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Tinder girls that runs cold and flakes
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Author:  riverphoenix [ Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Tinder girls that runs cold and flakes

So Im using Tinder to meet girls.
I believe I have pretty tight online game, but still have some flakes. The case is often like this.

Tinder phase:
Match - opener - attraction - rapport - pitching Idea of a data/meetup.
Then the girl always reply "Maybe" with smily or "thats a good idea".
Then I suggest meet downtown for drinks/coffee
Then they reply: "That sounds good, but Im busy this week/weekend".
Then I write: "No problem. What about next".
They reply: "Sounds good".
Then I write: Perfect. Whats your number ? So we can just schedule more closely when we reach the end of the week.

Then she gives me her number and I send her a standard funny text so she has my number.

But then we get to the end of the week and the girl-lead runs cold. These are the girls I usually loose....!

Im thinking best practice would be: I.e if I #number close her Wednesday then I should just call her Thursday; talk, get to know each other over phone, feel the vibe.

Anyone with experience here... on how to keep the girl interested so she will meet with me next week ?


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