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4th date
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Author:  Pioneer [ Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  4th date

Met this girl, been out with her, she slept with me that night but no sex (on her period), but the next two dates she did.
Overall kinda flakey-ish, cancelled once or twice (they were maybe-dates) and I don’t recall her making a push.
That said she talked abt us to her co-workers in my office (she was there only for two days, that’s how we met) and seems to kinda make some plans and talk about the future when we are together / text (will take you there, show you this and even we can go out with common friends). It’s just that she doesn’t follow up.
Yesterday we had the second of these two maybe dates that didn’t happen (wasn’t really a date, was more like at 10 i’ll maybe come to yours but then didn’t).
We saw eachother once a week so this is like week #3 or #4.

Question: is it time for me to back off and wait to see if she initiates? Or it’s too early and I should still be making a bit more of an effort?

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