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Author:  Dwele [ Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:03 am ]
Post subject:  Game is Life

This is sort of like a progress report, I've been into game for a while now and since I've moved out to Vegas my game has improved big time! Every since I went to a free tour with Tyler and Luke I've been wanting to stay up on posting in the forums as a way to stay into game. So this is my effort to do so. There's so much shit that I feel like I need to post and I don't know where to begin. Man, I've been meeting endless girls out here in Vegas and picking up on a bunch of game stuff from the local guys here. Awesome community of guys! The club scene is crazy and had a bunch of flings as a result of club game.

Vegas is an awesome place! The fact that you can just game during the day and night while doing things like promoting clubs and shit is the bomb! Truth is I have a lot of growth to do! I've been doing mad stuff out here like attending award shows, and going to celebrity parties in Hollywood where I've been able to use game tactics to leverage myself in these environments. I've been meeting killer model chicks left and right!

I just need more time to actually not be so busy and to focus in on inner game and becoming the person I want to be. But for some reason I can't seem to shake my ability to get my finances in place where I can have free time to explore shit. So really I need to find the balance between money game and game. Seems like since I've been out here in Vegas mad chicks from back home have been digging me more, just seeing all the stuff that I'm into on social media.

I'm still facing some sort of road block with communicating with people the way I would like to though. Been in situations where I need to communicate to very important people and some how lose my frame. So as of right now I've had flings with models, and strippers, got a cute lil chick back home who's digging me, and currently having a fling with a 20yr old stylish black chick with huge tits, tattoos, and a belly button ring lol... Well till next time! For those of you scared to make a move to a major city or to pursue your dreams I want to say "Go For It!" And be great at it! Peace!

Author:  oceanx [ Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game is Life

For those of you scared to make a move to a major city or to pursue your dreams I want to say "Go For It!" And be great at it! Peace!
Very true. There's not much better than moving to a major city and making it happen for yourself and others. Very cool man, keep going and enjoy.

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