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Started the Night in Manhattan, ended in My Bedroom
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Author:  Davai [ Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Started the Night in Manhattan, ended in My Bedroom

Hey guys, this is a report from my last pull. It was a real blast, the whole night was so much fun which is how I think pickup ought to be. Here we go.

Tonight everything went according to plan. The plan, as laid out in yesterday's (insanely long) field report was to go to go out and:

"Kick some ass and pull"

The night started in roundabout fashion. My wingman got denied by the club at 11:13. When I saw him I instantly knew why. He's wearing frumpy, shitty, Wal-Mart looking jeans that don't fit well and a pair of Air Jordans. I had anticipated that he might try to dress like this and had warned him earlier to dress well. I wasn't really pissed that he didn't listen as I accept full responsibility for everything. However, I was thinking that until he gets his shit together and brings his A game, there's no reason to be his parent and continue going out with him. I've proven again and again that I can kick ass solo.

So we go to a local speakeasy style bar. The front four-fifths is all fucking dudes. It's like we're in the locker room of a YMCA. In the back we find some chicks sitting at a table. Open them and talk for a minute. I make a joke about strangling people to death with my headphones but it's a bit too much. We leave before they tell us to leave.

Wingman opens the next set. Turns out they're from Australia. My girl is cute so it takes me about ten minutes to realize that she has a personality that's blander than the sponge I use to wash my dishes. Stay in set because my wingman's girl is mad cool and he seems to like talking to her. If I was solo I would have ditched as soon as I found out my girl sucks, but I stayed in. Built up some good vibes and it was easy to move them to a different venue. In line things worked out perfectly. Two girls up front, me behind them, my wingman at the very back so by the time the door guy who looks like Skrillex say yes to the group, they're obliged to let him in even though he's dressed like a greeter at Target.

Upstairs I make a heroic effort and manage to stay with these Australian girls for ten minutes before I leave to "go to the bathroom" aka "open three sets in five minutes". None of the sets go all that awesome. No biggie, the club has plenty to offer. I say what's up to my pickup buddies. At this point it would be impossible to go to this club on a Friday or Saturday and not see people I know. The cocktail waitress gives me a hug. We've gone from smiling at each other to chatting to hugging.

Find my wingman. He tells me that he made out with his girl and I high five him. It's his first makeout! She was pretty cute and had a fabulous personality (by my standards). He walks off, I see a girl leaning against the wall on her phone. She's tall, she's skinny, she has nice boobs, she's attractive, she gets opened. We immediately click. She's happy and nice, grounded and confident. She's also well traveled and has an interesting life. I'm all of those things so we mesh well. She's also prettier than most girls I'm used to talking to and I actively keep myself acting cool. Conscious competence.

She gets a shot of Jameson, I compliment her on her choice of liquor and then lead her to this back window with an awesome view of Manhattan. I only exaggerate by the tiniest margin when I say that I've lead more girls to this exact spot in this exact club than I've led to every other place in Manhattan and Brooklyn combined. It takes a while, it takes me going for it three times, but I eventually get the kiss. Now we're making out and vibing well. I find her very attractive. I've never pulled a girl this cute before. My brain is throwing all sorts of shit at me. Mostly it's saying a girl this cute won't be pulled by you, mister man. I decide to see how far I can take it though. Always, always, always better to learn from failure than to let a set sizzle and die. I seed the idea of pizza, say I know an awesome spot. Surprisingly, after I bring it up a second time, she agrees.

Downstairs we get our coats. She hesitates for a second at the taxi but when I say it's ten minutes away she's down. Again, I'm vindicated by my choice to pay $1,400 for rent. I haven't counted but close to half a dozen pulls have happened in the last few months because of my good logistics.

Get to the pizza joint in Williamsburg. I mentioned in a previous report how I potentially fucked up a pull when I didn't know how to handle the girl's objection to getting the pizza to go and taking it back to my place. This time I'm on top of it. As our pizza is warming in the oven I say:

"I really need to pee. Let's just get this to go and we can eat it at my house and I can use the bathroom."

She's not an idiot, and realizing the magnitude of what I'm currently pulling off says:

"Oh wow. I see what you've done here.."

I pretend to have no idea what she's talking about. We get the pizza to go and start walking. Back at my place we throw the pizza on the kitchen table and start making out. She's cold. I suggest that I have a sweater in my bedroom that will fit her. Fin, very rewarding sex for both of us.


*One thing I did fucking amazing tonight was eye contact. This is so key! She couldn't figure out why she was so attracted to me. There were certainly things like the fact that I'm motherfucking awesome and the greatest human ever. But it was also definitely my awesome eye contact.

*Pickup is so damn rewarding. It's not just the sex, it's getting to meet an awesome girl like this one and really relate to her without being scared or stuck in your head. It's a fantastic feeling that I'm rapidly becoming addicted to.

*I rarely, rarely get LMR that I can't overcome. I wonder why that is? Maybe in this one little area of my life I'm a natural with girls. That's basically the idea of a natural right? Being good at something without really knowing why.

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