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PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:30 pm 
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It was saturday night and i was hanging with a few mates and one of the guys sister at our hotel, i was tired and had no intention of picking up.
we were drinking/relaxing on a balcony when this cute swiss chick walks out and we all went silent,everyone had that chris tucker voice in your head going
"Daaammmmnn" so we invited her to join us.

Her and i made general chit chat ( name,job, ect.) then we all went downstairs to the bar. She had this sexy french accent (she spoke french, english and german)
that melted my ears. Strange enough I wasnt even gaming her we were basically just "chillin out", I had no intentions. We chatted for over an hour and i could
tell she was obviously interested in me, it was our last night before we went home so i decided to go for gold.

My mates sister wanted to go to a strip club (because shes never been), so i told her we were leaving soon and asked her to join us... she said no!, so i gave her a
hug and told her in my own seductive french accent that "it was a pleasure meeting you (her name)" and to enjoy her time in Australia, she giggled and told me
it was very cute, i asked if she had ever been to a strip club and told me it was a guy one, so i asked in the french accent very slowly "did it... turn... you... on?",
she said the guys bodies were hot but it was more of a laugh with the girls/fun. So I tried to create that for fun/laugh frame and suggested for her to keep
my mates sister company so she could enjoy it with another girl and not just guys...... "may-be".

Personally I take "may-be" as an im to shy to say yes, so by my definition It was on. We talked about it more then the sister came over and told me we were going,
we both got up and I said in the french accent "coming?" holding my hand out.... "yes ok" she said while giggling and took my hand.

We chatted on the walk to club, we arrived at the front and got in the doors first, but one of my friends was too drunk and the bouncer wouldnt let him in, the sister
said that she will take him back to the hotel with my other mates and they'll be back in a few minutes, it was just me and the swiss babe.

I held out my hand again, using the french accent an said "I will keep you safe" she giggled again took my hand and we went upstairs. I knew my friends would be back
soon, so I decided I had to build a sexual connection fast... luckly for me we were in the most sexual place you probally could be so it was just MOVE FAST ! my idea
was to show that im more interested in a clothed her than a stunning naked stripper.

We sat on a two seat lounge infront of a small stage with two poles. There was a sexy asian dancing on stage so i got out the money called her over, the stripper
started dancing on me and i said no,pointed to the cute swiss chick and said "her". She giggled and started enjoying the dance. At this point in time there is a
sexy fully naked asian stripper dancing on the cute swiss chick and she was totally loving it. This was the time, i placed my hand under her chin, turned her head
and started kissing her on the lips while the stripper was doing her thing, i pulled away then quickly kissed her on the lips again slowly then I full on
french kissed her (haha).

The dance ended and the stripper kissed us both on the cheeck then i told her to kiss the swiss chick on the lips and she did :). My friends
arrived and saw us kissing/cuddling on the lounge, the girls started talking and I told my mate what i done and he gave me a high five and said "that was pimp".

I felt pretty damn awsome at this point in time, anyway later on she was sitting on my lap in a chair and started moaning (sexually) when other strippers were
dancing on the main stage infront of us, i made fun of her for it, then she kissed me, i said in the french accent "I can make you moan louder" she then fell back
into my chest smiled and we kissed some more.

We went back to the hotel and as a friend of mine says "shared our bodies" hahahaha.

I'll admit a strip club is a risky move, girls are very self conscience and other naked attractive women dont make them feel the centre of your attention. If you can
overcome a womens insecurities in these places i've found they start feeling very sexual {kino is gold here} (i noticed this in my mates sister and the swiss babe)
and the skys the limit. Going to Strip clubs would be subjective to the girl, some might enjoy it, others wont.

Kino like always was essential, i was massaging her arms, softly scratching the inside of her leg, rubbing her lower back and giving soft kisses on her neck. This
probally contributed to the moaning when the strippers were dancing and lead to sex.

Its not often i've heard of this scenario thats why i posted it, any comments, opinons (negative or positive) or similar stories would be nice to hear.

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