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The Smell Fiend Opener
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Author:  theory1 [ Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  The Smell Fiend Opener

Smells opener comes from Style but I have rendered it to my own liking. This is where I spray two different colognes on each wrist and write lines on my wrists to indicate I have asked more than one person. You will need a pen for this one, so you can write additional lines on your wrists. I enjoy this one because if they pick one that most people do not, then you can point out how they are a minority to expose their conformity level. Does she own her own mind or can you change it by pressuring how several others don’t agree? But be playful as you do this. A Playful example might be saying “respect” and give her a high five, but then neg her after you do it (especially if she is hot). There are plenty of negs to choose from, but after you neg be fast and keep going and do not wait for a reaction. This is good push pull theory. I open by telling her “I need to rejoin my friends, but real quick, I am cleaning out my huge cologne collection and how I am just this fiend for smells”. Sometimes I will act gay if she is HB7 or greater by saying it in a playful, gay voice, but just that part. Then I smell my own wrist first and put my first wrist near her face, but far enough so she has to stretch. Here, take note to see her body language. How much is she willing to lean? Smell your second wrist and let her do the same then get your pen and draw a line on the wrist she likes best. If she likes the one that most people like, then just play with her and tell her she must have conformed to everyone else’s liking by seeing my wrists. Again she will probably say how she owns her own mind and play with it like the above example. This will last between 2-5 minutes if you can be playful. Anybody is welcome to add to it.

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