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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:30 am 
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Technically I met this girl through my bands social circle, which makes her a groupie. It’s funny that I actually get more groupies through my job as a seduction coach than I ever have playing in bands for the last 5 years.

I was standing at the bar at one of my gigs, waiting for the other band to get off stage, and a cute girl walked in, looking a bit lost. She stood around awkwardly, trying to find her friends in vain.

Eventually her friends rocked up and it turned out she was a friend of my guitarist’s girlfriend. We got introduced later, and she seemed a bit shy. I didn’t say much to her but she caught me checking her out a fair few times. In the past I would have felt ashamed of this and tried to hide the fact, but now I know when a woman is appreciating my attention, and I could tell this girl was flattered that I was openly expressing my interest. She later told me that she noticed me checking her out openly and it stuck in her mind.

At our next gig, I saw her leaning against the bar and stood next to her.



‘I’m liam’

‘Hi Liam. What’s up?’

‘I’m a virgin’


‘Well… are you?’

‘What?! Do you always talk about weird stuff like this?’

‘Since when is sex weird? What would you prefer to talk about. ‘sooooo…what do you do….oh cool…what are you studying…oh cool…’ that shits boring’

‘Yeah I suppose you’re right…’

‘I'm not really a virgin. I took someone’s anal virginity the other night…’

‘You’re crazy!’

‘No I’m not…I wore a condom…’

She was a bit taken aback by my forwardness, but that was part of my intention.

I’ve grown up with ideas like ‘women don’t like sex, they do it in exchange for emotions, they only do it after 3 months with a guy they’re in love with, sex is hard to get, if you get laid you’re getting lucky’ being reinforced all the time. In reaction to this, I find any scenario involving the opposite of that, (easy sex, a girl pursuing sex, a girl being desperately horny) extremely stimulating.

I get so turned on when a girl asks me for sex, or takes active steps towards sex. So in a large way, a lot of my game is structured around that. I want to create scenarios that play into that fantasy. That is why I love rapid escalation: it flies in the face of everything I’ve ever thought I knew about sex, about how long it takes, about how hard it is to obtain, about how much of a battle it is. When I fuck a girl soon after meeting her, or a girl makes it really obvious that she just wants sex (just like me!) it just reinforces all these positive mindsets: girls are just as obsessed with sex as men, they think about it all the time, it just takes the ability to allow them to open up that part of their psyche to bring that out in them.

So with that all in mind, a lot of my game is really just me screening for girls who are on that same page: girls who just want easy, no strings attached sex, who are sexually experienced, and who are relaxed about it. It’s about letting them know what kind of guy I am in an honest and respectful way, and letting them make their move once they have that information.

So back to the bar, when I am talking to her and saying so much sexually aggressive stuff, it’s my way of finding out if we’re compatible. The kind of girl I'm looking for wouldn’t bat an eyelid to a mention of sex, and would vibe on the energy and flirt.

This girl is clearly engaged and fascinated by what I'm saying, and this is enough for me to work with. She hasn’t slapped me or walked away yet (which surprisingly has happened only ONCE in the last 3 years and I had it coming) If I'm not gonna seduce her, I will at least get a kick out of having a naughty conversation.

My guitarist girlfriend pulled her aside for a bit and had a quick word to her and then she came back.

I said ‘so was she warning you not to talk to the sleazy bass player?’

‘no, she told me it’s time to go coz our lift is leaving. Nice to meet you!’

With that last comment, made it clear that I knew what I was saying was strange, which stops her thinking I'm just a sexual maniac with no social intuition.
Later, I told my guitarist that I thought she was cute, knowing it would get back to her.

I got a text two days later from my guitarist girlfriend saying ‘Hey Liam. It seems I should endorse you freaking out my friends, Christie said you can have her number. 04XXXxxxx.’

The following text exchange took place:

So after she wrote ‘my apologies Liam’ I left the ball in her court. Note the dates, after that text there was a few months break. I wasn’t interested in chasing her if she wasn’t going to meet me halfway and be as slutty as I was. We chatted once or twice on facebook for a short time but I basically forgot about her.

Two months later, she called me. I answered the phone a bit annoyed, partly because I thought it was going to be a prank phone call from her, my guitarist and all their friends.

‘what?’ I grumbled.


‘yeah, what? you called me.’

‘oh. I accidently called you. I just meant to text you. Did you get my text?’

‘no… hold on.’

I put her on hold and read her text. It said ‘Hey Liam, what are you doing tomorrow night?’

I said ‘ok, I just read your text. so why do you want to know what I'm doing?’

‘uhh…just wondering’ She pauses.

‘Really? That’s all? You just want to find out because your curious…’

‘ummm….’. She’s clearly under a lot of pressure so I let her off easy. My tone changed from grumpy to seductive, and once I realized she was clearly asking for sex I got horny instantly.

‘Anyway, what are YOU doing tomorrow night?’


‘Cool. Are you going to invite me over to your house?’

‘Why don’t you invite me to your house?’

‘ok. Hey, want to come to my house tomorrow night?’


‘Ok. What time?’

‘8 is good.’

‘Cool, I’ll text you my address.’

‘Ok. See you tomorrow. Bye!’

And that was that. We both knew what she was coming over for. I had the most intense erection throughout the phone call. Even though she didn’t say anything directly sexual, the fact that she was so forward and obvious about booty calling me was a massive turn on.

She came over the next night, I was touching her as soon as she got in the door. I buried my face in her cleavage and she moaned. Her skin was so soft and warm and it felt great.

We went to the bedroom for a long fucking session. She was so tight I thought she might be a virgin (she wasn’t), and the way she was moaning made me think she hadn’t been fucked in a long time. After the first time I gave her some blowjob lessons, showing her how to put her ass in the air for a better visual, and encouraging her to give me sex eyes with my cock in her mouth.

After fucking her for the second time, slowly in doggystyle, giving her deep thrusts while watching her ass shake with pleasure, and her letting out a long, high pitched orgasm, we lay together chatting. I asked her what had inspired her to suddenly contact me after 2 months. She avoided the question for a while, but eventually explained that she was just coming out of a relationship when we met and wasn’t ready 2 months ago. But on the weekend just past, she had been really drunk at a party and had kissed a guy and got his number.

They spoke on the phone the next day and he told her he was looking for a relationship and wasn’t interested in anything casual.

After she told me this I said ‘so I guess I have him to thank for our sex.’


‘He made you think ‘well if you’re not interested in casual sex then I know someone who is! I know a REALLY slutty guy called Liam…I can just call him and get some casual sex!’

And that’s what she did.

I told her that this would be a once off thing. I’ve recently been seeing a girl I really click with, and talking to her on the phone for hours, so I’m not really looking to fill up my timetable with a bunch of other girls for casual sex.

I’m so glad that I made it really clear to her while we were there together that this would be the last time. It’s so much clearer and less painful than an awkward text in 3 days, or just flat our ignoring her, or any of the other ways that I’ve heard guys use to end things with a casual girl.

She seemed to be fascinated by my quirks. She was watching me eat a post sex chocolate bar, and then intently watching me get dressed. I said ‘why are you watching me’ and she said ‘is that a problem?’ and I said ‘no, I like it. It makes me feel like Donnie Darko.’

As we came to the door for her to leave, I held her and I said ‘Go forth and continue to slutiffy…or whatever it was that gave me such a raging boner yesterday’.

‘You’re so weird…’ she said, with a mixture of fascination, confusion, and a hint of pity as she walked out the door.

I like this. I like being a weird guy who still gets results, it makes me feel like a maverick. (I know it's a little bit 'Howard Moon' from the Mighty Boosh but that just makes it even funnier in my mind.) I haven’t had to put on a fake personality to get results, I’ve just had to adapt my game so that I’m the same guy, only sexier. I'm inspired by Jim Morrison: he was a very strange person, but to a degree it was all very deliberate. All of his wackiness was a conscious intellectual decision; it was like he saw his whole existence as a social experiment. I highly recommend reading his autobiography.


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:03 am 
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A man shouldn't be ashamed of his desire for women, and I think women love it when he doesn't apologize for it.

"Are you staring at my tits!?!?!?"
"Fuck yeah"

If it doesn't repel her, then it'z probably attracting her.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:45 am 
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but if u had invited her over and made plans with her before 2 months, u still could ve had her in the sack rite?

I mean the 2 months gap was it really necessary? she is just using the "just got out of a relationship" to logically rationalise herself.. am just wondering..

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:34 am 
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but if u had invited her over and made plans with her before 2 months, u still could ve had her in the sack rite?

I mean the 2 months gap was it really necessary? she is just using the "just got out of a relationship" to logically rationalise herself.. am just wondering..
maybe, but i guess the gap just reflects my own abundance and non-attachement. i was seeing other girls at the time and didn't really have a drive to follow it up, i just left the ball in her court.

i also could sense that she was interested but a little un-sure, i could sense that she might put up resistance or back out at the last minute and i wasn't interested in that.
i didn't really have the time, energy or desire to actively bring her past those mental blocks. it was either going to be a booty call, or nothing, so i invited her over, she said another time, and i just kind of forgot about her until she re-contacted.

i'm glad i left it because she was obviously in a much better headspace when we did fuck.


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