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PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:14 am 
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I finally made up my mind regarding what it is I want with women. I read loads of books, worked on myself to the point where I have all the info. I just didn't have the intent but now I do and it began for me last night.

I went out with a few friends and from the moment I left my place I was engaging in conversations with random people, especially women. When we arrived at the club, it was packed, we got our drinks and went to the smoking area. I noticed a hottie walking towards us and I caught eye contact with her. As she levelled with me:

Me - Don't tell me you're going to glare at me like that and not even say hi. So rude!
HB8 - Haha, what do you mean?
Me - Those puppy eyes you were trying to seduce me with.
HB8 - Haha, I didn't mean to.

Irrelevant chit chat bla bla bla.

HB8 - I gotta run but I'll see you later.
Me - Maybe. I mean, if you're lucky.

Saying that I was being playful and indifferent. Didn't think she was going to come back but I didn't care. After about 30 min I went to the bathroom. She came back looking for me, my mates blew her off. FUCKING DICKS. It was quite funny though as I think about it now. I knew this indifference mindset was gold. It worked.

In the next hour I opened around 6 sets. Got 4 numbers, made out with them and generally had fun.

As the night was passing by I opened another girl with that same line I used on HB8. She loved it, a little bit of talking and next thing we're on the dance floor and she grinding the shit out of my leg. Then we go for a drink (she got the round as I said I don't buy drinks for girls I've just met). My dickish friends find me and start doing their "funny" roasting of my girl.

Me - My friends are out of control. Let's call it a night and go back to yours.
HB Ciara - That sounds good to me.

We left, got some food on the way and then taxi to hers.

When we arrived at her place, we went up to her bedroom and things got steamy. Gave her a really good oral, she orgasmed. Bitch wouldn't return the favour so I just started fucking her. I wasn't very impressed with that but let it slide. She orgasmed while I was fucking her and as she was about to orgasm again she pushed me away. I took a step back and soon enough had her near orgasm again but the same shit happened. She wasn't that tight so I asked if everything was okay.

HB Ciara - Yes everything's okay I just need 5 min ( She rolls over. I was getting pissed off as I haven't finished yet)
Me - Turn around, I'm not done just yet.
HB Ciara - 5 min.
Me - I am going to sort myself out but it's going all on you.
HB Ciara - That'd be creepy!
Me - Turn around then! I'm going to fuck you.
She complies and orgasms again. Job done for me too. Went to sleep.

I wake up this morning and needless to say I wasn't impressed with her laziness. As I was getting dressed I noticed this new Harry Potter book beside her bed that I've really wanted to read but wasn't going to pay 25 euro for it. I ask her about it and 2 min later I am leaving her apartment with that book in my hand. So a poor lay and a free book, 4 numbers to text later. Not a bad night.
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I am going to use this thread as my journal. This is to motivate myself to get out there and talk to as many women as I can and fuck as many as I can.

 Post subject: Re: Lay journal.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:59 pm 
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good work

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