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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:15 pm 
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Hey guys,

I haven’t been on this forum in a long time I am a bit of a veteran in the PUA world although I am still in my 20’s. I don’t really game anymore although some of what I learned is in the back of my mind. Ive been around the world living in other places and collecting a lot of flags now back in Scotland. I know a few tricks that are going to seem like a lot of work and not really pickup related. The main thing is just having a good social circle and projecting that onto social media. I was at one point in a very good situation where I was living with some cool guys and we were absolutely smashing it in Sydney. Iv’e been doing ok as a lone wolf since I got back with Tinder bangs but it’s nowhere near as fun as building a good circle. Also the quality on Tinder is much lower but if your looking to up your game on there I can help you out with a few pointers.

Anyway listen guys I have a plan that can bring in a lot of vag but it takes time to build. Just looking for some cool guys to hang out with, I don’t like talking about PUA stuff or game in public. Only interested in meeting guys who will be here for a while at least a year I guess and in a similar age group 18-30. You can invent some DHV story about how we met and I’ll big you up to the ladies as long as it’s not too crazy or ill just say we met travelling.

There won’t be any forced approaches or spending hours creeping girls out. Iv’e done that and it’s not my style. We will just hang out and have fun, ill show you some cool bars I take chicks to bang. If you want to join my circle great, if not all good too. This won’t be for the guys who like canned tricks and sarging relentlessly and no disrespect to guys who enjoy that. Im looking for bro’s I know theres some good dudes living here who feel isolated because it’s not easy these days. I was a real mess when I came into this game and the main thing that killed me was not having the right friends and then not having any friends for a long time.

I’ll do my best to get you out when im invited to parties and nights out etc. of course the same in return would be nice, sharing is caring ;) and if I end up in a relationship ill make sure you get a shot at her friends. That’s how this kind of brotherhood works guys.

Hit me up if your down!

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