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Hard-ons and Heart-ons
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Author:  Chicoman69 [ Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:16 am ]
Post subject:  Hard-ons and Heart-ons

We have all felt these circumstances before: you see a girl you like and/or want to really bone and you either get a chubby boner in your pants or your heart starts beating faster. In many cases, both of these can happen at the same time. I am talking about the natural case of the hard-on and the heart-on...

Imagine yourself out somewhere or browsing your favorite online dating/fuck site... You see a girl catch your glance and she has a pretty smile. Your approach anxiety kicks in a bit. This is ok. You're not gonna die. (Worst case scenario is probably some AMOG gets in a fight with you and the cops show up and you end up in jail, but even if you fail you can still make bail.) Odds are strongly against you dying from AA.

Anyways, the girl is like an HB8+ and your blood starts to build pressure, you feel a slight sweat build, your pulse beats a lil faster, you get butterflies in your stomach, and some blood goes to you dick, causing you to get a slight boner in your undies/pants. This is the ideal time to strike up a conversation. Mystery suggests waiting no longer than 3 seconds to approach. That is ONE-one thousand, TWO-one thousand, THREE-one thousand. By this time, your chubby hard-on and infatuation (heart-on) with her should overcome much of your anxiety.

Even if you crash and burn, it's not the end of the world. Warped_Mindless suggested rubbing your boner on the girl's leg if you must. I agree. If you are that attracted to her, it is like a compliment to have a huge boner for her. Here is what I think when I approach:

*My brain says, 'OMG! That hot/cute girl just smiled and winked at me. She looks fun. I'm too scared to approach her.' :P
*My brain and dick start to communicate and the more I think with both of them the harder my cock gets... my cock says to my brain, 'get them legs moving, I want to SPIT some game at that HB8+ chick over there.'
*About this same time my heart pumps blood throughout my body to my dick and brain and says, 'Come-on guys... I think I'm in love!'
*Then my dick talks to both my brain and heart. My balls start to tingle with lust...

Sometimes my brain starts playing the "What if" game:
"What if she doesn't like me?" "What if she has a man already?" "What if she has an STD?"

That is the basic danger of approach anxiety; you psyche yourself out of seducing a cute/hot girl by playing the "What if" game. Here is a question I have for you... "What if this girl is bisexual and enjoys the naked company of girls too?" Many guys have a threesome fantasy. Only way to find out is if you communicate with girls YOU find to be hot/cute. Fuck what other people think.

My philosophy is "Just do HER, fuck the haters."

Any questions?


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