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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:59 am 
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Apartments In Kalamazoo That Are Shiny (Task 60 Launch!)

Did SEO research on “Kalamazoo,” and “Kalamazoo apartments” shows. So there’s only one thing for today: Visit apartments.

If you’re curious, I used the The Challenge’s filters:
  • Max SEO Competition @ 30,000
    Minimum Daily Traffic @ 15
    Phrase-to-Broad Match Ratio @ 15%
WIth these filters (plus competition analysis), we struck gold. So, let’s make this gold absolutely worth it, yo! :)

Besides, I need to expand my mind on living spaces.

Your Brother,

Aaron Bell


I’m A Spy Now! Keep Quiet (Task 60 Completed!)

Today, I visited Summer Ridge apartments–as a spy.

It was pretty interesting to experience the level of enthusiasm that she gave me. It was profound to see such dedication to getting me to live there.

Was it my rocker style haircut? The designer Buckle jeans? The fitted shirt? The Cambridge journal? The $70 square-tipped leather shoes? Or was it my overall poise?

Well, maybe it’s the fact that I have money now. Or maybe it’s a racist reason (I’m white)–Who knows?

All I know is that this was frightening at first. Visiting this apartment complex without the intention to buy… was just outside of my comfort zone.

But you can find the article on the SEO-friendly site–it’s way better there :)

After a week or two, you’ll be able to reference this site as an authority. I can even get a hidden camera and microphone, and you’ll get the same salesmanship that I get!

Converse tomorrow?

Your Brother,



PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:53 am 
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Spreading Ass Too Wide PLUS Insights (Task 61 Complete-Ish)

This was some shit. I was a fool, haha. I allowed so many things to pull attention:
  • Kissing ass at Hooters (earlier)
    Working on Positron, another Pick-Up-Artist-Forum member’s journal
    Developing my Venusians Art
    Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine
    Kalamazoo Apartments website
    Studying Spanish
    Excel programming (this is so fun, actually)
    Venusian Arts FB Group (PUA — It’s Facebook Official)
    Venn Diagramming for an Hour
    Caring for House
    Doom 3
    Developing writing styles
    Developing body at Gym
    Dealing with Parents (BIGGEST ONE)
And now I had felt the cost today. Because:
  • eLance’s Aristotle called me and was asleep… at 4:00 PM
    Asha, my Virtual Assistant, was contacting at 4:00, too
Jesus–it’s not that bad…. but it’s really bad. This needs non-punctuality needs to change immediately, and here’s how I propose to do it: Eliminate the following 20% of these tasks
  • Working on Positron, another Pick-Up-Artist-Forum member’s journal
    Dealing with Parents (BIGGEST ONE)
    Developing my Venusians Art–focus on Income
    Venusian Arts FB Group (PUA — It’s Facebook Official)
    Caring for House — Stop random organizing
    Doom 3 — as fun as it is… uses willpower
I eliminate these or least batch 20% of these to every two weeks. Venusian Arts, perhaps, can be limited to two days per week, but something tells me that I’ll need to work with this one a bit more.

Got it–By eliminating these tasks now, mentals space freed. I can now rev up the computing power to more effective tasks.

Converse tomorrow?

Your Bro



PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:33 pm 
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“Stop Fucking Around” I’m not!!! :)

Perhaps you thought I wasn’t taking this blog seriously–at least with the last challenge anyway. Well, to that I reply with this long-ass list of realization. These come from the venn diagramming challenge so far.

They’re prioritized by “Value-creation impact:”
  • Devote Parkinsoned time 80/20-ing what to 80/20 (& batch)
    80/20 health & jobs on eLance
    Always bring more data to the table
    Put in time with goal in consciousness (time-effort)
    Top 2 parts integration
    “What really causes this?” (ask to ANYTHING I want)
    360 words–Keep developing consciously with blog
    Sell keyboard for $70
    Pay a certain (100) rejections to achieve this skill (sex)
    Play with different writing–thinking–styles to improve my income
    Induce EMOTIONS, not reason to gain results–>works better
    Organize client avatars by NEEDS –> 80/20 by profit (ROI)
    How an organization creates value / delivers value / captures value? XXXX
    Apply influence to getting people to click “Accept proposal”
    Multiple perspectives, realities, styles, flavors–keep on expanding forever
    Impress mind with an hour a day of Q’s –> Quizlet to incant to ask or state consistently
    Read up on specific Buenos Aires attractions
    Combine influence patterns–personality, meta-programs, anchoring…–apply to copy
    Irresistable offer with people buying product –> get George such
    Organic coffee is an expanding market–devote life here?
    Develop thumbnail for this website—keep developing now
    Cold plunge daily next month–increases testosterone plus recovery
    4-Hour PUA–Keep on doing 1%
    Learn sex from Steve Piccus
    Do DBEWUR–increase testosterone
    Combine tech study with meta-study–10 minutes story (daily)
    Whenever click input box, have audio play loop
    What best does she already link to being super sexually attractive?
    Keep uncovering WOW facts–build (own story when remembering)
    Do 20 swish patterns–approach, wealth, health, computer
    What’s it like to be her?
    Make Excel select empty cell next to today’s date
    Humans are like circles –> (Keep labeling each circle now)
    Measure the other person’s “loyalty, trust”
    Study 1 hour for every $25 invested
    Focus on testosterone development–read 4HB today (done)
    VA checks email –> Study 4HWW rules
    Write in stories–play with new writing formats, styles
    Add new thoughts to rehearsals –> Keep adding new ideas
    See incongruency “What are you not telling me?”
    Develop MULTIPLAYER games–allow users to build their own
    Do an hour of anchoring daily for 30 days
    Accept sting that many will blow off my blog (specify!)
    Test 1 week for $1,000
    What [demographic] already buy?
    40 hours in simple ad
    Make Excel select empty cell next to today’s date
    Have Excel lock user out in 5 minutes daily
    Find highest value freelance –> Focus and dev for one
    Distill looseleaf to condensesd Premium Notebooks–this can help
    Learn frust/fears/pains & wants/desires/aspirations & outcome of Hooters girls
    Link a bunch of other successes to article (note patterns)
    For accountability terms, “What best else could this mean?”
    Maximize excitement for time off –also increase relax time
    Just grab one eZine article & learn it -> Record self delivering it entirely to camera (memory)
    Create abundance by limiting -> Make intention -> Scarcity into
    Use eLance to date –> Blog it –> Develop income with
So far, this venn diagramming challenge has inspired me to connect the unconnectable. Like, I would see a lamppost on my run and think “Edison/Tesla, thank you for the light bulb that would eventually branch into LCD technology that now serves as the light for my laptop screen.” Then I’d see the phone poles and think, “Thank you Alexander for making the phone that would connect millions, including me. Your invention would lead to the cell phone that I now play this music on–as well as the Internet that connected me to this music.”

Ever since venn diagramming, I’ve been able to make important connections more easily. I’ve been able to write a working, somewhat complicated Excel program from reading in 4 hours (granted, I have prior programming experience). I’ve been able to make useful metaphors out of thing (like when a spider landed in my face: “I must grow a better web to catch better prey”).

It’s all been extremely useful–especially because it models Google, the most successful Internet company ever. Also, this thinking models Facebook’s, eBay’s, Amazon’s, etc.

All in all, super useful :)

Aaron Bell out!


PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:37 pm 
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A Secret Fear I Regret Having (Task 61 Launch!)

“Oh God.”

Have you ever just stared at the comments box–perhaps on
Facebook–going schizophrenic on whether you should send it?

Have you ever opened your inbox to find your message read…
for two days… still with no reply?

Have you ever said “Shit. God that was a bad idea” with a piece
or two that you’ve written?

Well, that’s exactly what I feel every time I write one of these
posts–I feel that something bad’s going to happen with each one.

And the worst part is that my ex-boss has probably read each of
these posts. Fuck me, right?

Well, this feeling is one emotion, or fear, that I hope to circumvent.
It’d be great to really develop a comfort zone with the writing
here that no one has ever seen before.

Because ever since I was a child, I would always write stories.
Instead of playing with other children, I would sit on the edge
of the playground, 20 cent generic notebook in hand, and write
fantasy stories that modeled what I saw in the Baldur’s Gate series.

Looking back on it, I wrote so much, that, when I wrote a piece
that modeled what I saw in Resident Evil 4, my sister told me, “This
is good,” I feel that I can actually believe her.

But even though I wrote so much–with a spike of fantasy stories
in the fourth grade when I read Redwall–there wasn’t really a time
when I would expand and stretch my comfort zone.

For example, I hated editing and still hate editing. It’s a process that
does nothing but point fingers at why my writing sucks.

And because I never had the idea to make a list of the things that were
right with what I write (until just now–which is an awesome idea), I
never did it. Editing was solely a period of torment, a crucible that
only those stronger than I could handle.

Until now.

With the power of this blog due to the accountability it presumes,
i now feel ready to give new styles of writing and thinking a go.

It’s time to release the shackles of heavy thinking without heavy
responsibility. There’s time for draftibating later.

So, in order to develop the skill of writing so that people don’t point
at it and tell me I suck and make me cry, I commit to:
  • Visit ten articles on this site and give 10 things “done right” and
    10 things “to improve”
    Writing 500 words on a cup of coffee that inspires super powers
    in a very average man
In the meantime, it’d be cool if you check out some of the articles on
this site and stay here for a while.

Even if you have a couple other things to do, it’s nice to think that
just 15-30 minutes of reading articles like these a day can help a
someone become more productive and focus on “doing the right
things” instead doing unimportant shit right.

If you’re interested here are some articles you might enjoy checking

An Inner Crucible: Moments of Torment
Saving Private Ryan Knife Moment (Task 54 Complete!)
(Still) The Hardest One Of All (Eight Task Setup)
You Can’t Justify Your Way Out Of Hate (Task 15 Completed)

Moments Of Inner Release
Tasketh Sixteeneth, Bi*tch! :-D (The Grid-Iron Game)
If You Want To Let Go… Hold On Tighter (To What You Value Most)

Moments Of Victory:
Second Task Result! Touched Some Ta-Tas! And got a number…
I Really Hate Some Of The Sh** I Do (Eighth Task Completed… Lol)
There’s Only So Much Amazing You Can Improve In 42 Days, But
I’ve Yet To Find Out How Much!! (Task 42 LANDED YO!!)

I surmise that we’ll be even better friends before long! :)

Your Friend,



PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:08 am 
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Man Scared By Storm! [FUNNY] (Task 61-62 Soon)

Forgive my unforgivable absence!

As many can attest, life comes with the good AND
the bad. Well, I think this video kind of combines
the two, because: 1) It’s hilarious to the viewer,
and 2) it freaking destroyed my trees! ;.;

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... 5N1P6KcrKM[/youtube]

So, with this video in mind, can you forgive
me? I would appreciate it very much!

If you’re looking for some bedtime reading, here are
a few suggestions from last post:

An Inner Crucible: Moments of Torment
Saving Private Ryan Knife Moment (Task 54 Complete!)
(Still) The Hardest One Of All (Eight Task Setup)
You Can’t Justify Your Way Out Of Hate (Task
15 Completed)

Moments Of Inner Release
Tasketh Sixteeneth, Bi*tch! :-D (The Grid-Iron Game)
If You Want To Let Go… Hold On Tighter (To
What You Value Most)

Moments Of Victory:
Second Task Result! Touched Some Ta-Tas! And got a

I Really Hate Some Of The Sh** I Do
(Eighth Task Completed… Lol)

There’s Only So Much Amazing You Can Improve In
42 Days, But I’ve Yet To Find Out How Much!!
(Task 42 LANDED YO!!)

I surmise that we’ll be even better friends before long! :)

Your Friend,


P.S. I got my first freelancing contract yesterday!

Submitting This From A Hotel–Whoa (Task 62 Complete!)

Yesterday’s task can be defined by the storm scare.

Today’s task can be defined by using hotel’s lobby…
Without buying a room.

Just know that this storm is one of the most
inconvenient storms I’ve ever experienced. Hurricane Nemo must have
SUCKED haha :)

Your Bro,


PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:12 am 
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Sex In A Cup: Coffee That Gives You Super Power

John flipped the page to the next full-page ad: The face, the lips, the eyes of the woman blown up on the ad. For some reason, seeing pictures like this reminds John of all the chances he had to create sexual wonders come to life.

“If only I would have said ‘Hi.’”

“If only I would have had something interesting to say.”

“If only I wouldn’t've masturbated before I went out–or at least used more lube.”

“Whatever,” muttered as he flipped the page to an Extenze ad. Maybe if he purchased this and got a bigger penis, maybe then he’d have the balls to say something to those sexy goth chicks with those… yummy tattoos all over those… legs.

He flipped the page, resisting the urge to go back to his room and grab the green bottle of Vaseline lotion. Seeing lots of text and nothing of interest, he closed the magazine and flung it toward the table, spinning slightly before a flop sound.

The coffee cup reflects himself and all of his failed dreams, reflecting, too, his hand as he reaches for the shining, blue diffusing handle. Gripping the cup and pull it to his lips, he immediately thinks of the number of times he’s pulled this particular coffee cup to his lips.

This container of energy–or psychological psuedo-fuel–has delivered warmth and caffeine (even though he knew damn well that it wasn’t caffeine that gave the kick) to his fleshly lips every single day for the past five years (except that one day when the power went out). Why hasn’t he done something useful with these sips of coffee? Why hasn’t he done something like anchor this coffee cup to feelings of total success and inspiration?

:”Good question,” he tells himself, pushing the bottom of the handle while simultanously pulling the top of the handle to tilt the warm, cream-and-sugar-filled brown, only slightly viscous super-substance onto the tip of his tongue. The substance then did the rest of the work, salaciously sliding down from the top front of the tip of tongue to then hump and consummate with every surface-level molecule of his tongue in lascivious romance of chemical explosions–inspiring neural mating sequences on a body-wide level.

This was the most fantastic cup of coffee he’s ever had.

“Well, if I can create some kind of sequence where every sip inspires more and more success, then what’s the way that I can do it?” Well, John thought, he could have a written down vision–a written down process where he creates says a part of an opener that he learned from The Game, this random book that he picked up a while ago.

“Okay,” he admits to himself, “I still read and silently abide by this book as if it’s the law. It’s still in my bedroom on my nightstand.” Now that he admitted that, he thinks about how with every sip, he could review a time he made the right move, or did something that he thought he wouldn’t be able to do.

Maybe, he thinks as he tilts more delicious coffee-scentilation into his Mind-Body, he can imagine connecting one of the concepts he learns to various events in his life, either real and past or imagined and to come. Because, he thinks, if I can do this in the mind, I’m way more likely to do it in real life. Remember the lessons from Psycho-Cybernetics?

Ten more sips went like this until his cup was empty. “Jesus Christ, I’M GOING OUT.” He slides his chair back as he stands up, turns around, walks through a doorway to then get to the front door. He’s in his robe, but he doesn’t care. Reaching his hand to the handle and turning the handle, he pulls the door back to see sunlight flood through his retinas. The street is almost totally empty, until he sees the long, bare legs of a blonde jogger running from the distances closer along the sidewalk.

The writer of this story experiences massive desire to really fuck this woman–and himself as he thinks of this story. Therefore, the writer must write about the process of wanting to fuck this woman so hard as the John continues the story behind this writing about the writer wanting to fuck this woman and unmentioned women in the mind’s eye.

John makes the first step, feeling the acid flooding from the mid of his spine along up the lower back of his neck as he makes step after step toward her.”Nothing’ll happen,” he intellectualizes. “Fuck you” says the emotions with tears streaming down its eyes, “RAwaraHRNEYEEERYBUUUKACKeer RAAAAHHHHH” says physical body, who both floods blood to John’s penis, resulting in the massive hardon that fuels his steps.

“Keep moving,” he says as he takes another step.

And another step. And ANOTHER step.

Step step step! Step the step… And then–take another step :)

Until the moment comes–the turn! His body then begins to make that instinctive 180 turn. He exhales violently as he moves himself psychologically. “Just take another step!”

The urge to 180 floods over him like a wave, (thankfully) passing as he finally places him directly before her, this blonde jogger. Her eyes are so symmetrical. Her lips–juicy. That ass feels so nice–I can feel it from here. Her waist, so tight and thin. They line in so perfectly with those beautiful fake tits, covered only in a sports bra. I want to pull that bra off and lick those nipples until they squirt milk. Which is going to happen because I’m going to fuck her nice smelling, athletic pussy until it fucking squirts like a fountain–like a fountain that will spit out a baby just so that I can keep on licking those nipples until milk comes out. And then I’ll drink that milk, the baby gets what’s left.

“Hi,” he says.

“Ummm, hi?” Okay, she doesn’t give a shit. What’s the best way to get her to overcome it. “Remember Sugarman*” one mind thinks. “Alright.”

“You’re a 34-28-34,” he says.

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eLance Is The Friend Of Enemies (Task 63 Launch)

10 eLance proposals submitted by 9:00 PM today–In Progress.

Would it be easier on the eyes to submit only one post? I will do that for you if you want.

Your Friend,


eLance is my fucking BITCH hahaha (Task 63 Completed!)

Can you describe the number one productivity killer now? If you can’t, then keep reading to find out.


Because we enjoy details so much, I’m going to skip exactly that–because I’m fucking tired (as we all can be at times).

Having successfully submitted 10 different proposals for the Writing & Translation category on eLance, I’m swimming without a business plan here in addition to getting fucked on a 13 hour job that pays $29.97.

Though I’m extremely happy with the results (especially the resulting learning), I’m just in severe need of respite. It was almost like doing a full day of canvassing, door-to-door selling, online.

Hey, it’s not every day that we do something as transformational and integrity-bound as we’ve seen today–so come back and we’ll chat tomorrow by noon, alright?

Yes? Really?? Awesome! We’ll talk then!

Your Brother From Another Mother,

Aaron Bell


PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:09 pm 
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Don’t judge me if I cry ;.; (Task 64 Launch)

Went into a 14-hour coma yesterday.

Have you ever had one of those days where you chug nineteen gallons of coffee… to then pass out anyway? Have you noticed how you can only get REAL sleep after the first 6-hours of pseudo-sleep?

That’s what happened last night–especially when the power went out as ANOTHER thunderfuck came in. Jesus.

All I can think about is how perfect the timing was for storms and shit to come in and deliver a knockout blow to my power–I had just started working–for real–on eLance.

Now, time for today’s task–what to do, what to do.

Well, I could put the Hour of Power combined with Spanish and Venn Diagramming–but that would be for PUSSIES. I mean, come on. Admit it. You’re here stuff like the Touching Boobs articles from earlier and for applications to places like Hooters (which WORKED).

The thing is, I don’t really KNOW what’d be the most enjoyable for you read. It could be attaching jumper cables to my scrotum and with the other side to my car’s battery. I DUNNO.

So, it’d be cool if I could hear YOUR take and maybe get a few words thrown at my face as we come to the conclusion of this next post.

Otherwise, I’m going to conclude today with doing the 10 blog post analysi (yes, that’s the plural) that I promised earlier in the article, A Secret Fear I Regret Having in addition to:
  • Submitting 5 new proposals on eLance (Hell, I paid the $10/mo Premium membership fee–let’s keep doing this!)
    Do the Hour of Power WITH the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm-Up Routine
Starting the “30-Day StyleLife Challenge” from Rules of the Game might be in my near future, too, now that I have the financial means to fund it properly.

So, yeah, hopefully the next place your mouse scrolls to is “Post a new comment” (or whatever it says). Then, hopefully, you click that and enter words into the white space, too. Then, hopefully, some of those words are English that makes meaning, imagery, concepts, for my brain to understand.

Will converse with you tomorrow, brother :)

Yo’ Homie,



(P.S. Here’s a note I wrote in this post’s draft: “Action Desired From Reader: Comment on my fucking blog as they fucking enjoy it. ” hahaha)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:20 am 
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The Super-Late Fucking Awesome Post (Task 64 Complete… Ish?)

Well I fucked up.

Technically I did something that scared me (videotaped my parents when they came over instead of yapping + a quarter of an Hour of Power), but there’s so much shit that I messed up with.

It’s probably because of my lack of sleep learning–or my messy environment with goals plastered all over the walls. Or because I haven’t looked at my digital vision board yet.

Regardless of the cause, the effect is that the results with this blog have been subpar. They’ve been subpar because I’ve been allowing myself to BS myself by not updating my metrics or even submitting the Venusian Arts metrics to Seduction Stats.

So, with this post, we now have a (hopefully) objective list of things I’ve been doing right on as well as a (longer) list of things I’ve fucked up on with this blog.

We can read through this together if you’d like.

What best I’m doing right with the OMFG Blog?
  • Developed a sense of humor -> Life is way more fun when you’re hilarious… it helps us swallow hard pills (not semen) that we need to take (if you watch PewDiePie’s videos, then you’ll know that he probably gets through in part because of his ability to make himself and us laugh to break the tension of horror)
    Keeping myself consistent by posting daily–at minimum -> Though it’s definitely better to do the two-a-day that this blog is based upon, by at least posting daily, I can keep in contact with you, my favorite person in the world, and make it so that checking this blog remains a daily habit for both of us
    Doing harder shit than usual -> This makes me a bad motherfucker–hardened both by the environment AND by personal initiative… and by you! :)
    Solving challenges like a motherfucker (I.e. just recording my parents with my phone’s camera simmers down any would-be fighting… If you have fights going on all the time, just point a camera at them–works better than anything else I’ve EVER tried) -> This lets me know that ANY challenge is solvable… Anything we run into can be solved–especially if we get it written down first IN ADDITION TO acting upon it
    Severing ties with those in an earlier phase of development–i.e. Positron’s -> I feel like I was “babying” a bit too much on that journal… I needed to post intermittently–NOT daily
    Replying to comments like a mofo -> Don’t do that “I’m too cool to reply to comments” shit… at least make a point to comment on PRIORITIZED comments… Learn to create a conversation with those who matter
    Tracking my progress – Keeping myself conscious of my progress -> This is the major indicator of whether I make progress or not… I need to set up MASSIVE leverage here, because the only time I stop is when I don’t visually track my progress–I need to find a way to track the usefulness or level of example that I set for you every day–even if it is subjective measurement, it still helps me to realize and achieve more of it.
Key Lessons So Far: 1) Measure progress (add “level of example/usefulness” metric); 2) Set more leverage for harder tasks NOW; 3) Be more responsive with comments and other blogs

What best I’m not doing right with the OMFG Blog?
  • Not measuring progress each day (all metrics) -> This hurts us more than anything else–this gives that instant “Ouch” or zap that’s necessary to keep us on course… Ugh, I’ve lost so much in not measuring myself for the past few days… UGHHH!
    Not measuring the number of deep breaths with each post VISUALLY -> This gives me an indicator of “centeredness” or an indicator of the amount of time given per blog post–MEASURE TIME WRITING!
    Not measuring the level of intensity with each blog post -> This is going into every blog post now… The level of intensity is now being posted WITH a chart in EVERY blog post from now on (Another idea–measure distractions that have happened per day)
    Not setting up enough pain to make myself experience the inevitable eustress of developing myself properly -> Use StickK.com and find things that I wouldn’t want to lose–and pay it… IDEA: SET UP A SERVICE WHERE I’M A HARD MOTHERFUCKER who will push “Pay Now” on StickK.com FOR you.
    Not reading enough of other blogs -> This isn’t that bad of an idea–I just need to make sure I do a bit more learning than the applying that I’ve been doing lately.
    Not specifying times to complete each task -> Without specification, I can justify sitting on my ass, overloading my mouth with coffee and peanut butter sandwiches all day–overall ending up with shit like this where I’m both posting late AND less satisfied than what I would’ve been if I would’ve just mentioned “In two hours–” I always specify a time within four hours of the post date from now on for each task… if the task can’t be done or it’s too far away… reduce the scope… and do more of it over time
    Focusing too much on stats instead of focusing on completing tasks -> On the same token, the one set of stats that I HAVE been focusing on are for this blog… and not surprisingly, it’s the metric that’s grown (whereas other, unmeasured metrics have shrunk… ;.;)–still need to focus on the metric of “value-creating vs. value-absorbing” time… FOR EXAMPLE, check Facebook asking “How best can I contribute on Facebook?” instead of “What notifications are there?” — Just keep doing that, and see what happens in a year… the results will surprise me
    Not setting VERY REAL leverage–a post here works well with most things, but the level of intensity of many of the tasks here has been a bit low for my tastes -> Overall, this was just stupid of me… If something induces fear… I now accept that as “the right direction” and immediately set leverage to do it… Just note that my brain will do whatever it takes to deceive me and get me away from doing what I need to do
    Not following through one of the best SEO opportunities I’ve ever seen (“apartments in kalamazoo”) to better practice for OMFG’s SEO -> This is one of the hard things that I can do–also, it allows me to build my vision for places to live… LET’S DO IT!
    All factors like my parents coming over to distract me too much (my parents–in addition to Facebook and checking my eLance inbox) are the biggest distractions -> Focus on solving this challenge now via Anthony Robbins’s Challenge-Solving Questions
    Not having an audio playing ALL the time to reprogram my mind -> The questions I ask determine what I focus on, and by having an audio asking something like “How best to behave to achieve (sub-)goal #1″ can probably kick some serious ass! :) YES. Test this for a month
    Not listening to The 4-Hour Workweek enough–listening to this audiobook helps me prioritize what shit works and what doesn’t -> Immediately listen to CD 2 (3?) after this blog post to keep focusing on the best
    Not listening to an AUDIOBOOK (instead of the book) of What Would Google Do? by Jarvis -> Jesus, this would probably revolutionize this blog times a thousand… It open up the world and allow me to market ANY product I might develop soon
    Not having my own place with Internet that i have total control of -> This will be taken care of over time… Just take care of (or pay someone to take care of) this place I have now… It’s treating me well so far
    Not setting an example for my readers by budgeting and tracking my stats properly -> This is bullshit, and I now handle this now. I haven’t put a single receipt into Excel (or Quicken) in over a month… B.S.
    Not linking to my Seduction Stats blog and updating that blog regularly -> Also BS–I’ve been wasting most of my time with seduction… like always; As a rule, I need to ask “Where am I wasting my time?”
    Not developing my game enough–both on the weekend and in general -> This has been causing an imbalance in my life lately–of course, this WAS solved by working at Hooters… but now that I’m working as a freelancer, I need to invest more time in face-to-face interactions… take a yoga class… get moving (YES! I just realized that I’m now free to take the krav maga class in Troy, Michigan! FUCK YES!)
    Not doing enough of these “Right:Not-Right” Posts -> I commit to doing these once a week to check my progress
    Not “doing less” as the book, Getting Real suggests–I need to start doing fewer… but higher quality tasks -> Seriously, break this shit down and do only HALF of what I suggest… It gets overwhelming if I do too much at once
Overall, I’m very pleased that we have this relationship that we have together. It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and I’m ecstatic to continue developing.

Perhaps, and this is just an idea, perhaps we can REALLY evolve ourself when we get to asking ourselves the SPIN questions on a daily basis like the way I want to… It’d be so easy! It’d be so easy, AND we could use it to sell people the things that they NEED to buy.

And speaking of sales–I need to contact Rock tomorrow about doing some Sales with him–so I’ll study SPIN Selling and McKesson tonight, like a good lil’ boy.

Converse tomorrow, brother? Feel free to comment–your thoughts matter :)

Your Bro,



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Haha, you did kind of baby me. I really appreciated (and still do) your support though. You gave me a lot of good advice. Just posting to let you know I'm still keeping up with you!

My Journal (from AFC to MPUA, still a work in progress)

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Unforgiveableness (Task 67 Launch/Complete… Task 68 Launch)

Holy shit. Slept from 9:00 PM to 3:00 PM… the next day

Having been a long-time subscriber to PewDiePie, it’s amazing to me how even a single post can arouse such disdain and sadness. Because I really enjoy his videos, it really, really sucks for me when he doesn’t upload a video for the day.

It’s almost like an addiction I have with watching him, and he’s withdrawn my daily dose of hilarity… I never want to do that with you again.

But at the very least, there is VERY good cause for all of this. I was at freaking Notre Dame University all day, eating Jimmy Johns, praying at the Grotto (i’m not Christian), eating Chinese food, conversing with University staff as we looked at the luminous green field through the entrance that the football players march through every game (the director of operations here was driving a forklift to the back of the truck, pulling out rolls of turf to just behind the gate)… all in addition to the main event of sitting through sales calls and appointments with M.D.’s all over South Bend, Indiana.

And although it was tiring, the beauty I’ve seen, the food’s I’ve tasted, the laughs I’ve had… were fantastic.

I could talk to about the beautiful Basilica and the tiers of churches. I could talk about laying down underneath the gold-capped dome. Playing foosball in the rec center (where there’s also a Taco Bell and Pizza Hut… which is funnily placed in such a religious place). We could talk about how the hottest woman I’ve ever seen walks by me as I protect the Toughbook of my friend, Rock (who I’m with for each of these things I’ve mentioned) outside of Jimmy John’s.

But above all, there’s something that we can talk about that made me laugh more than anything else… what he said to a friend on the phone about a heated sales conversation that I got to experience ALMOST first-hand (I was sitting just outside of the meeting). Here’s what he said:

“Do you want to know how much I made last month in commissions from her? 234 dollars. 234 dollars! You know, [director name] thinks she’s been SO good with me. ‘Look, lady. I shit 234 dollar every morning. Whatever deal you make with me here won’t affect what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. It won’t affect where my kids go to school. It won’t affect the kind of houses I own or the boats I drive.

“She’s a bully, [J]. And I don’t tolerate bullies. [Hospital name]‘s being acquired soon…”

I like his style.

Anyway, the task yesterday was to invest in a journey to South Bend (roughly an hour and twenty minute drive over). There’s a secret story that I have that wasn’t mentioned yet, but when I reach either 2,500 views on mPUA Forum OR 52 views in a day on the blog, I’ll break down that story in detail…

HAHA just kidding. I had to pee so bad that I had to stop the car ON THE HIGHWAY, pull down my pants, and fucking pee in a bottle on the side of the highway. God, I eat so healthy–which means I consume so many fluids–and I literally filled the Dasani bottle and the air pressure that built up so fast caused pee to burst onto my fucking steering wheel.

It was fucking hilarious and disgusting. Thank god it was the “clean” kind of clear pee and not the disgusting, solid yellow-brown urine that I had all too much experience with when cleaning restrooms at Hooters.

There, was it worth my absence for that? :)

ANYWAY, yesterday was met in totality, too, because I’ve been investing hardcore in both my health and wealth. I’ve invested $10 on eLance, $12 on Sambazon (for just two day’s worth of Sambazon), and more. The level of return I’ve had for working with Rock on his sales calls has returned to me a massive level of experience and dedication to being outstanding.

The biggest lessons I’ve learned? Know more about the customer’s needs than the customer does. Keep on contemplating what the reader wants at length so that when you go in there, they’ll love you so much that they’ll be willing to do almost anything for you.

(Really, you should’ve seen what Rock’s friends–they’re really not customers to us… they’re friends–were doing with him. He had the most inside access to all the details going on with the companies that I was smiling the whole time.

It was beautiful!)

Anyway, that still leaves today to work with. In addition to completing today’s health challenge (completing another half of the Sambazon bottle–due to my lengthy sleep and doing three power poses with three deep breathing sessions), I commit to submitting two video proposals for eLance by 9:54 PM.

Two proposals with a link to the YouTube video would be AWESOME–and that’s the minimum. I want to build up the video proposals to five video proposals submitted per day–but that might just be a little intense.

So, that’s it! I’ll be doing that for today’s challenge (I’ve been experiencing a little hesitation for eLance lately in that I’ve only submitted ZERO proposals to eLance lately… So let’s make something happen here!)

Let’s leave it with that, and feel excited about our journey together–While I wish I would’ve had the willpower to submit an article yesterday, this is something that’s incredibly fun for us to do.

Converse in five hours?

Your Broseph,


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Want To Play A Game, Johnny? (Task 68 Complete!)


I’ve received an offer from a man named Andy who claims to be an affiliate manager for Venusian Arts. I’ll be talking with him soon about an affiliate partnership—which may involve banner ads or a link in my signature. Having tremendous respect for his company, I’m more inclined than not to work with him.

Things I Need To Share But Don’t Want To:

Regarding my physical health agreement; I started (but did not complete) the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine within two hours of waking up. Having thought that it was just to start, I gave myself a little bit of time to consume some chocolate milk and honey chicken (Chinese food left over from yesterday)—but later realized that it was necessary that I COMPLETE the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine. I will be giving myself a one day warning, but if it happens again, I must pay. On the same page, too, I slept entirely through the AM hours, so I did not consume half a bottle of Sambazon. Again, in this instance, I’m consuming the other half tonight.

Another thing I don’t want to share is that my place is an utter pigsty. There are papers all over the place that need to be organized, and I have my VA’s over at Brickwork totally pumped to process my receipts into an Excel format that I’ve yet to scan and send over. This is total bullshit.

A Fun Thing To Do With My Reader:

Having done a lot of focus on me, I’ve decided that it would be a good time to do some extrospection. Particularly by asking, “WHO are my readers?” So, below are a series of questions that I’ve decided to ask myself about you—Feel free to comment and say how wrong I am if you want.

“What are the demographics of my reader?”

You are a 25-year-old sexually frustrated man who’s studied the Game. You make an average of $35,000(K). You live anywhere from North Dakota to Los Angeles to the Phillipines, so location is broadly. You’re an average of 15 pounds overweight, but that’s the average of men who are 80 pounds overweight and the super studs who are just naturally fit/athletic.

“What are the psychographics of my reader?

You desire to make more money to fund your game. You hate your job because of the people you’re obligated to spend time with. You’ve probably tried Internet Marketing at this point (who hasn’t)? You have negative attitudes toward lying (thank you), yet you’re inclined to use routines and DHV stories for your “sets.”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how fucked up are my readers?”


“… in relation to me?”


Overall, what this all means is that you represent a unique combination of elements that, somehow, takes the shape of a human body. And this human body has wants, desires, fears, frustrations, objectives, challenges—in addition to the more complicated aspects of you like meta-programs and personality patterns. Therefore, it’d be useful to get a better image of you who are, a better feel, and hear your story so that I can better communicate with YOU and not some hallucination that I’ve had of you that has stemmed from a past marijuana cigarette that had LSD on it without me knowing about it.

So, if you’d like, FIND A WAY TO REACH OUT TO ME and tell me about who you are. It’ll benefit both of us, I promise. (Thanks)

Regarding Today’s Challenge:

Today I knocked the challenge out of the park. At the moment, I’ve yet to manifest the proper “super-cameras” and environment (and education) to properly develop videos that will benefit the viewer most… but the content is superb. Especially the video on Ghostwriting (there’s a totally different “vibe” with this video when contrasted with the other one shown here… do you agree?). You can check out the videos below.



When I make the next videos tomorrow, I’m definitely shooting them at a different environment, but I’m keeping the intention the same as the Ghostwriting video.

That’s all for today, Broseph! Converse tomorrow?

YOUR Broseph,


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Warren Buffett Says To Invest In Education… Following Orders, Sir!



Worth every penny. (Want to book your own appointment with Hypnotica today? Highly recommend it.)

Talk soon, Broseph!


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Stupid Internet Marketing Is So Stupid (Task 69 Launch/Complete)

Don’t fuck up your readership… assuming you have a blog.

Do you ever have those moments where you go “Ahhh fuck? Wish I hadn’t've done that?” Had at least two of those.

In addition to the “Ahhh YES!” moments, too.

So, there were at least four different things that happened today that can qualify as today’s launch and complete–which was why I was tentative with setting a “Launch…” The tasks had already happened. For example:
  • Purchased Hypnotica’s coaching ($103.23 for more than allotted.
    Picked up women for an hour
    Committed to pursuing a $100,000 scholarship by doing something most people would call me crazy to work on
Feel outstanding and read more posts and share with friends


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(There are some missing posts here---Working on it!)

Sex Mex — Having Sex With Chicas (Task 70 Launch)


Studying headlines on magazines is fun.

As I was standing at Barnes & Noble–mechanical pencil and notebook in hand, I had realized that I was taking my approach to wealth-generation all wrong. I wasn’t devoting nearly enough time to developing a sex life that makes other people crave to do business with me.

As a human being, I need to be the living epitome of sexual fulfillment if I can ever expect a TRUE, deeply fulfilling following of raving fans who can then apply the practices necessary to become fulfilled themselves.

Which brings me to the points of this article: Applying the practices necessary to become fulfilled ourselves.

Many people have observed that business is one of the most outstanding results-generation tools on the planet. I mean, Jesus, Apple sold more freaking iPads than ANYTHING else every manufactured. And by “anything,” I mean cans of coke, Twinkies, boxes of Oreos ANYTHING. (Source: Ed Dale).

And with that in mind, I need to stop kidding myself; I know nothing about business.

I had always of thought of myself as a well-endowed spokesperson of Internet Marketing and an online business (I’ve studied hundreds of hours of business-oriented materials), but the thing is, it requires multiple passes through through these materials WITH APPLICATION to become even a journeyman in terms of business.

The chances are, I know more than the average person about best business practices and developing systems to cultivate and create value… but I know jack shit compared to those who run and operate their businesses on a daily basis.

Which is why I’m committing to doing this for the next 90 days.

I commit to you, the Universe, and myself that I work on this area in for:
  • A minimum of one hour every day, or
    A target of four hours every day
    An outrageous twelve hours a day
To maintain integrity with self + make public commitment to studying business every day… which then develop my income to astronomical levels that’ll then create opportunity for others to help me revolutionize our fuel is the ultimate reason for why I write this commitment and post.

Let’s see if this step forward works.

Your Brother,


Does Studying Business Mean No Coding? (Task 70 Complete)

I’m too emotional.

Pulling in data from multiple sources turns me off. Converting lessons learned in-field when talking with women from guesses into facts (through application) scares me–it turns out I do fear being wrong… Actually, I REALLY fear being wrong (a.k.a. “failing”).

In fact, I’ve always felt afraid of failing or being wrong for a looong time, but this was the one fear that I had actually convinced myself that I didn’t have for at least five years… Holy shit.

Time to admit the facts, now. I was afraid of being wrong. I was afraid of investing even ten hours developing a business plan for a business that might turn into a flop (what a waste of ten hours, right?) I was afraid of going out and actually admitting that I wasn’t the best pick up artist in the world (how did I delude myself into such naivety?).

(The reason I found this out, by the way, was because, as I was studying business for an hour today, I learned that I really didn’t want to select just one business idea to analyze and find customers to market for.)

Now, my plan is to find ways to associate pain to not taking actions that can prove me wrong, and associate pleasure to doing things that can prove me wrong. By finding all the things that can make me feel pleasure with admitting a mistake, I can find one more way NOT to achieve my goal, which is awesome.

Comment before your dick falls off?

Your Bro,


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