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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2021 5:38 am 
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What up internet. I’m 29 years old and have just closed my 25th lay last Saturday. Best year I closed 9 chicks while living in a college party house and my numbers stayed stagnant once I simply began getting into serious relationships after college.

Anyway, just sharing some of my experience for contexts.

Here’s the situation. (She’s about a HB9)

I came to help my parents while I work from home in their small ass little town near no where. I wasn’t exactly looking for a partner or even lay after breaking up with my last crazy chick from 2 years so it’s not like I was desperate. Anyway, I swipe tinder just for kicks, I score when I approach, not swipe but I found this chick 1 mile away and she has her instagram on her page so I add her.

So this one is super cute, a nurse, 25 years old and she actually replies. I tell her i’m an accountant and we hit it off talking all day everyday from Wednesday to Friday (I was thinking how tf is she working). So we made plans for that Friday and we get some food, go back to my folks place and drink and smoke. Made out like 5 times with the last next to my bed but she wasn’t down for sex, so I walk her home (.4 miles). Next morning she snapchats me and we go get food and more drinks to watch netflix in my room. She really gets into the movie so this time she didn’t wanna kiss but when she got tired I told her lets nap

Here is where it gets more interesting/confusing

We cuddle up, 10 minutes later I make out and she grinds so I finger her; she takes off her pants and we smash. As soon we we finish she begins to cry. She had told me the night before that she was sprung on her ex and tried to friendZone me(that’s when I first made out with her on our first date), but I ask her if we moved too fast or if I was too rough and reassures its the ex so I offer to take her home. I gave her space that night and she became cold. We still talked all day every day the day after but more distant until I called her out on her saying I wasn’t gonna be shit (i pretty much implied that I was going to walk away). vibes turn around and we’re hot again. So the following Friday (current week) I pick her up in her cute scrubs and we take it back to my room. We drank; made out, felt up her tits but she kept holding back whenever I tried to finger her but nevertheless we were having a great ass night (best night out of the 4 we’ve hungout; saying this 10 days after meeting her). She was also snapping me a lot on her story but told me her and her ex broke up 1 week prior to me hitting her up (issue out of my control, I know. i believe this will make him fly back to her but idk their past)

So the next day we hangout and she wants to watch a movie so we go to my room. Built up the sexual tension but she didn’t wanna make out the 3 times I tried (she just gave me a little kiss in my lips prior to leaving my room before we went to get food and drop her off, she also said I know what it leads to, blah blah).

Vibes were still great (i play rejection off like it didn’t happen), but when I take her back she’s back to cold

Just looking for tips and stuff. We’re still talking but its a little cold just like after when we had sex. I know there’s plenty fish but in this 30k town there’s not as many opportunity so i’m looking more on a better strategy rather than find something else because I have to move back to southern california when my job is wants me back in the office so I don’t want to waste too much time. I created distance hoping she’d fill it but instead she also created distance. She got an arm contraceptive today so not sure if that might’ve been why she didn’t want to have sex our last 2 dates. But she’s been hot and cold 2-3 times already so I’m pretty lost.

Anyway; tips from experienced PUA’s please. She might be the cutest one I’ve had and I literally went 18 months without a fuck after breaking up with my HB9 crazy ex so I have a big case of oneitis (I fucked one chick two weeks after breaking up with my ex at a friends pool party - point is, I have good natural game but lack energy to find new or waste time when work might ask me back to my area in 1 month and i don’t know many people here) It’s not about her though, simply need insight on a good recovery strategy for conveniency. I’m currently just playing it cool and following her pace

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