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How to Get A Girl To Invest Over Text (Screenshot Examples Included)
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Author:  Finchfry [ Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:48 am ]
Post subject:  How to Get A Girl To Invest Over Text (Screenshot Examples Included)

A lot of guys in the community struggle with what to do when a girl they’re texting isn’t “giving them much”. This video breaks down how you can turn those conversations around and make her invest over text. Along, with several examples


What Leads to Investment

1. Value - This is generally subjective. But, generally if she finds you attractive you’re gonna have some level of value. If you’re needy or immature you’re going to lose that value. Explained in more detail in the video

2. Relevance - The topic of the conversation must be relevant to her for her to invest. This is very subjective. For example, if you’re talking about tattoos to a girl who has a lot or tattoos then it’s relevant, but to a girl who has no tattoos that same topic is irrelevant

Thus, if you want the girl to invest in your interaction you have to work on maximizing both of these factors. Make your perceived value as high as possible (looks, body, fashion, status, etc) and avoid all low value behaviors (neediness, immaturity, chasing, desperation, etc). Then, direct the conversation to something that is relevant to her. A powerful technique is using the “we frame” (explained in the video)

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