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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:21 am 
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The painful backstory from Friday, April 14, 2017 that was constantly playing in my mind all week long

All week long, i was pissed off and down on myself, about that failed pull with this HB7.6 Brunette Chick from Friday night (April 14, 2017). I did everything right with this chick, all the way up to the point when it was time to pull. All i had to do was jump in the Uber with her and i didn't. Standing there..holding onto the open back passenger door of the Uber..rationalizing over & over again in my head "Where are they going? How do i get back home? I decided to close the back passenger door and go home alone. I could've went with them because i had a bus pass, and i had the money to get an Uber back home the next day, if i needed to. I just pussied out. Point Blank And Period! The AFC inside of me took over. The black guy who was trying to fuck her HB8.4 brunette friend, just jumped in with her..even when my girl (HB7.6 Brunette Chick) told the Uber driver that he wasn't coming with us. He probably had the same concerns as i did, since he just met these 2 girls that night at that bar same as i have. But he still hopped in..He just didn't give a fuck..so why didn't i? It's not like i didn't know what to do, BECAUSE I DID!!!!! And it didn't require any game either..only a split decision.

The decision that i made to not hop into the Uber with them, made absolutely no sense. As a result, i went home alone that night, and pussy-less. The very next day..HB7.6 Brunette Chick (my girl) texted me that she ended up eating pizza alone at her friend's house..while her friend (HB8.4 brunette) was getting fucked by that random black dude (the guy who hopped into the Uber with them the night before) in her room. Had i hopped in the Uber, i would've had a guaranteed lay with HB7.6 Brunette Chick. My heart tore open even more than what it already was at that point. Now it wasn't because she was the hottest chick, but i missed out on an easy lay. I pulled a "Choke Job" when it came time to close the deal, plain and simple. What comes to mind is when the Atlanta Falcons had a 28 to 3 lead in the 3 quarter of the Superbowl, over the New England Patriots. And the Atlanta Falcons pulled a "Choke Job" to give the win over to the New England Patriots 28 to 34. I learned 2 valuable lessons from that night (2 epiphanies, if you will) - the "Bad News" and the "Good News" about myself. As hard as it was to admit it to myself..i had to face the truth about myself.

"The Bad News About My Game" - I don't close when the window of opportunity for me to close presents itself to me.

"The Good News About My Game" - Although i choked at the very end, and i decided to not make that final crucial decision..my game is good enough to get me all the way to the end. So now that i know that my game is good enough to get me all the way to the end..it always has been..but it's funny because for the 3 whole years that i've been in pickup, i never truly thought that my game was ever really good enough. I just thought this whole time that the lays that i've been able to rack up, has just been because "i was feeling it that day", or it was because "i found the right girl at the right time, and stumbled upon the right routine, that for whatever reason..it worked on her". Im serious! I literally thought this. Unbeknownst to me..my game was always good enough to get me all the way to the end, all i needed to do was just go for the pull & fuck the girl. So from now on..I'M JUST GOING FOR THE PULL & FUCK CLOSE

LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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 Post subject: Re: 2 Lays, In 2 Days
PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:27 am 
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Day#1: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It's around 4:10pm or so, i had to go run errands..to the bank (located on the Northside of town), and to get some printouts at the print shop (located Downtown). By the way..i'm looking pretty bummy. I'm wearing a stained, dirty, worn-out shirt..and shoes with holes in them. I do this purposely to work on my inner-game (that explanation is in my response in this thread beliefs-and-confidence-building-self-es ... 02495.html). I was feeling awkward and anxious the entire time, but i still did what i had to do.

At Downtown

After i finished running my last errand downtown..i made several approaches. 2 of the girls i did the "London Stop" on. That is when you run around and stop in front of the girl to get her to stop. I've been working on those kind of stops lately since they give me the most anxiety. Mainly because i'm afraid of the girls freaking out and onlookers judging what i'm doing. Those girls did stop, which was good, but one of the girls just went around me and kept walking. I walked with her a little bit more. The other one waited there until some guy (her date probably) came to meet her. Both girls were solid 8s. The first girl was a blonde chick in her late 20s, and the other girl was a curvy asian chick in her mid 20s. There were other chicks that i approached, by just casually walking up to them from the side..or while they were stationary (standing in one place). With all things considered..all those sets went better than i thought they would, but i didn't get any closes. I guess my appearance..and my anxiety seeping through me a bit, aided in the girls' decision to reject me.

I thought i wrap it up and make my way out of downtown, when i see this slender hot HB8.4 punk black chick, at the corner across the street from the starbucks that i was walking pass. I was like Gotdam! I have to approach her. I cross the street and post up against the wall near her, and act like i'm texting on my phone. I didn't approach her directly, so i guess you can call it an indirect approach. I noticed that she looked at me for a sec. I think she asks me...

HB8.4 PBC: "Excuse me, do you think you can help me out?"

Me: "What do you need?"

HB8.4 PBC: "Just a few more dollars, i'm a little short"

Me: "I might be able to help you out. What do you need it for?"

HB8.4 PBC: "I just got here from the Greyhound Bus Station, and i don't have enough money to get back home"

While she's telling me all of this, i'm listening very carefully to the details of her logistics to see if i can take her on an insta-date

Me: "So what brought you here?"

HB8.4 PBC: "I came here just to see Pittsburgh and look around"

Bingo! This tells me that she has free time, with nowhere to really be right now. Her logistics are working very much in my favor right now

Me: "I was just finishing running errands, but do you want to take a walk with me for a bit, while we talk? Would that be cool?"

HB8.4 PBC: "Yeah sure, that would be cool"

So now we're walking together, and now we are on an insta-date. We walk pass a couple of dudes across the street from where me & HB8.4 punk black chick were initially standing, who were posted up in front of the 7-Eleven. I caught a little bit of their conversation. One of them said "He's just too smooth man". I guess they were watching me pick this chick up, (whom of which, they were probably checking her out as well) right before their very eyes. Sorry guys. :( LOl We're talking as we walk. We find out that we're both from Maryland. I tell her that i don't live too far from where we were walking, and i want to make a quick stop at my apartment to change my clothes (because i was looking bummy remember). She was concerned about me pulling her back to my apartment because she had some bad experiences with creepy dudes trying to fuck her..every since she got to Pittsburgh. I told her that she could trust a fellow Marylander. She agreed, because she said that, why would a Marylander harm another fellow Marylander? I also agreed to what she said. She asks me..

HB8.4 PBC: "Do you live far?"

Me: "No. I'm just a block away"

I was building comfort with her during this period..in the pull from downtown to my apartment. She tells me that she has to go to a dinner at some church downtown at around 6:30pm. At that point..i knew that this lay was most likely not going to happen right now. So i knew that i was probably in for the long hall with this chick. I didn't really want to go with her to the church, but i knew that if i did not go to the church with her, and just settled for her number to see her later on..i probably would not see her again. Thus blow another lay opportunity, like i did last Friday night (April 14, 2017). And i wasn't about to let that shit happen yet again. So i was dedicated to stick it out with this chick to the very end, until i end up with my dick inside of her pussy. Whatever it takes! It was around 5:50pm now. I tell her no problem, we'll make it there in time.

In My Apartment

My place is a bit of a mess but she doesn't mind. I tell her to sit on my bed, and relax and make herself at home (establishing more comfort with her). She kinda does, while she is on the phone with her dad from Maryland. We don't stay too long, only long enough for me to get into the clothes that i'm comfortable wearing. She leaves some of her clothes at my apartment, which is a good sign because that lets me know that she plans on coming back to my place after we get back later on tonight. 

Dinner At The Cathedral (Medieval Church)

From my apartment..we head to downtown, to the dinner at the church. But first, i tell her to come with me to the gas station so i can get me an Arizona Green Tea (For hydration. I just got used to that routine of buying Arizona Green Teas to hydrate me while i'm on long sarges). We leave the gas station and head to the dinner at the church. The church was actually this huge medieval cathedral. There were people there volunteering, cooking and serving meals to the people there. The food and the dessert was free. There was a couple of guys that she had met there before she met me that day. I viewed them as AMOGs initially, because that is what i'm used to dealing with every time i go out to game. But that wasn't the vibe here. Everyone was cool, even the dudes that she was talking to. One of the dudes at our table was a guy in his 50s, and i found out that he was HB8.4 punk black chick's connect for drugs. The girl was fine, but she was a bonafide addict. Drug deals going down under the roof of a church..the irony. We probably spend over an hour here. While i'm here with her (Were sitting at the end of a long table across from each other, there are other people sitting at the table with us as well. And there are plenty of other tables in the room. They are all filled with people sitting at them)..i'm self-amusing, cracking jokes, and kinda roll-off of her - meaning that i'm still talking to her here and there, but i'm also talking to other people and i'm letting her do her own thing (i'm demonstrating non-neediness). After the dinner..we head out to get her drugs across the street. I'm not getting anything. I'm just going to be there for her.

Drug Deal Gone Wrong, Across the Street From The Church

This is the shadiest part of this day. Me and HB8.4 punk black chick leave the church and head across the street where we wait for her connect (the 50 year old guy). It was around 7:45pm now, and it's still light out. She needs to get her drugs (heroin), so she won't go into withdrawals later on tonight. Let it be noted that for the entire duration of us waiting to get her drugs..i was using more mild kino on her. I'm putting my arm around her, and kissing her on the cheek from time to time. She didn't resist them, but she did turn her head when i tried to kiss her on the lips..so that's why i settled for the kiss on the cheek (a lesser compliance). We wait for which seems to be about 15 minutes, and she decides to go back into the church to find her connect and tells me to wait there. I was reluctant to wait for her, because i'm my experience waiting for chicks to come back..they typically never do. They usually leave me hanging high and dry in these type of situations. I suggested going back into the church with her, but she sweared that she would come back. So i waited. 10 minutes later she came out and came back to me.

We saw a guy that we thought was the guy who had the drugs, but this dude was acting like he was suspicious of us and walked away.The 50 year old guy comes around the corner from where he was posted at (where all these other dealers, fiends, homeless guys, and shady characters are), and tells us that the dude with the drugs should be coming around the block shortly. It turns out to be some young kid and this other shady kid (who was pacing the streets back and forth, around us earlier) that was going to get the drugs for her from their guy. I end up giving HB8.4 punk black chick $40.00 combined with her $10.00, to get whatever amount that we could get for $50.00. The 2 drug dealers left us to get the drugs from their guy. I held one of the 2 dudes' phone for collateral. We waited at the block on the sidewalk, along the sides of these row of buildings where other people were waiting for their buses at. We waited for these 2 dudes to get back with her drugs, for what seemed to be forever. 2 hours passed, and we still haven't seen them. It's dark out now (about 10:00pm). HB8.4 punk black chick wanted us to go across the street to sit down on the steps of the church, because she was tired of standing. I sit down next to her and get really close, and i wrap my right arm around her (more kino & comfort spiking). After about 10:15pm, i decided to leave because it was obvious that those 2 fuck boys, took our money and used it to get the drugs for themselves. Plus..less and less people were around waiting for their buses. There were cops driving around the block that we have been standing on for hours. That's not a good look, we were taking a huge risk. The things that us guys will do for pussy. Lol 

Getting Back Home

It was time for us to get the hell out of there, and head back home. I suggest that we walk back to my apartment, but she would rather catch a bus back home because she was tired. I wasn't sure which bus would take us back to my apartment from where we were, or where the bus stop even was. But i knew that i had to lead the frame here. I realized that i do have the Google Maps app on my phone. All i had to do was use the address of the location of where we were (Google Maps does this automatically) and use my home address as the destination, and get the directions. I selected the transit icon and there the bus number was. It said that the bus stop was located at such & such building. I asked the construction worker who was working on the street in front of us, where that building was. He pointed at it (which was just across the street from us). I cross the street to that building and HB8.4 punk black chick follows. The bus stop was right there at the corner of that building. A guy waiting for the bus number that i suspected that we should catch, confirmed it for us that it does go through the street near my apartment. While we wait for the bus, HB8.4 punk black chick gets a call from her connect (it turns out that he was looking out for us the entire time). She tells me that her connect says that he overheard the 2 drug dealers' plans was to lure her back to some place, with the promise of giving her her drugs. But gang rape her instead. When they saw me with her..they just decided to take our money and get the drugs for themselves..Assholes! She keeps apologizing to me that she's sorry that i lost my $40 bucks. I told her that i didn't really care. You can replace money, but we can't replace our lives. The bus arrives in about 15 minutes. On the bus she finds a 2-seater. Again, i sit right next to her and wrap my arm around her (kino & comfort). We get off at the stop just across the street from my apartment. 

The Remainder Of The Night - In My Bedroom

By the time we're back in my apartment, it's like 11:00pm. She lays down, and starts feeling bad (her opiate withdrawal begins). For most of the night..she's in pain and feels sick. I felt bad for her that she was in that much pain, but i also wanted to get it in. I didn't do all that shit that i did the whole day with her to just come up empty. I'm trying the fuck! But..i'm also not a rapist. Lol So i suggest that massages throughout the entire night would help her to feel much better. And it did. Not much better, but just good enough to where she didn't feel like she needed to go to the hospital that night. She was really sore all over her body really, but primarily in her upper & lower back & shoulders. So i did this for her, periodically off and on throughout the entire night for several hours. It gives me the perfect excuse to massage all areas of her body. When i attempted to massage her pussy area the first time, she refused and said "Not right now..i'm trying to sleep" and moved my hand away. So in these down-time moments..i'm watching tv, laying down, and looking at some pickup videos on youtube (Not for learning purposes, but actually for entertainment. I love watching pickup videos!). Until she gets up again and tells me to massage her some more. This process was repeated until at one point when i massaged her body, and went for massaging her pussy area again (on top of her panties, she still has them on). I slip my fingers under her panties, into her pussy. She doesn't resist this time. So i decide that "here is my escalation window..it's time for me to go for it. It's now or never!" No more mr nice guy! I pull her panties all the way off and start licking her thighs and eating her pussy. No resistance! After some time of doing that..i put my dick near her face next to her mouth. She tells me that she doesn't really like giving head because she's not really good at it, but i tell her that i'm good with it and get her to suck my dick anyway. There was nothing really enthusiastic about it because she was still in pain. I end up fucking her. It wasn't easy and i had to do all the work. The sex was meh to decent at times, but i loved watching me hit that hot body missionary and doggystyle. The sex with HB8.4 punk black chick happened somewhere between 3:00am & 4:00am. This was probably the longest approach to lay experiences for me ever! (It Was Nearly A 10 Hour Pickup!!!!!), but whatever..mission accomplished!!!

LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:46 am 
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Day#2: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Earlier The Next Day

Yes, i actually made breakfast for me and HB8.4 punk black chick in the morning. But we also took a shower together too! :wink: I had to walk with her to the hospital, which was just up the street from my apartment. She was trying to scam the doctors, by getting her empty prescription bottle for her pills refilled. LOL Now the prescription was real, but i knew what it was actually for..while she was explaining her bogus story to the doctors. The whole time that i was in the patient room with her, hearing her explaining this to the doctor..i was like Tim Duncan..expressionless. lol Part of this was due to me being super tired. Her withdrawal bouts (+ the sex with her at the end of the night) kept me up all night. The doctors wasn't going for it though, and one of them suggested if she would be interested in drug rehab. Lol I'm sure these doctors seen and heard it all before. I told HB8.4 punk black chick that i needed to get a couple hours of sleep before i start work at noon (it was around 9:30am). I told her to call me or text me once she gets discharged. So i left, and went home to get a couple hours of sleep before work. She did text me a few hours later, and i got to talk to her over the phone. She told me that she didn't want to wake me when she left the hospital, and she decided to go out and about into the city. She was with her 50 year old connect..who was the cool one out of all of those shady characters from yesterday. She was planning on getting a little bit of cocaine from her connect to get her through the day. She also asked me if i could bring her bag of clothes to her soon, her bus was scheduled to leave at 10:30pm today. I was still working at the time, but planning on going to this bar (where i typically sarge at on Wednesdays) later on at 9:30pm. So i told her that i would bring it to her between 8:30pm and 9:00pm, and meet her at the Greyhound Bus Station then.

Later On That Night

So i brought HB8.4 punk black chick's bag of clothes to her, that she left at my apartment. I am inside of the Greyhound Bus Station now, and it's at around 9:00pm. I sit down beside her on the bench and talk with her briefly. We then say our goodbyes, hug and kiss each other. There were no making out or anything like that, just a peck on the lips. She added me on facebook before i left. It was around 9:20pm now. After walking across one of our infamous yellow bridges..i walk pass this small petite woman sitting at the edge of the bridge. She looked kinda cute, and seems to have a nice slim young woman body, with a little booty on her. So i walked back to approach her. Upon closer inspection, she looks alot older in the face, and I find out that she is a 45 year old brunette milf.

Me: "You look like somebody i know" (indirect opener)

She actually did remind me of a chick that i know. Lol

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Oh really? Was her name such and such? People always think that we are sisters"

I had no idea who that was that she was talking about. lol

Me: "No, i don't know her. LOL"

Me: "So what are you doing sitting here on this bridge?" (i'm screening her logistics right now)

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I'm just waiting for my bus, it should be coming at any moment now"

Me: "Where do you live?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I live in such and such town"

Me: "Okay cool..how old are you by the way?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I'm 45"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I'm sorry can i help you?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Why are you asking me all of these questions? Is there something that you want?" (She's Shit Testing Me)

Her body language and her words showed me that she was pretty skeptical and maybe a little annoyed by me, the entire time that i was talking to her. Making the vibe a little bit awkward. But she never really told me to fuck off and leave her alone. Signs of a "Maybe Girl". So i stick in, and plow through.

Me: "I don't want anything from you. I'm just making innocent conversation with you, that's all" (statement of empathy)

She was staring at me..not in an attraction for me type of way, but almost as if she was studying me.

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Are you high on drugs? Were you smoking weed before you came up to talk to me?" (Another Shit Test)

Me: "No i'm not high, why? Lol"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Because you look a little out of it"

Me: "Oh, i'm just tired. I had a long day, and i didn't really get any sleep last night. I just got back from my friend who is waiting at the Greyhound Bus Station for her bus to come" (i'm honestly addressing the story behind "the elephant in the room", that she called me out on..while being non-reactive)

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Ok. Where are you from?" (Now she's investing. Looks like i passed her shit tests. :) )

Me: "I'm from..blah blah blah"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "What are you doing tonight?" (She's Investing Now..Attraction Achieved!!!)

Me: "I'm probably gonna go to the bar and get a couple drinks"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Okay. Wait..was that just my bus?"

She get's up, starts walking fast and running a little bit, in the direction of the bus because it looks like her bus just passed. I run after her. These moments when the girl gets distracted and runs off, is when there is what i call "a chaotic or dismantled set". Most inexperienced newbies would eject from this type of set right here. But the set is not gone until the girl is gone out of your sight of vision (once you can no longer see her physical body anymore), or until you self-eject and you walk off. Do not leave the "chaotic or dismantled set" until the girl literally disappears from your sight of vision. If you can still physically see her..plow and go after her. Most guys would be too cool to do this (i can't stand this fucking disgusting "i'm too cool for that" egotistical mentality that i constantly see from guys when i'm out). This is exactly why you don't see any guys approaching girls during the daytime. But you have to ask yourself 1 simple question.."Do you want to get laid or not? If the answer is no, then by all means..don't plow, be a beta, and don't chase after the girl. Just turn your little beta ass around and walk off. But if the answer is yes..then chase after her. I don't give a shit if you think it's low value to chase after a girl. I don't know about you bro, but i'm trying to get some pussy tonight. It always comes down to "how bad do you want it?" Yes i got laid by a hotter girl the night before, but so what! Who fucking cares! If there is an opportunity for me to get laid by another decent looking chick tonight, then why not go for it? Fuck!

She stops because she's not fast enough to catch up to her bus. And she puts her hands on top of her head in frustration and disappointment.

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Uuugggghhhh! That was the last bus to get me home"

I finally catch up to her.

Me: "I'm sorry, it was my fault. I made you miss your bus didn't i?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "No..It's not your fault"

Me: "Let me make it up to you"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "How?"

Me: "Since another bus won't be coming..i'll buy you a drink to relieve your stress"

Me: "I'll make sure you get home..i got you" (solving her problem with another solution)

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Okay, where are we going?"

We start walking together. I'm leading.

Me: "To this bar right up the street, near my apartment"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Let's do it!"

In My Apartment

We actually pass the the bar that i was going to take her to. Lol The theory of "the bounce" is to bounce the girl to 1 or 2 locations before you bounce her back to your house. You don't always have to do that. If the girl doesn't ask, just proceed to pulling her back to your house. But it's preferable that you "seed that in her mind" that you may take her back to your house, before hand. That way..when she arrives at your house..she's not caught by surprise, and walks the fuck off. In my case..i "seeded in her mind" as we we're walking, that we're stopping at my apartment real quick to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes, before we head to the bar. I said it to her again, once we got inside my apartment and chilled in my room.

I change the channels to the Music Choice Channels (channels on cable tv that play non-stop music, no videos or commercials) as i usually do when i have a girl over. She asked me if i had aluminum foil, so she can turn it into a bowl for her weed. I told her "Yes, i have it." I gave her the aluminum foil. I ask her if she likes vodka. She said she liked something else (i think she says that she likes drinking whiskey)..but since vodka was all i had, she said she'll take it. I didn't smoke any of the weed, but we both took a couple..well..i took a couple of bottle cap shots of the vodka (not enough to get me drunk or even buzzed for that matter). She drank straight from the bottle a couple times. Damn! LOl

Now, is when i start escalating on her verbally & physically. I tell her how adorable and sexy that i think she is. She says "Thank you". I give her a couple of high-fives, a couple of hugs, and held her hand. She complied with all of it. I asked her if she thought i was cute (i'm forcing an ioi from her), she says that she thinks i'm very cute. I asked her if she ever did an Eskimo kiss before (this is my infamous kiss close routine). I think she said "Yes". We did the Eskimo kiss, so i went in for the real kiss, and we started making out. This woman is a far better kisser than girls alot younger and far more hotter than she is. She is 45 years old after all. That's alot of sexual experience under her belt. I even put her on top of my lap. I then toss her little ass in the bed and i tell her..

Me: "My dick is so hard right now"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Really? Nah..uhh!" (she really couldn't tell because my jeans are baggy, and my shirt was covering my boner)

Me: "You don't believe me?"

I grab her hand and place it on my boner. She's staring at my boner while she's grabbing it and massaging it through my jeans, and she says...

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "Damn baby, you really are hard. Mmmmmm..."

Me: "It's pretty big too, do you wanna see it?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I do"

I pull down my pants and expose my penis. She proceeds to give me the most spine tingling, toes curling, eyes rolling to the back of my head, blow job that i've ever had..EVER!!! I'm not kidding! I nearly exploded in the girl's mouth at one point. I tried to stop her once, because i wanted to save it for the pussy fucking. She pushes me back down to the bed and says...

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "No. No sex right now. Just let me give you head"

She proceeds to give me a few more minutes of her brilliant knowledge. And she deep throats too guys. She lit up sensation points in my dick that really haven't been lit up by any other girls in recent memory that also gave me head.

I get her to stop. She was upset that i didn't bust in her mouth. She actually took offense to me not cumming, as no other guy before me could withstand from cumming from her blowjobs. She actually has no idea just how good it was though. LOL

I try to fuck her, and what do you know..LMR comes up

Me: "What's the problem?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I can't have sex with you"

Me: "Why not?"

HB7.3 45YOBMilf: "I can't, because i have a man that i've been with for years. And i love him too much to have sex with another man behind his back"

Hello...you just gave me world class, gold medal head just now woman! And now all of a sudden you have a man that you love too much to fuck me????? That's female logic for ya :roll: - go figure. Well, i solved this problem with a "false time constraint"

Me: "Don't worry it's going to be short"

Me: "I'm only going to put it in for 2 quick minutes"

Me: "It won't be long, it'll feel real good though. You'll enjoy it, i promise"

She told me to go easy and gently on her because she had a few surgeries done to her back, metal stints or whatever. Some crazy shit bro. She was even insecure about her pregnancy scars. But truth be told..she had a far better body on her than she gave herself credit for. She had a booty on her for her size (she was probably 5' 1" and petite, with very little fat on her body. She had some wrinkles in her face, but was still kinda cute for her age. She also had long black hair, which is what i like. Our clothes could not come off fast enough. She's laying on her side, i'm laying on my side behind her, fucking the shit out of her pussy from behind. I tried missionary and reverse cowgirl, but that was hurting her body in those positions. The last position was doggystyle. I was beating it up so ferociously, that you can hear the loud repetitive smacking of her ass against my crotch area. Thank goodness that my roommates just moved out 2 months ago. If they were asleep..that sound definitely would've woke them right up from their sleep. Hehe :twisted: . She took the D well! She's a pro. Needless to say i released a huge load as i jacked it off while she was licking my balls. She wipes the cum off of her mouth with her hand, and we put our clothes back on.

I guess the sex was good for her because she just kept talking and talking and talking, going on and on about her life story while i was trying to call an Uber for her to get back home. It's not even that she was annoying me, but this was only the 3rd time that i used the Uber app, so i was trying to concentrate. I also didn't want to over pay, since the rates go up and down every single minute. I was just pretending to listen to her to be nice. The Uber guy is outside waiting for her, and i walk with her down the stairs. I see one of my apartment building neighbors at the bottom of the staircase. He looks at me and then her, and then goes back to his room. I know that he has never seen this girl with me before. So i think he has an idea what just took place between me and her. LOl

I kiss and hug her goodbye and she takes off in the Uber. The ride costed me like 30 something dollars, but i don't mind because i am the one who made her miss her bus after all. And she was a really good lay. The lay that i just had with HB7.3, 45 year old brunette milf, was much better than the lay with the HB8.4 punk black chick, the night before. This lay with HB7.3, 45 year old brunette milf, from approach..to..lay, took about 45 minutes total.

Even though i met both of these girls in the evening..i met them both in Daygame type of scenarios (girl #1 on the street, and girl #2 at the bus stop).

I Go For The Hat Trick At My Local Bar!!! (The Lay Trifecta)

Back inside my apartment..i had a brain-melting moment. Since i'm alone now, with no girls around me anymore..the realization of what just happened was finally starting to kick in, and it finally hit me! I was asking myself like.."Wait..did i just fuck 2 random girls 1 after the other, 2 days in a row? WTF!!! Did that just happen? I was on cloud 9 bro. I've never done that before. I was on such a high, that i had the bright idea to go for the trifecta (Hat Trick!!!). So i went to my local bar around the corner. Some chick that i approached at another local bar, on another occasion sarging solo..was sitting near to where i was standing at the bar, waiting for the bartender (a male bartender) to hand me a beer. She saw me and immediately recognized me, but i didn't recognize her. LOl Her boyfriend (this guy is a fucking douchebag. His jokes weren't funny and he was a dumb asshole) was there sitting next to her, very closely. Both of them whom..were frolicking with each other openly at this bar. Don't care. Her friend was there, who was my actual target. She was a brunette who was like an HB8.4. The kind of game that i was deploying on her, would normally be dismissed by a girl such as this one. But today..it got the girl highly intrigued..especially when i told her that my week was crazy and random. She gave me a skeptical look, and asked me "What kind of random?". I never told her what i was talking about specifically, but from her facial expression and body language..i can see that she could sense what i was talking about, without me giving her any clues or details. I said this before..girls can sense abundance on a guy like an odor. But in this case..it's an odor that they're attracted to like a magnet. So maybe that's what made her curious as to why i was exuding this odor of abundance . She was 35 years old, real cute, very sassy, sarcastic, and socially savvy. I normally wouldn't be able to hold the attention of this kind of chick for the entire night. But i did tonight. In the end..i just got a number close from her. When i got back in my apartment..i realized that her number was missing a digit. So she didn't even give me a full number. LOl Anyway..no trifecta. Back to reality. lol


- Look how monumentally i fucked up the possible lay with the HB7.6 Brunette Chick from the previous Friday. And what did i do the following week?..I got 2 lays, from 2 random girls, 2 days in a row. So i more than made up for my previous epic fail 4 days later.

- Guys usually want to give up the game when things get really hard for them (in terms of lack of results in the field) or when they fail epically..just like i did. But don't give up guys. You have my story here as inspiration. Go through the pain..Be patient..And allow yourself to let the pain from your failure marinate inside of you..so that you can explode with brilliance the next time!!! Learn from your mistakes, and correct them the next time you enter into a similar situation..just like i did. :wink:

Happy Hunting Guys, Cheers!


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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