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10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling
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Author:  rtf [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:16 pm ]
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SPAM is one of the best webcomics around imo.

Author:  mi1ooo98 [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:32 pm ]
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Next time i'm in chat i'm going to link this, mainly for the teenagers.

Author:  xxq999 [ Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  hahaha

haha, I LOVE this...so sick of people misspelling these words, it's really not that hard lol whoever came up with this is a genius

Author:  Don Solo [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:52 pm ]
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Perfect thread op lol.

Author:  Clarence19 [ Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:09 am ]
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Author:  scubadiver [ Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:15 am ]
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Using "Your" instead of "You are" or "You're" to me is downright FKN lazy.

Author:  AuroraClayton [ Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:00 am ]
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Using "Your" instead of "You are" or "You're" to me is downright FKN lazy.
I'll agree with you, that's not so hard to spell it the right way.
Also somehow I appear to be writing eather instead of either...
Need to train myself a bit.

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