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PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:40 pm 
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From a few years ago, internet is slowly invading my country (Cuba) and it comes with this additional gift: smartphones
How do you guys do this?
A girl on the phone can be treated as a 2set, it's all about hooking and disabling the phone with default procedure. But phones are unfair enemies, the attention window she's going to give us is shortest than ever, and the phone is almost always available to turn on if you're not playing well. This often conduces to "symbolic interaction" where the girl is just giving few word answers (yeah, nop, that's right) and the game stops flowing, but in worst cases the hooking is never reached.

The good part is that (here in Cuba) wifi spots are OVERLOADED of people to approach (slowly decreasing after the arrive of mobile data), most of the HB's you never see in parties are now conglomerating around wifi spots. You can just sit in the boulevard with a laptop and people will approach you like ants to a candy asking if you're selling low-cost wifi (i'm not, but the laptop bait continues working nice ;)

Back to the issue, i'm trying various tactics to disable those little machines. First when girls started using the phone around me i treated it as a shit test (or a signal of boredom) and start using a tiny variation of the sunglasses routine to handle it in approaches:

PUA: Hey, (put the hand over the phone's screen) look me at the face while speaking to me.
HER: Sorry.
PUA: (transition)
HER: (reacts negatively)
PUA: I'm sure my eyes aren't that ugly. / I like seeing people at the eyes.

But for some targets it seems not to be enough, and they're all hooked to the enemy again after a short while. Most of these sets backfires my own FTC like "aren't you going to that dinner?" and forces me to leave in the act.

Any input would be appreciated, as handling/gaming with phones is going to be a critical part of the game in a few years.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:19 pm 
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I would say that it has already become critical. The cell phone is an obstacle that can easily be mitigated. If you want to get around the phone the best way is to rapidly induce intrigue in her. My preferred method is cold reading.
Me: "Because you are looking at your phone you naturally at times feel behind the curve but other times you are profoundly knowledgeable."
Her: "Yeah"
Me: "Because you agreed to that you are a very visual woman. You can be somewhere but be a million miles away in your ideal fantasy."
Her: OMG! How did you know that!?!?!

There are a plethora of things I'm doing. The first is establishing authority in her world by telling her things about herself that appear to be intimate knowledge. Rapport profoundly deepens when you do this. I'm pacing her by telling her things that are verifiable before leading her down the path I want. This shatters resistance because she agrees with the pace before the lead. The word "because" is talked about heavily in Robert Cialdini's book "Influence". It raises compliance to 94% if you pace with something that can be verified as true by the other person. This can be used to open, build rapport, and sexually escalate. Here is a list of other locations you can approach women from. =>

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