated on.

anyway heres a great story i have (which is actually a true story) that helps build great rapport with a girl, and can even be a great opener but let it be noted that it has never been field tested, i plan to do it soon but i havent had the chance yet:

"Wanna hear something horrible my friend did?"
(the girls say ok, yea, or fuck off...)

"Well he just broke up with his girlfriend cuz he was seeing someone else right? But he also did it by text cuz he hadnt seen his girlfriend in about three weeks. Well anyway the reason he broke up with her is cuz he was cheating on her while he was on holidays. (girls gasp, "that bastard!" etc...and here comes the clincher)
"I know i know it was pretty bad, but thats not the worst, he broke up with her on her birthday."
("Dick!", "Ass!")
"I know, I know, it was really unnecessary i dont see how anyone could do that, i can tell just from looking at you that you already hate him, and if that ever happened to you, youd be devestated. you know i could tell a lot of things just by looking at you..."

See it not only gets you comfortable, but also can lead straight into some cold reading or some esp trick or something.

btw that story is actually true i did it when i was like 16 i was immature but its a really funny story looking back and if you ever wanna make a laugh of a friend, just tell a group of girls this story and tell them that it was him and that they should go give out to him cuz no girls have done it yet

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 11:41 pm 
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ROFL You broke up with your GF in her birthday and by a text message :lol:

I can't imagine what your ex think of you. :wink:


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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 4:48 am 
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Actually I use another story, but kinda similar to it, only that it's to half add value and half boyfriend destroyer, half story telling, man this is powerful!

And this is how it goes (I'll type the last one I've done, exactly how it went)

PUA: I gotta ask you a question, Do you think I would make a good boyfriend?

HB: I don't know, I don't know you well enough yet.

PUA: I'm not asking you out, and you didn't answer my question you brat

HB: HAHA, I guess you would be (Kinda getting bored)

PUA: You know, I think I would make a TERRIBLE boyfriend.

HB: Why you say that?

PUA: Well, I would probably hate all of your friends, embarras you in front of them, call you ten times a day and break up with you on Valentine's Day,,

HB: HAHAHA, well thanks! You're such a gentleman!

PUA: So, when are you taking ME out?

HB: Excuse me,,,? You mean, when are YOU taking ME out?

PUA: (Stay quiet)

HB: Hello?

PUA: Yes? (faking a hurt voice)

HB: What happened?

PUA: (Playful voice) You just broke my heart, you don't wanna take me out...

HB: HAHA, shut up,,,

PUA: Alright, I'll make an exception, I'll take you out, but you pay (which she did)

HB: HAHA, We'll see

PUA: Make it 1pm in Starbucks from the Mall, I gotta work at 4 pm

HB: Ok, cool

PUA: Don't be late,

And we had a cool date, that of course you know ended in you know what.

So if you notice I completely stole her frame, and established these points.

* I have a good sense of humor.

* I'm very open minded

* I let her know that I do what I want, without being an ass.

* Demostrate Higher Value (Enough to make her pay for me)

* Gave her the idea that I'm the prize.

* Gave her the idea I won't bug her with a relationship

* Communicate that I ALSO understand how a relationshio works throgh using irony.

* Show her that I "get" it by using irony.


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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 8:36 pm 
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Awesome story Romeo7, I'm going to try that tonight ill let you know how it goes.


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