I Raised Her Buying Temperature From 0 to 100 On OKCupid!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:14 am 
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I had to go back into my OKCUPID archives to retrieve the convo between me and OKC HB9 Brunette Chick, who has long since deleted her OKC account Lol. I never really delete the messages. And it's not because i keep them to read them, i'm actually just too lazy to delete them.

OKCUPID won't show me the times of this convo, but it does show me the days when the convo took place.

Like my other field reports..i'll include the full back & forth messaging (exactly how the messages looked when they were sent and received..including typos, and the detailed breakdown (the educational part) in parentheses for the readers to learn from) on OKCUPID  between me and HB9 Brown Haired Chick + the link to the date report/field report.

So FYI - This Online/Field Report is pretty extensive, and will read like a script. If you read to the end, you may be shocked by how far things escalate between me and the OKC HB9 Brown Haired Chick, and what happens even after that! Lol

This entire pickup spanned 9 days in total. It took her 4 days before she even responded to my opener. LOl Most of the seduction took place online and over the phone, and the rest in the field. Most of it is fluff, but the side notes (in parentheses) next to the messages makes it a more interesting and tolerable read, and you can follow what's going on alot better. Or you can choose to skip the OKC Messaging between me and HB9 Brunette (but it will be your loss, since this is the most educational part, as far as what you can learn and use from this online report to escalate on an HB9 on OKCupid goes), and go straight to the Field Report part.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Me: "You're Hot! And you look like a girl who knows how to have fun. What do you do for fun?" (Direct Compliment Opener + Qualification)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol thank you...I guess I do lol just pretty much hang with friends and the family, always a good time" (It Took Her 4 Days To Finally Respond To My Message. LOL)

Me: "I wish that this was a world where we can take vacations for months and get paid for it..but it's not. Mehh :(" (A Lighthearted, Humorous Topic - Bait)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol me too! Or at least get paid to sleep, that would be perfect" (She Takes The Bait)

Me: "Haha! Maybe in a perfect world, not in this one. Lol"

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol hell no!"

Me: "Reincarnate me into that one Yeah! LOL"

OKC HB9BHC: "Yes please! Lol, one day maybe...that would be awesome tho" (The Bait Hooks)

Me: "So tell me something special about you." (Qualification)

OKC HB9BHC: "I'm a good person that cares a lot and loves hard when I do" ("loves hard when i do" - ioi/statement of sexual intent from her)

Me: "That's a very good trait. Good girlfriend material." (More Qualification)

OKC HB9BHC: "Well thank you :) I credit my parents for the person I am"

Me: "That's cool. So what are you doing right now?." (Fluff/Small Talk To Keep The Convo Going - Rapport & Comfort Building)

OKC HB9BHC: "Just at work, trying to get this day ended lol"

Me: "Are you bored at work? Lol" (More Fluff/Small Talk)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol not at all, got tons of work...just not trying to be rude to you"

Me: "I never thought you were being rude to me. I'm working as well. Kinda multi-tasking between talking to you and working on my shit..on my shit. Haha" (Self-Amusement & DHV by telling her that i'm busy working as well..to appear non-needy)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol well that's what I mean, just multi-tasking...and that's just my manners" (She's qualifying herself to me)

OKC HB9BHC: "Get it boy, get it!" (She's flirting with me - Sexual Spike)

Me: "HAHAHA! I'm gettin it girl." (I'm flirting Back - Another Sexual Spike)

OKC HB9BHC: "So how's your day so far?" (Investing/ioi)

Me: "Kinda meh. I had worse, and i had better too."

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol meh...I thought I was the only person who used that word"

OKC HB9BHC: "But yeah, I've definitely had better and worse. Just need it to be over already"

Me: "Hellz Yeah!" (I'm relating to her - Comfort Spike)

Me: "What are you doing after work?"

OKC HB9BHC: "Just some school work, have finals coming up. What are you up to?" (She's investing - showing interest)

Me: "Just hanging out with a friend later on. Gotta run a couple of errands first though." (I'm Social Proofing Myself - Showing her that i'm not some loner weirdo. I actually have friends)

Me: "What are you studying?"

OKC HB9BHC: "OoOoO sounds like fun"

OKC HB9BHC: "Medical billing and coding, but I'm studying Diseases of the human body & Anatomy and physiology right now"

Me: "Do you like old school hip hop? This is what i'm vibing to right now. Got it on repeat. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgNyWBfKtA0" (Sexual Spike)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol holy New Jack City!!!"

OKC HB9BHC: "I love old school hip hop and R&B" (She's a real hot white chick, who happens to be a little hood lol)

OKC HB9BHC: "Me right now...https://youtu.be/3iOQ3RWngIM" (Her Buying Temp is going up!)

Me: "Oh damn girl, you know about that too! Lol" (Relating to her - More Comfort)

Me: "I'm in love. Hahaha  Just kidding" (Push/Pull)

Me: "I got one more for you. This should really bring back memories for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plmwf_fAgbc" (Nostalgic Vibe - Sexual & Comfort Spikes)

OKC HB9BHC: "Ohhhh I know about them all lol" (She's definitely turned on now! :D )

OKC HB9BHC: "Oh my goodness! I love House Party! IMX used to be my shit too lol"

OKC HB9BHC: "Take that in lol"

Me: "That's baby making music girl. Haha" (Another Sexual Spike!)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol and?"

OKC HB9BHC: "Can never go wrong with this one tho....https://youtu.be/xdCp_j8Wyuw"

Me: "Haha! You studying now?" (Ok Knock It off now, go back to regular rapport - Just give her a taste right now. Save the sexual stuff for later, or when you meet up with her in person. You don't want to blow the attraction by overdoing the sexual stuff.)

OKC HB9BHC: "Yep, and getting some assignments in for the last unit"

Me: "You wanna hear something funny? lol" (Self-Amusing - To keep things from becoming boring & awkward since me & her are now coming down from the sexual high)

OKC HB9BHC: "Sure"

OKC HB9BHC: "I can only imagine..."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Me: "When i first saw your message before i clicked on it and saw the entire message, it said "Yep, and getting some ass..." Hahaha" (Statement of Sexual Intent/Teasing - I accused her of writing that)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol oh my goodness! That's why you gotta finish the thought...lol I would never say something like that"

Me: "I was like maybe she's a little busy. I'll talk to her later. LOl"

OKC HB9BHC: "Hahaha...I actually was. Stayed up til 3:30 working on a damn PowerPoint presentation"

Me: "Damn! You're so smart and responsible." (I Reward Her With A Compliment)

OKC HB9BHC: "Well thank you lol I really try"

Me: "I'm having pizza this morning. I just ordered it like 20 minutes ago. You should come over and eat some pizza with me. lol" (Comfort Spike - I'm Reeling Her In)

Me: "While listening to Old School Hip Hop." (More Comfort)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol pizza for breakfast? Sounds delicious!...kinda stuck at this place called work tho... Lol old school hip hop, you just can't get enough"

Me: "Hellz yeah girl! What time do you get off of work usually?" (Now I'm Trying To Get A Sense Of What Her Logistics Are)

OKC HB9BHC: "4:30/5...depends on what I have to get done"

Me: "I get done close to around the same time. Around 6 for me."

OKC HB9BHC: "I can't wait to take a nap lol it's going to be delicious" (She's Making A Subtle Statement Of Sexual Intent. Most Guys Overlook These Kind Of Sexual Hints That Girls Tend To Occasionally Make)

Me: "Your nap is going to be delicious? LOl" (I Tease Her About It)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol yes, what can I say..I'm a weirdo" (She Self-Depreciates - She Actively Lowers Her Own Value. Got Her!!!!! Hehe)

Me: "Don't say that about yourself girl. I dig you. ; )" (I Reward Her By Qualifying Her)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol well thank you :) but I do have a crazy sense of humor, I just say random things that don't make sense lol" (She Self-Depreciates Again!! - When A Girl Does This..She's Submitting To You. So You Pretty Much Have Her Right Where You Want Her Now)

Me: "So do i FYI" (Relating - Comfort Spike)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol perfect!"

Me: "How's work going for you today?" (Back To Small Talk - Regular Rapport)

OKC HB9BHC: "Pretty good, can't really complain. Just super tired lol but I'll get through it. How's your day?"

Me: "My day is going good. Just gotta get some sleep. Unfortunitely, it won't be until later as i have to meet up with a friend after work. I want to have that delicious sleep that you will be having. LOl" (I Tease Her Using Her Own Words/A Light Neg, also the friend that i'm talking about is my wingman and good friend. I'm also coaching him. I did a daygame session with him after work)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol oh it's going to be delicious!"

Me: "Ohh...Like "Hot Fudge Brownie dessert" delicious, or "Chicken Fetuchini Alfredo Pasta gourmet" delicious? LOL" (Flirting)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lmao!...like Mexican Fiesta buffet delicious...that was the shortest nap ever" (She Flirts Back With Me)

Me: "Was it? How long was your nap actually?"

OKC HB9BHC: "Not even an hour and a half...lol something's wrong with me." (More Self-Deprecation - She Has To Be Really Comfortable With Me Now To Keep Saying Things Like That. GOOD!!!)

Me: "You're brain is on overload, that's probably why. You have alot on your mind basically."

OKC HB9BHC: "Hahaha yeah it is...I need to woosah. I'll be so glad when I get a little vacation from school."

Me: "Yes, and let us both together serenade in a Mexican Food Binge. And Unholy Baptism Of Guilty Pleasure..The Ultimate Diet Sin!" (Sexualizing Food & Role Playing)

Me: "For one day. LOl" (Minimizing The Sexuality & Role Playing To Only One Day, Small Compliance)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol YESSSS! I would definitely be beached whale status, but I don't even care...bring on the hot sauce!"

Me: "OH YEAH BABY!!! :P " (Emotional Spike)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Me: "I hate mornings, but i find myself up early as hell. Lol" (Back To Normal Rapport - I'm Taking A Step Away From The Sexual Stuff Again)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol mornings are ok once I get my coffee...what are you doing up, mind on overload? Lol"

Me: "Sort of. No. LOL :) " (Light Sarcasm)

Me: "I slept early last night because i went straight from work to hanging out with my boy last night. I just now finished my morning workout." (Demonstrating High Value - DHV)

OKC HB9BHC: "Hahaha...There ya go lol you're ready for the day now"

Me: "Yeah, watching a video on youtube and then going back to sleep. I must say, you are a sight for sore eyes though. LOl" (I Was Actually Watching Pranks & Pickup Videos On Youtube. LOL)

OKC HB9BHC: "Sounds delicious lol....well thank you kind sir :) " (She's Teasing Me - ioi)

Me: "Which part is delicious..the sleep, the video, or both? LOl" (I Played Along)

OKC HB9BHC: "BOTH lol I can watch movies and sleep all day!"

Me: "I like watching prank videos and also self-development type videos. Let me send you a link to the clip, it's super funny. It should make your day. It's my gift to you until i wake up. :wink: " (HAHA! Self-Development Type Videos aka Pickup Videos :wink: )

Me: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBnf5sJPeaQ" (Sexual Humor - Attraction & Comfort Spikes)

OKC HB9BHC: "HAHAHAAAAAA! That was messed up! :D "

Me: "Haha, Yup. What r u doing?"

OKC HB9BHC: "Just at work, waiting for the day to end"

Me: "Name 3 things that you like to do for fun on your free time. You tell me 3 things, and i'll tell you 3 things okay." (I'm Forcing Her To Qualify Herself To Me Using A Routine)

OKC HB9BHC: "Ok...."

OKC HB9BHC: "Watch movies, listen to music, chill with friends and family"

Me: "I like to watch reality shows, go on long walks and explore my city, and go out to bars and clubs" (This Is Actually True About Me)

Me: "Btw..since you like using the word delicious, i just ate a whole cheeseburger sub that was guess what? Lol" (Emotional Spike)


OKC HB9BHC: "Lol...I like bars over clubs, even though they can both be drama. But I guess clubs just weren't for me."

Me: "Hellz Yeah!!! LOL" (Self-Amusing)

Me: " :D " (Self-Amusing)

Me: "I don't go looking for trouble. I haven't gotten myself into any fights. I'm a fun loving, happy dude."

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol I believe you...it's the other fucktards I'm worried about. I can't do stupid lol my tolerance for that has diminished"

Me: "Same here. I see them all the time. Male & Female Fucktards. LOL"

Me: "U never asked me how tall i was." (I'm Qualifying Myself A Little Bit Here - It's okay to qualify yourself once or twice in an interaction, but not more than that. A couple of qualifying statements can arouse more attraction & comfort in the girl for you.)

OKC HB9BHC: "You're 6'2, right?"

Me: "Yup. You like tall guys?"

OKC HB9BHC: "I'm 5'6 lol so hell yeah"

Me: "5' 6" is cool." (I qualified her again here)

Me: "I've dated girls as short as 5' 2" LOl"

OKC HB9BHC: "Wow lol a whole foot! Yeah, I'm kinda tall for the average female height."

Me: "Yup, and you're adorable too." (Another attraction spike)

OKC HB9BHC: "Well thank you kind sir :) I try my best"

Me: "I'm not too bad looking either." : ) (I qualified myself here. I don't recommend qualifying yourself to any girl a whole lot, as it can become a DLV. But if you only do it a couple of times in the interaction, it's okay. It can be useful for building trust & comfort with you and the girl)

Me: "How are you feeling at work today?"

OKC HB9BHC: "No sir, that you are not :) " (She's referring back to the statement of me qualifying myself on my looks)

OKC HB9BHC: "A lot better since I'm home, I'm working on organizing my house. Still have unpacking left to do lol"

Me: "How far do you live from me?" (I'm getting her logistics)

OKC HB9BHC: "What part of pgh you live in?" (She's asking me for my logistics, that is a great sign that the girl is interested in you whenever she asks you this. An ioi)

Me: "North Shore. Near the Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium"

OKC HB9BHC: "Probably like 30/40 mins"

Me: "That ain't bad. You live with anybody?" (I'm inquiring more about her logistical situation)

OKC HB9BHC: "Nope, I live by myself" (Bingo! Her Logistics Are Looking Very Much In My Favor)

Me: "Nice!!" (LOL I was geeked-up and excited in my response back to her when she replied to me that she lived alone)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol it's alright"

Me: "We have a great connection! I like it." (With this statement, i'm assuming that we are definitely attracted to each other. And it's kinda like i'm putting this idea into her head, even if it's already there or not.)

OKC HB9BHC: "Aww you think :) that's good to know, I think so too. How's your night?"

Me: "My night is going pretty well. Not doing too much. Kinda being a little lazy actually. Hahaha"

Me: "But i reserve the right to be. lol"

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol nothing wrong with that!"

Me: "What are you doing lovely girl?"

OKC HB9BHC: "Just finished painting, got my beers, so I'm ready to Netflix it up!"

Me: "Nice!! Am i invited? Lol" (Flirting & Sexual Spike)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol I thought you said you were being lazy"

Me: "I was, but i never said that i couldn't make an exception. Lol"

OKC HB9BHC: "Ohhhhhhhh lol am I the exception?" (She's Flirting Back, Her Buying Temperature Is Spiking)

Me: "Only if you behave yourself woman. ; )" (I'm Keeping The Sexual Tension Going With A Little Bit Of Role Playing)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol please, I have self control sir!"

Me: "Or you can not behave yourself..i think i can handle it."

OKC HB9BHC: "Hahaha...nope, gotta leave room for the holy ghostface" (She broke the sexual tension with this statement. If this happens..just "roll off", and go back to regular rapport, then go back to being sexual again with the girl later)

Me: "What's the holy ghostface?"

OKC HB9BHC: "It's a mash up between the holy ghost and ghostface killah :D "

Me: "So it's gospel rap?"

OKC HB9BHC: "Yes! Lmao"

Me: " :? "

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol what's the matter?"

Me: "You placed your gospel rap music ahead of me. You don't want my company bad enough girl." (Neg or Negative Emotional Spike - Push)

OKC HB9BHC: "I'm just saying, I'm can control myself. I'm not placing anything ahead of you."

OKC HB9BHC: "I*" (My Neg Threw Her Off A Bit, Which Is Probably Why She Miss Typed And Triple Messaged Me. LOl)

OKC HB9BHC: "Maybe you can't?" (She Tries To Save Face By Negging Me Right Back)

Me: "Hahaha! Maybe not. :D" (I Just Agreed To Her Accusation, I Didn't Deny It, I Owned It)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol that's ok, that's why I'm here"

Friday, July 22, 2016

Me: "So ur okay with me not being able to control myself?"

OKC HB9BHC: "As long as you can be yourself, I'll handle the rest" (WOW! She Made A Subtle But Direct Sexual Statement With Intent)

OKC HB9BHC: "I have no problem helping people focus"

Me: "Wowwwww! I like that. ;D" (I Reward Her With A Very Positive Reaction, For Jumping Through My Hoop - Pull)

OKC HB9BHC: " :) "

Me: "U got any plans tonight?" (My Intention Of Asking Her This Question, Is To See If I Can Come Over To Her House)

OKC HB9BHC: "Not really sure yet, might go chill at my sister's, get a case and have a jam session."

Me: "Haha Nice!"

OKC HB9BHC: "How about you?"

Me: "Will probably go out for a little bit after work. Get back just in time for the soccer game that i'm going to watch on tv at 9:00pm" (Translation - I'm going out to game for a couple of hours and i'll try to make it back just in time before the soccer game starts (U.S. Women’s National Team vs. Costa Rica) - It was probably around 5:30 pm when i sent her this message)

OKC HB9BHC: "Sounds delicious!...I've always wanted to go to London to see a soccer match. They go hard about that over there lol hooligan style :) "

Me: "Hooligan Style huh. LOl"

Me: "You're a Hooligan. lol"

OKC HB9BHC: "Lmao you got that right!"

Me: "Hahaha" (I'm teasing her for the label "Hooligan" that she gave herself. She thinks that she's tough shit. Lol :roll: )

Me: "I think i made a mistake." (throwing some anticipation of drama in there, negative emotional spike)

OKC HB9BHC: "Did ya? Lol"

Me: "Yeah i bought Cookie Crisp cereal today, and i don't like it. It tastes like vanilla wafers. - _ -" (I remember that event very clearly, when i bought that crappy cereal from the grocery store in the morning on that day. Lol The day that happened still feels like a fresh memory in my mind, like it just happened just a few months ago)

Me: "I don't like vanilla wafers."

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol I thought you were gonna say you made a mistake talking to me :( "

OKC HB9BHC: "I don't like vanilla wafers either"

Me: "I bought some oreo cookies though. You like those?" (I'm just having normal rapport/small talk with her now - More Comfort Building)

OKC HB9BHC: "I do, but i really can't have it anymore. I have what doctors call celiac disease. You ever heard of it?"

Me: "No i haven't. Edumacate me please my dear. LOL" (I said the word "Edumacate" for some humor to lighten the tone of the conversation, and make her feel more comfortable talking to me about the disease. In case you didn't know..even hot girls are very insecure about subjects that highlight their flaws. And the words "my dear" to set the "you're my woman" frame. It might seem like nothing to you, but the reverberating effect of those words that i used here are MASSIVE!!!)

OKC HB9BHC: "Lol you're so silly...it's like a gluten allergy. Can't have wheat, barley, rye or flour. I have to eat gluten free shit. But it's not that bad."

Me: "Ok."

OKC HB9BHC: "I can have as much corn and rice that I want tho, that's why Mexican Food is my favorite"

Me: "i see"

Me: "Btw...I was going to ask you if youre going to be free at all this weekend. Maybe we can Netflix & Chill. LOl" (I'm Really Pushing My Sexual Intent. It might not be entirely necessary for me to do this now. I'm taking a risk here, especially with a hot chick of this caliber. But by pushing my sexual intent on her..it leaves no doubt in her mind to what i really want from her. Pushing your sexual intent on a girl (with calibration of course) is a very good screening tactic to use to screen out the girls who might just be wasting our time..the girls who really aren't actually down to fuck us)

OKC HB9BHC: "I might be getting my furniture from my old place tomorrow but I might be available later in the day/evening"

OKC HB9BHC: "So btw, what's your name? Lol"

Me: "GFRESH2DEF" (i used my real name obviously, but i'm substituting my real name with GFRESH2DEF for the purpose of this online report)

OKC HB9BHC: "I like it " :D (a direct ioi from her)

Me: "What's yours? I'm assuming it's Heather."

HB9 Heather: "Lol yes, it is Heather...how'd you know!!!???" (LOL Her real name was actually in her dating profile name. So it really wasn't that hard to figure out. But regardless..score one for me!!! The fake cold read created an attraction spike for me.)

HB9 Heather: "Lol jp"

Me: "Haha I'm psychic girl."

Me: "You didn't know? lol"

HB9 Heather: "Well damn lol now I do" (She knew that i got her real name from her OKCupid profile name. I think she's just playing along because it's exciting to her)

Me: "I gotta warn you though." (creating drama, emotional spiking)

HB9 Heather: "Proceed..."

HB9 Heather: "How do you feel about Childish Gambino?"

Me: "What is Childish Gambino?" (I didn't know who he was at the time, because i never heard of him. But i know who he is now)

HB9 Heather: "You don't know who Donald Glover is? Lol"

Me: "No i don't girl, tell me."

HB9 Heather: "https://youtu.be/jx96Twg-Aew"

HB9 Heather: "https://youtu.be/p3f-eDzkxcw"

Me: "Ok i see. I never heard of him before today. Is that what you're going to play when i come over? Lol" (Sexual Spike)

HB9 Heather: "Haaaaaaaa!...wouldn't you like to know"

Me: "Yeah. :) " (I'm Maintaining The Sexual Tension By Going Along With It)

Me: "I might not make it through to the end of whatever movie we watch together. That's what i was warning you about earlier. lol" (Once Again..I Make My Sexual Intent Crystal Clear To Her)

HB9 Heather: "Lmao...you're just going to have to. I'll help you through it." (She basically co-signs to my sexual frame that i established with her..not only that, but she agrees to voluntarily work with me through the sexual act itself. Right here is where her pussy is pretty much mines now. I just basically have to not fuck it up in these messages, or when i see her in person)

Me: "How so?"

HB9 Heather: "Breathing exercises...walking it off...calm blue oceans...you know, that kind of stuff lol"

Me: "Are you a cuddler?" (Since i'm already in there with her sexually now, i just say some things as if we're moving towards a relationship)

HB9 Heather: "Sure am, I can be a body pillow" (She Takes The Bait Of The Relationship Frame That I Just Set Up)

Me: "Nice babe! I likie!!" (Since i knew that the relationship frame had already been established between me and her, i now feel comfortable calling her things like "Babe" or "Sweetie")

HB9 Heather: "Lol perfect!"

Me: "And i know how to handle a woman's body. ; )" (A bit of an unfair humble brag here, because i know for sure that i have the many reference experiences to back up my claim)

HB9 Heather: "I never said you didn't...but I'm glad you said a "woman's body"" (In her quoting what i said, she basically knows that i'm being very congruent with my statement. In other words..she believes it when i say that "i know how to handle a woman's body". Crazy enough..in the field report to this, she will come back to this statement to shit test me. More attraction is spiked here, on top of the attraction that she already has for me..as if that's even possible at this point)

Me: " :) "

Me: "Are you good at handling a "man's body" girl?"

HB9 Heather: "Lol I do my best, that's all I can say"

Me: "Your best is all i'll need."

Me: "Yum"

HB9 Heather: "That's all I got lol"

Me: "Good enough for me girl."

HB9 Heather: "Alrighty then lol"

Me: "What's your number so i can hit you up?" (There's nothing else to do here but number close her, so i can hit her up over the phone to set up the Date)

HB9 Heather: "(She messages me her phone number)"

Me: "And i need to know your address so i can come over tomorrow."

HB9 Heather: "I'll let you know it tomorrow, if I make it home"

HB9 Heather: "If my sister allows you to come to her place, you just might be able to come chill with me tonight"

Me: "Oh Ok"

Me: "Cool"

Me: "And btw..I'm not a minute man. LOl : )" (A little bit of sexual intent + a qualification, just to let her know that i have stamina in the bedroom. To be honest..it probably wasn't a good idea to qualify myself this way, because i really didn't need to at this point. This was my one mistake in this online game so far. THIS IS BAD GAME!! But since i established enough sexual attraction and comfort with her by this point, it still didn't really hurt me. Luckily!)

HB9 Heather: "Oh for the love lol I wasn't even thinking about that!...but btw, if you think you're getting anything on the first shot, except for a kiss, you got another thing coming" (You see why qualifying yourself to a girl is almost always bad game? Because it usually provokes a shit test from the girl, because a guy qualifying himself to a girl is BETA ASF!!! And is weird to her because the guy is demonstrating a different behavior from his previous ALPHA behaviors. That makes the girl feel like she needs to test his congruence all over again)

Me: "I'm just kidding, don't worry. :) " (I'm basically taking that comment back as if i had never said it, while appearing non-reactive to her shit-test)

HB9 Heather: "Mmmmhmmm lol, just saying. Rather you know than assume."

Me: "Understandable." (Just in a word or two acknowledge that you understand her terms just to get her guard down, and move onto to the next conversational thread)

HB9 Heather: "So...my sister said you may chill tonight."

Me: "I just dosed off for a couple minutes. LOl" (I actually did dose off. Lol)

HB9 Heather: "Fyi...if you're going to come, come comfortable. No need to get all dressed up"

HB9 Heather: "Lol awww you must be tired"

Me: "Cool. What's your address girl?" (I'm getting all the logistics so i can come over to chill with her)

HB9 Heather: "You mean my sister's? Lol"

Me: "I am, don't wanna be though. Gotta stay awake so i don't miss the soccer game."

Me: "Yup"

HB9 Heather: "Snap out of it sir lol...do you know where the (Name of the borough) pool is?"

Me: "No, but i can look it up. What major landmark is near there?"

HB9 Heather: "It's right off of (the route #)...her address is (her sister's street address), but the street sign really says (street name), it turns into (street name)."

Me: "Is her house nearby to the (the name of the community/borough) Swimming Pool?"

HB9 Heather: "That's exactly what I'm talking about lol it's on that street, just further down"

Me: "I'm just looking it up on google right now." (I'm very thorough when it comes to gathering logistical information)

Me: (I message her what i think her full address is, which includes her zip code. Sometimes i overthink shit too. Lol)

HB9 Heather: (She corrects the number of the street for me)

Me: "It's a parking lot across the street from her house right?" (I'm Looking At What Google Maps Is Showing Me In The Street View)

HB9 Heather: "Yep...my white kia Sorento is parked on the right side, park in front of me. It's permit on the left"

Me: "I don't have a car right now, so i will have to take a bus there." (For guys who may be self-conscious about admitting to a hot chick that you don't have a car..it really doesn't matter unless you make a big deal out of it. As long as you're honest about it, most times it won't even matter to the girl. It only matters if it matters to you)

HB9 Heather: "Ok"

Me: "Now there's a friend of mines who gave me invitation to hangout with his boys tonight. Lol They're going to the southside." (I'm talking about the forum member "DJ_Z" that i was supposed to meet with for the very 1st time tonight, on the southside of town)

HB9 Heather: "Lol whatever you want to do, go hang with your boys" (She's a little jealous, but is trying to play it off like she's cool with it. That's a good thing, because it shows her that i have the options of doing other things than only seeing her. What i said was actually a DHV)

Me: "I definitely would rather come over and hangout with you. : )" (This is my attempt to butter her up and pull her back in again. Lol)

HB9 Heather: "If that's what you want to do"

Me: "I really do." (I re-assure her again that i want to hangout with her)

Me: "What are you doing right now?" (This is my attempt to change the subject and get off of this topic)

HB9 Heather: "Sitting on my sister's porch, drinking beers"

HB9 Heather: "Just an fyi, my sister's boyfriend is here...it's not just her and I"

Me: "So will there be a problem if i still come over there tonight?" (Now i have to worry about her sister's boyfriend as a possible obstacle)

Me: "Is he going to be a douche?"

HB9 Heather: "Lol that's funny, he asked the same about you...he's cool. He's very protective, just an fyi. But if you want to come still, nothing but fun times."

Me: "Aight"

Me: "Save me some beers please. :wink: "

HB9 Heather: "This is his place too...I will."

Me: "Ima save your number now, so i can keep you posted."

HB9 Heather: "Ok"

"Talking To Her On The Phone - On Friday Night July 22, 2016" (social-shyness-anxiety/logistical-hurdl ... 08264.html) part of the field report takes place right about here

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Me: "Sorry babe, my phone died. Ima have to talk to you on here until it fully charges up."

Me: "This is the Keith Sweat song that i like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAulVa_oMpI " (I know these baby making music video links are lame..but they work. :wink: )

HB9 Heather: "Ok no worries"

HB9 Heather: "Lmao! I love that song!...I got one for you tho..."

Me: "Ok"

Me: "Lay it on me babe."

HB9 Heather: "https://youtu.be/MC6YLqio-bI"

HB9 Heather: "But this is the one I was talking about..."

HB9 Heather: https://youtu.be/Ma0uJSJN5Xk

Me: "Another classic"

Me: "The girl in that video. FINE! Lol"

HB9 Heather: "Lol I knew you'd like it"

Me: "Old School Hip Hop/RNB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAe_NANpWUI"

Me: "Got a nice vibe to it."

HB9 Heather: https://youtu.be/ZryQOnU7qF4

Me: "Wow. One of the freaky ones. LOL Are you still in the mood?"

HB9 Heather: "Lol a little bit....but I'll be alright"

Me: "Save it for later. Lol" (I'm seeding the pull a little bit here)

HB9 Heather: "Oh...I will....definitely"

Me: "You want me to say that? "Baybe Don't Stop!" LOl" (WTF! :shock: Now That I'm Reading This Again..I Can't Believe That I Said This Shit And Got Away With It Too! LOL)

HB9 Heather: "Lol yes"

Me: "Hahaha"

HB9 Heather: "Your shit just ain't right lol"

Me: "Then i got one that will really make your panties wet." (I can be super direct with her the way that i'm being with her now, because i slowly built up her compliance and buying temperature to this point. It's already officially on between me and her at this point.)

Me: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgmme46OYAY"

HB9 Heather: "Lol I'll give you that...but I got one better..." (We're just pinging off of each other sexually now. No game is really needed anymore at this point)

Me: "What?"

Me: "I think your body's calling me babe."

HB9 Heather: "https://youtu.be/BZfgJsNwmjM"

HB9 Heather: "I think so too....calm blue ocean lol"

Me: "HAHA"

Me: "Girls can stay horny for much more longer than guys can. That's another thing too."

HB9 Heather: "Thank you for reminding me! Lol"

Me: "That was a nice one. I really liked it actually."

Me: "You're Very Welcome. HAHAHA"

HB9 Heather: "Of course it was lol....and no thanks to you, lol thank YOU very much. Got your nut off and everything lol" (She's Referring To Me Masturbating To A Pic Of Her That She Texted To Me From Her Phone Earlier or Last Night. I Think That I Texted Her That I Jerked Off To Her Pic, Via Text Message, But Not Through OKCupid)

Me: "No worries, we both can get each other's nut off later on."

HB9 Heather: "Lol is that a fact?..."

Me: "Yes Mam."

HB9 Heather: "Lol I'll take you on your word then"

Me: "Yes Mam."

Me: "Dat "D" Will Be On Point!" (I can be aggressive and vulgar with my foreplay, as you already know if you read my text to girls in my other field reports. But i text them those sexually vulgar and very direct text only after i know that i got the girl to a very high buying temperature level. So i'm still calibrated with it)

Me: "Which house is your house at the end of the (name of the street) Street block, that is across the street from the parking lot?" (Again..i'm very thorough with gathering logistical info. Especially if i never been to that place before. I want to make sure that i got all my bases covered as much as possible)

HB9 Heather: "We're out getting food right now" (She's Out With Her Sister & Her Sister's Boyfriend)

Me: "You at the crib, or still out?"

HB9 Heather: "Still out...you know you got my number right?" (She's Trying To Tell My Dumb Ass To Text Her Instead Of Continually Messaging Her On OKCupid)

Me: "I know smart ass. LOL" (I Threw Some Sass Back At Her Ass. A Little Bit Of A Negative Emotional Spike)

HB9 Heather: "Lol I will slap the shit outta you" (And That Was Her Reaction To Me Throwing Sass Back At Her. LOL)

Me: "No violence! I just wanted to tell you that i'm getting ready now. I'll text or call you when i'm on the bus, on my way to your sister's house."

"Trying To Get To Her Sister's House, Drama, & A Logistical Nightmare!! - On Saturday Night July 23, 2016 (Technically Sunday Morning) - July 24, 2016" (social-shyness-anxiety/logistical-hurdl ... 08264.html) part of the field report takes place right about here

Monday, July 25, 2016

- She didn't respond to any of my text at all! Every since after i took my nap once i got back home from her sister's house on Sunday evening. I suspected that she might've flaked on me and was really dreading it, to the point that i got emotional and needy through text, and now through my OKCupid Instant Messages.

Me: "Hey Heather. Did you get my most recent text?"

Me: " :( "

Me: "Why you being mean?"

- And that's the end of it, she flaked! : (


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:49 pm 
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Shitttt that is a long conversation for a flake. Personally i'd go for a meet that first day she responded. Her temperature was high when you mentioned those hip hop songs. Simply just suggest that she can take a 10 min break from study and come meet her with a boombox.

She also threw you so many sexual innuendos that you can follow through and switch it to pure sexual conversation. But you stopped then restarted everything again by making another sexual references. I have the feeling that you tried too hard to be in control of the conversation. You got really technical on PUA stuffs. Qualifiers are great but you don't have to keep doing it. I'd have do a roleplay of bf/gf right from the start when you said "good gf material". That will also prime you for sexual topics later.

Overall, this is like a rally. Normally you don't need that much communication. If you see her buy in temperature spikes, suggest a meeting. Make it happens. Women are like hot irons, hit them when they are hot. Second is, all the PUAs craps, lay it off. They are good guidelines, but i've seen people that got so caught up in them that they forget that people interaction isn't exact science and everyone is different. LISTEN WELL and GO with the flow of the conversation. Don't try to reframe it every time to show that you're in power.

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Shitttt that is a long conversation for a flake. Personally i'd go for a meet that first day she responded. Her temperature was high when you mentioned those hip hop songs. Simply just suggest that she can take a 10 min break from study and come meet her with a boombox.

She also threw you so many sexual innuendos that you can follow through and switch it to pure sexual conversation. But you stopped then restarted everything again by making another sexual references. I have the feeling that you tried too hard to be in control of the conversation. You got really technical on PUA stuffs. Qualifiers are great but you don't have to keep doing it. I'd have do a roleplay of bf/gf right from the start when you said "good gf material". That will also prime you for sexual topics later.

Overall, this is like a rally. Normally you don't need that much communication. If you see her buy in temperature spikes, suggest a meeting. Make it happens. Women are like hot irons, hit them when they are hot. Second is, all the PUAs craps, lay it off. They are good guidelines, but i've seen people that got so caught up in them that they forget that people interaction isn't exact science and everyone is different. LISTEN WELL and GO with the flow of the conversation. Don't try to reframe it every time to show that you're in power.
LOl :lol:

I don't know if you read the links to the field report or not, but fyi..i actually did fuck her.

Also, i wasn't thinking about the pua tactics all that hard when i wrote my messages to her on OKCupid. Alot of the tactics just came out naturally. I just jotted down the pua tactical understanding in parentheses of what i wrote to her, just for learning purposes of this online report for the readers.

And largely the reason why it was so much dialog between me and her..just simply came down to both of us being busy during the week. She was busy throughout the whole entire week and i was also busy throughout the whole entire week. But we were still messaging each other on OKCupid nearly every day. The best opportune time for both of us to meet each other and hook up, when we both had a free whole day or night at the same time, was on Saturday..which we did.


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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