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Why you should Hate PUAHATE
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Author:  Blacksky [ Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why you should Hate PUAHATE

This topic is ridiculous. Let me end this debate.

70% Logic
25%Sexual desire
5% Emotional

40% Logic
20% Sexual desire
40% Emotional

These numbers are just estimates from my personal experiences but they're close enough dammit. The first thing you learn when studying PU is that Attraction isn't logical, you cannot seduce with logic. Fact is everyone on PUAHATE are just losers who haven't gotten the fact that Women are emotional thinkers. They are trying to fight Attraction with logic like chumps, they don't understand why they need to change themselves to appeal to a woman's emotional side. They rather sit on an internet forum mentally masturbate about how they'll never get a girl unless they have looks, money, or status when in reality all those 'gurus' that they hate were absolutely right when they told them what women REALLY want and look for in a guy.

Everyone who indulges in such idiocy and self-pity is the scum of life and doesn't deserve to breed anyways. If they rather sit there and wallow in negativity I say let them, and pray that their right hand doesn't dump their sorry asses too.

At a guess I would say that looks play half the part and the rest is confidence, personality and other factors. I wouldn't say looks are everything but neither is game. For example if you have faultless looks you are probably only half way there to getting the girl you want as you will need to have a good game to go with it. Ive known some good looking males who wouldn't get girls due to their social shyness and lack of confidence.

On a probability scale of picking up - out of 10 looks probably count for up to 5 points.

What I mean by this is exampled below.

If you have average looks lets say your a 3 out of 5 with looks and you play a perfect game lets say 5 /5 for your game then you can probably enjoy punching above your weight to getting a girl who is a 8 / 10. Good achievement as not many average guys can get 8's.

On the other hand you may have 1 / 5 looks then you can probably best only hope for a mid range girl who is 6 / 10 at best and that's only if you play a great game.

Or on the other hand somebody who has great looks 5 /5 will not have to do much to get girls but if he hoped to get decent ones he will still need to do some work but not as much as somebody who is mediocre appearance wise. Like a guy with perfect looks probably only has to play a mediocre game to get a 8 whereas for somebody who has mediocre looks probably can get a 8 but only with PERFECT game.

Looks aren't everything but they certainly do help. Lets be honest and realistic with ourselves and admit that somebody who looks like a fat nerd - you know the guy i'm talking about you have all seen him. He is the one that walks out of the library with a ton of books in his hand with a jumper with dull lifeless colours who has a lifeless haircut and appearance that when you 1st look at him and you get that 1st impression you make of a person in your head - you say nerd. That guy will never get a 6 foot hot thin blonde no matter how much material he reads, how positive body language he has, tone of voice etc etc. However if he does approach well he may get a average looking girl.

I feel somewhere in between both camps lies the truth about the whole seduction game. I wouldn;t believe David De Angelos and other PUA's claims that looks do not matter and I wouldn't believe the puahate site that says that looks are the only things that matter. We have all seen guys who have punched above their weight and succeeded.

Author:  AnthonyZ [ Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why you should Hate PUAHATE

The game is not all about looks, it's just that it's better to be groomed than to look like a fucking bum.

Author:  Tx930 [ Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why you should Hate PUAHATE

I've checked that site and it's really the natural consequence of guys being promised that they can get women who are 8's+ if they look like 5's if they only sign up for $1500+ courses.

And once they've wasted their money and/or failed repeatedly in the field they're going to become understandably bitter about it.

Now the community could give realistic advice and tell guys that they'll usually only be able to get girls within a point or two of themselves on a regular basis. And also that looks do matter, not as much as for men, but they do matter.

So if you're obese, lose the weight. If you're scrawny, bulk up by going to the gym and increasing your caloric intake. If you're short, use height increasing shoes or lifts that you put in your shoes because height is a major deciding factor in who women find attractive.

And act alpha. In your body movements, voice intonation, and personality.

Now such advice is rather simple and you probably can't charge $1500 per person for it, but it is more realistic and it would go a long way to reducing the overblown expectations put forward by some of the "gurus" in the community.

Author:  SummerNight [ Wed May 29, 2019 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why you should Hate PUAHATE

Used to visit that site - that place was depressing - guys jacking off for hatred.

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