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If You Don't Cure Your SA You Will Never Get Laid!
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Author:  narcist [ Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  If You Don't Cure Your SA You Will Never Get Laid!

I will be Honest I hear a lot of Complaining on many forum about how horrible it is to have Shyness & Social Anxiety. But rarely see anyone take real Action.

Let me tell you a little about myself first. I used to criticize myself all day 24/7 to the point of hating myself. I still remember the thoughts “why did I say that” “I am so dumb” “I’m such a duffus”. I was obsessed that everyone was better than me and I used to sit and think about every single little social interaction I had and how I messed up. I never thought I would be able to cure my Social anxiety at all and that I was just destined to be like this forever. I know I was irrational about how I felt, but I didn’t know how to get over My Social Anxiety

Here are my top tips & knowledge for how I got better and Please watch the Video I will later at Bottom of Article

1. Behaviours are learned! No one is born “cool” or born “anxious” they are learned traits, that are caused by behavioural experiences.

2. What other people think truly doesn’t matter! It’s something over said 100 times, but you need to truly understand and feel it. This can only happen through exposure and cognitive exercises to truly internalize it.

3. ACT DAILY! This is the ONLY way to make real improvement. Set goals, create exposure and cognitive exercises and do them daily! No matter what! If you take even a small break you won’t make real progress, you need to have a strong mental belief “that I will change no matter what” especially at the beginning!

4. Don’t Think So Much! Just act without thinking (which is what most confident people do), just stop thinking about a lot of “what ifs”. If you have an impulse to do something like ask a question, raise your hand in class, talk to a beautiful girl, DON’T THINK! Just do it!

5. Meditate: I recommend you find a good mediation practice and meditate minimum once per day. I think a Mantra based system, TM can be on the expensive side, but there is many free programs that are just as good. Vipassana meditation is pretty good too, but I think a good starting point is a mantra focused based meditation to relax your body and mind.

6. Lastly invest in yourself, spend some extra money on a better diet, gym membership

This video is amazing, yes it has a promotion for social anxiety course that is free this is a good thing! Its pretty good and so is the paid course seeing its really cheap like 30 bucks, I waste more clubbing and on dates, and curing social anxiety will 100 fold help you get girls and be happier with your life, but if you don't want the program still watch the video its really good, its got some excellent point in general.

https://projectinspirational.lpages.co/ ... erience-2/

One more thing DON’T PROCRASTINATE, DON’T WASTE TIME and WORK HARD! Because time will pass you by and you will lose your youth, your protentional romantic relationships, friendships, job opportunities and keep suffering!

And Best of Luck to all those have chosen action instead sitting behind a keyboard!

Also PM if you have any questions!

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