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I have met a couple of girls recently, but three of them i just cant figure it out what the helg they are thinking.

All three have keept msging me after the date, but they are really cold in their response.

Example with the last girl. Meet her at a friends party, we are having a good time and she asks for my snap.
This is three weeks ago. She sends me Maybe 1 random snap a day, sometimes snaps trying to be funny. I send her some also, but not as much as she does.

Anyway. She responds too ALL my snaps, litterly every snap i send. But just with a short anwear.
I get of she is not interested, no problem.. But when she responds too Everything that i send her i get mixed signals.. But the responds is short and cold, so i really dont get it.
I asked for the first time yesterday if she wants to hang out next week.

Her respons was only «Maybe, i have a lot of work» Lame respons so i didnt even bother and wont contacting her again.
But i just dont get, why answear all my snaps and show me weak signs of interest, but acts like this when i ask of she wants to meet?

This is not the first girl, the two other girls i dated some months ago acted the same way.
She clearly didnt feel the chemestry, but still contacted me after the date asking how everyting went. And then starting to tell me everything i did wrong on the date we had. Wtf?

And the other one just like the girl on the top.
I have also been on good dates lately, but i dont know whats up with this kinds of girls.
If am not interessted i dont contact them... And surtenly not anwearing all their random snaps like this girls did.

Any tip how to deal with this kind of women? Two of the girls seemed very open and warm on the dates, so i dont get all the acting?

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