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First approach
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Author:  Charmingways [ Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  First approach

Note* This is for Night game but can be applied to daygame.
A personal "warm up" for me whenever I go out and I find those girls I want to approach is I make note of them and then leave it for thirty minutes. I WILL apply the 3 second rule ONLY IF I make eye contact or come into arms reach. I've found that AA happens. Unless I reach GOD MODE early in the night I've always had AA and I'm a confident, in great shape male. My personal remedy is to find 7 and approach ( something not "out of my league") the reason for this is I want a sure fire easy approach BEFORE I test my nerve/game. By meeting the 7 I up myself into GOD MODE and start to get that "balling" feeling making my game better for the harder to acquire.. Like at a gym I work up the weight before attempting a PB. Same applies for women, I go up and then angle out those HB's I observed earlier.

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