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 Post subject: Harem Management
PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 7:02 am 
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hey crew

there seems to be a huge lack of guidance on how to maintain a harem. I mean there's heapsa shit about sourcing targets, approaching em, gaming em, and drilling em.....but not much on how to manage em all.

Of course that is assuming there are playa's out there that actually keep a few of em??? LOL. I'm currently having issues with time, too many chicks and not enough days in da week nor hours in the day to handle em. Clearly i'm too greedy. Actually, i sometimes wonder if my inabilty to let cool chicks go, is an old AFC program. i wonder if i'm better off just going from one to the next in a random fashion. maybe someone can add something here.

anyway, i'll write a bit about how i attempt to set a frame that allows a MLTR lifestyle. The following may be a bit haphazard, as I'm kinda feeling my way here

1. in my opinion it's important to 'sweep the target off hur feet' quickly, long courtship rituals are totally AFC (long courtship ritual=3 or more meetings). The PUA should try to have the target hooked and ramped up (ready 4 sex/wantin it and/or beggin 4 it) by the first or second date.

2. leading an uncomplicated and cruisy life is one of my main goals. this is why i only F-close ONS's. if i 'date' a target that i consider could be a keeper, i never drill hur at the first opportunity. I see this as an important factor in constructing a MLTR frame.

3. I like the two steps forward, one step backwards approach. My MO is to ideally hook the target on the first meeting, passion/intimacy/sex but no intercourse. Don't call or sms for 2-3 days (if she does reply, if she does u can reply, but if she does often...red flag!!!). SMS her something sweet at day 3 or so. Within the first week of first meeting, set up another meeting, afternoon/evening/night. Something fun/crazy, maybe ice skating or some such shit. Ya hooked hur on da first meeting, the second is to get hur to swallow the hook. fun activity/dinner/more sex, with intercourse if ya feel it's right. Having taken two steps forward, now take one back. Pull back slightly, now ya want her chasing u.

4. It's important to reamain a bit of an enigma at first. As things develop, she will start wantin to plumb ya depths, know wot makes ya tick. it's at this point you have to gently lay out yr MLTR frame (by this point u should of already screaned out the jeoulous type). Following is a quote from David Clare on harem managemant: (http://www.modernmaleinc.com/node/42)

"Women want to feel useful and contribute to something meaningful. This is hard enough for most men in a relationship with a one woman. With many women, you will need a very clear picture in your head what their role in the relationship is to be, and be able to communicate that vision to each of them. You must deal with any variance to this immediately and effectively. If her "out of scope behavior" interferes with your material interests, next the chick. If it doesn't, make sure you have her new, self-defined role integrated into your vision.

Most of the women are going to play their best hand to snare you into exclusivity. Don't fault them for it. They would be less than a woman for not trying. You may find one of them goes much further to satisfy your needs. She may even go far enough. This is a good thing. "

David Dieda says that if u have trouble handlin one babe, then u better not try for more. Clearly the MLTR ideal is not for everyone. As i see it, u have to have yr life totally together. U have to be independent enough to not want nor expect anything from each chick, u have to almost adopt a 'giving frame'. The David Shades stuff focuses a lot on hypnosis, i find the jist of his thesis excellent. his notion of 'giving women incredibly powerful orgasms' is an inspiration to me, not to mention the pay-off.

David Clare again:

"This is real simple: you can only handle as many woman as you have the wood for. If you can't keep 4 women properly and thoroughly fucked, don't even go there. You are wasting your time and their time.

Matching your libido to the collective libido of your women is critical. And be warned, giving great sex to a woman WILL increase her libido."

As i said, i'm still feeling my way here. I currently have one that i drill regularly and is (seemingly) happy with my frame, one that i've been drilling regularly, but saw me macking a new chick last week, and is currently deciding if she can tolerate the frame (red flag already, and i'm kinda hoping she'll bail), and one that i'm at the two steps forward stage.

so if anyone has anything to add, please do, as i'm really lookin 4 input.

stay wicked

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 6:41 pm 
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hey deadman,

This is a good post. I am very interested in the subject of harem management myself. Have you seen the threads that Methuselah and I have been having on this topic above?

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