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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:04 am 
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Hi all,

From my readings, I have to say that I really like the whole divorce routine. It works maybe 33% of the time when done online. What I've noticed is that, when it doesn't work, the reasons why is because it is too random and not properly segued into. And such is the nature of a cold, random, opener. I've taken that and incorporated it into a little set that I run that I've literally found to be at least 90% effective. If a girl responds to the unrefined divorce routine, she already likes you so its alot easier anyways.

I have been doing this modified divorce routine (I'll call it the Cali Dreamhouse routine), I've had unbelievable success with positive responses and easy numbers. Its good cause it CHALLENGES the girl to be funny and witty. And once your making her type a response with a smile glued to her face, you've already certified that you are a grade A, bona fide guy who can make her laugh.

If she's on the cusp, here's how I've modified it:

(hypothetical OKcupid convo)

Me) "Whats a dork like you doing on OKCupid?" (girls will almost always respond to this at a much higher rate than a "hey how are you?"

Her) doesn't matter what she says really

Me) Ignore or lightly address her response and in the same sentence say:

My Cali friend texted me earlier this week to tell me that its 70 degrees there - we should really just move there! (this is a situational trick - its cold here in Jersey during the winter and anywhere where it is cold you can use this)

Her) 99% of the time she'll respond with some comment on the warm weather being desirable

Me) Ok then! Its settled, I'll buy the plane tickets and you pay the mortgage for our house! (Immediately you've broken through from boring interview, interrogation conversation to light-hearted, more personal conversation that WILL evoke the image of the two of you living together!)

Then you just exchange witty banter back and forth, and can escalate rather rapidly

Here's a conversation I had that actually took place just yesterday
I include comments in ( ) at critical points

Me)So whats a dork like you doing on OKC?
Her)Hahaha hey!!
Me)Hey! Ready for more snow? :(
Her)OMG.. Don't remind me
Her)The snow makes me stay in forever
Me)Yup you and me both. And I think already I strained my back this year from shoveling so much lol
My Cali friend txted me earlier this week to tell me its 70 degrees there! - whaddya say we move there? haha
(Add humor, segue into Cali routine)
Her)I want my tan back??
Me)Alright! I'll buy the plane tickets, and you pay the mortgage for our house lol!
(more humor, and now you present a scenario in which she WILL necessarily have to
picture the 2 of you living together.. the rest is pretty natural just let if flow)
We'll get our tans back in no time hanging out at Venice Beach!
Her)No way! Everything's 50/50 !
Her)Wait fine.. You carry our children for 12 months then.. Deal? DEAL!!
Me)Lol! Noooo way! That's it, I'm calling up the lawyers - I'll have the divorce papers ready by tomorrow. I get to keep the TV, couch, and dogs... you can keep the silverware lol
(see how I've segued into the regular divorce routine here? And even better, I already
broke the ice, intro'd each other, and conjured some pleasant images in her mind!)
Me)Well you CANT have it back! Besides, I gave it to your sister that time we slept togeth-- woops sorry I forgot what I was saying. Anyways I lost the shirt ;)
(more humor, guys, humor is the key that unlocks most things - namely, uptight, unresponsiveness, hearts, and pants... also now I bring up the idea of sex! from here on out its soo simple)
Her)-______- I don't even have a sister
Me)WHAAAAT!? Who the hell was she then?!
Her)Um I'm not sure, that's something you should ask yourself.
Me)Hahaha noo! I don't wanna know the answer to that!
Fine, fine.. we can stop fighting honey I'll let you stay at the house
Me)God I swear its all arguments and make-up sex with you... smh

Annnnd voila! You are in, my dude! Easy as that. Started with a non-invasive, relatively benign convo(which loses its spark quick so change the tone fast), progress rapidly into a personal, witty back-and-forth banter.
The opportunity to incorporate the idea of sex will rapidly present itself - you'll know when. Just don't force it and you'll be golden.

Good luck! If anyone has success with this routine please let me know as I have found it amazingly effective (8 numbers, 1 date, 1 upcoming date, 1-fclose in past week!)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:05 pm 
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good stuff. Will use it.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:39 am 
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Excellent post. Thank you very much!!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:39 pm 
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Perfecto! Can't work for me though, Lagos is mild weather all through the year, this Stuffs will make me move to Vegas :D

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