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Different views on things might change a lot ;).
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Author:  kefka [ Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:51 am ]
Post subject:  Different views on things might change a lot ;).

Few days ago.. When I was walking home from my gym session. I kinda thought why I hurry home so fast? What productive am I gonna do there? Why do I have to walk trough streets like a race horse. So I took down the base I was walking slowly but confident I realised that it was lovely day sun was shining, kind wind was touching my body it felt so cooling. I felt being alive. I didn't stressed about getting home fast no more with that thought I realised, for me if I do want to enjoy life I have to enjoy every second of it. I can't cut out things that I don't like in my mind, no one can. Rather than speeding up unpleasant things I changed my mindset. Going home from gym with heavy bag can be annoying, but letting go all those negative thoughts and focusing on positive more relaxed mind makes it pleasant walk to home.

Crazy isn't it. I'm not surprised why I'm have always felt that time goes by so fast and I am feeling stressed.. But I will remember myself once in a while to enjoy every moment.

I hope those thoughts will give you guys some willpower to carry on this hard road of self-development ;).

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