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Israeli lotion girl routines?
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Author:  PUALearning2PUA [ Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Israeli lotion girl routines?

I have some ideas of ways to turn interactions with them into seduction, based on observation(I've never tried one but I've always felt like I could), want people's thoughts. She hands you a sample and then you;

-Walk off studying the packet like a Rubix Cube, when she wants to "ask you a question", you keep your back to her and turn your head over your shoulder. Answer the question in a way that implies you're a filthy bum(I never wash my hands/face/etc., you have to actually be immaculately clean), cut her off like you're busy, and if she tries hard enough to get your attention after that you walk up and say, close to her face with heavy eye contact that you'd love to talk lotion/oils/etc. with her but not here or now, #close and walk off. (I did everything except the close and I heard her from the other side of the mall)

Or you accept her demonstration and;

-Immediately give her the "strip club rules" speech, "no kissing, no touchy touchy between the legs". Keep banter playful and light, buy nothing or bargain heavily to get a decent price if you can, then either #close or instadate to food court.

-Go through demonstration tickling her hands/wrist back with your fingers, heavy eye contact, comments like "this lotion is nice but I'm more interested in your hair care. It looks strong, pullable"(maybe too sexual for the mall? Or maybe you do give a little pull?). When she goes to sell you tell her you blew everything on something sexy(silk underwear/sheets, Dom Perignon, etc., you should actually have at least one set/copy of it). Then having claimed brokeness ask her to buy you lunch/dinner/drinks.

Author:  oceanx [ Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Israeli lotion girl routines?

I used to come up with all kinds of scenarios just like this.

I never took action.

It was only when I began to PUT MY IDEAS INTO MOTION that any results occurred.
Before doing this, I was way too afraid of rejection.

Once i entered the field and put myself on the line, was I rejected from time to time? Sure, who isn't. Was it the end of the world and the devastation I had imagined? Not by a longshot. The idea is, oh, this girl isn't down, ok, that's totally cool, glad to take a shot and find out we're not a match (because regret weighs a shit ton), hey there's a girl over there right now giving anime eyes let's go see what's up with her.

Your routine might work wonderfully but remember while you're conjuring up the routines, some other guy is just going in there and giving it his best shot, maybe even in an inept manner, and is getting further than those who are wondering what they should say to the girl. Who knows, maybe he even gets the girl.

Take action, any action (socially calibrated) and thank me later.

Author:  shellshockers [ Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  the impossible quiz

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