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Coming up with interesting things to say and ways to act
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Author:  Blackwall [ Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Coming up with interesting things to say and ways to act

I can get interest easily, but I have realy trouble knowing what to say and what to talk about

It seems friends of mine who are 'talented' easily start talking about funny / interesting subjects, play little games with girls where they're counting freckles on their arms - while they giggle - , know about all the good bars around / good drinks / sports / you name it, come out with funny lines, keep attention etc. - these aren't big or even good looking guys, they're quite scrawny, but play their hand very well and with confidence

I seem to be a bit 1-dimensional and after really initial basics like 'oh you sound like you're from X' 'no, i'm from Slovakia' oh that's interesting... er... didnt that used to be communist? whats that like oh... er, is that gin and tonic? I thought so etc. I pretty much fumbling round in my pocket and coming out with gems like 'uhhh... so... what music are you like... into?' and 'so what are you thinking of doing tonight?'

If I knew what I was meant to be saying or talking about or how to hold someone's attention I'd be able to step up and get further but currently I have to pretty much rely on her being into me already and me not having to talk too deeply about stuff. But I dontr have much charm or interesting things to say. I used to at some point in my life, I just dont know when that changed.

Any ideas how to combat this or even what it's called and articles and things you can do to remedy it and basically be more interesting?

(it probably doesnt help my main interests are sex, porn, existence of god, guitar music and agressive rap)

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