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Been out of the game and met a really cool girl need advice
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Author:  BruceConant20 [ Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Been out of the game and met a really cool girl need advice

Hey all, as the title reads I've been out of the game for years coming out of a ltr.
I do video editing work for a charity organization and today I had to go to the main office to finish up work with the social media girl. We were alone in her office all day and to make a long story short we really hit it off and had some obvious chemistry. We were laughing and having fun chatting and getting to know eachother so much that it didn't even feel like we were working more like hanging out.
Sometime during our hangout she just randomly said "This is crazy, we just met eachother but I feel so comfortable around you."
So yeah, I got her business card and she invited herself to put her cell on it with the plan to hang out and watch movies together (I showed her this youtube channel that I like and she loved it too so we want to watch more of that together, we talked Harry Potter where we made 'plans' to watch that together too) I also offered to show her how to edit a specific personal photo she has of this concert scene she took this last weekend.
So basically we made lots of reasons to hang again, there was plenty of playful teasing and we laughed together and clicked really well, I was eating food off her lunch she had, it's like we've been friends for years, but definitely didn't feel like a friend zone.
Like.. I could have snuck in for a kiss multiple times during our hangout, thats' the kind of chemistry we had going.

My question or advice that I need is the next step. I have this coming Saturday off, I work ten-hour shifts at my day job Thursday and Friday so i have an easy excuse to not text her until Saturday, I don't want to go into text game and make things boring or stale after hitting it off. I haven't texted her yet and as of typing this post it's been about half an hour since I left the offices.

What should I do next?

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