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Hey, guys, I haven't really been contributing that much to this forum, but I want to be there to help and learn where I can.

In this thread I'm going to post a selection of some of my LRs over the past few months from South Korea. I've learned a lot during this time, and it might be interesting to see the progression through them. Also, it will give you an idea of how weird Asian girls can be...

First, HB Pink

Post-Meet Up FR, HB Pink LR
« on: May 20, 2012, 03:33:55 PM »

I really wish this was a lay report I was sharing with you guys, but it's definitely the closest I have gotten to one yet. Some intro thoughts before I get into the sets: I think I am going to pick up a goal for when I go out. I know a lot of guys open a certain number of sets a day, but for me that's a little too intimidating at this point. Plus, I'm trying to focus on quality over quantity right now, trying to improve my in-set game (hooking, BT spikes, DHVs, you know, the whole deal) and I worry that going for a certain number will make me forget that aspect and just try and meet my daily number. For this reason I've decided to set the goal of at least one number close every time I go out.

It was really great going to the meet up and meeting a bunch of you guys. I look forward to the times we'll hang out together this summer. Here's my FR for after the meet up:

Sets Approached: at least 8
Number Closes: 1
Notable sets: 3

HB Stiff: Met this girl at Club Phantom. 2 set, the friend was dancing a bit and HB Stiff was, well, stiff. I was about to open them when this big guy tried to pull them back to his table so I stepped back. After he left I noticed them checking me out so I turned around and said hi. I made fun of HB Stiff for her lack of dance moves. Hooked them pretty quickly, and they were laughing a lot and seemed to be showing some IOIs (I thought). Found out HB Stiff lived in Chicago for 5 years for University. I teased her for living in the states for 5 years and only claiming to speak a little English. She warmed up really quickly to kino and seemed really comfortable. I asked if she had a boyfriend yet. She said yes. I asked if she had an American boyfriend yet and she laughed and said no. I shook her hand and said "Nice to meet you!" She thought that was really funny, but interest seemed to die off after that so I ejected. In hindsight I should have kept pushing since she was okay with kino and everything, and NorthernLights was telling me I should probably ask for numbers first and then deal with the boyfriend situation IF it comes up. Plus, as he stated, why is she at a sexy club like this without her boyfriend? Oh well, lessons learned.

HB Player: A 2 set came up and started dancing next to me at Circus. They kept looking at me and talking to each other so I opened them with "Why are you looking at me?" They laughed and we started talking. I thought I had seen NorthernLights and Draw talking to them earlier, and they were both not my style at all, but I figured I would practice a little anyway without trying to close. I tried out some qualifying on the slightly cuter one and it went well (apparently I got more out of her than Draw, but he got a number close, so tie game ). Eventually just bounced out of the set because I wasn't interested.

HB Pink: This was by far the most interesting and promising set. We got into Helios pretty late and as soon as we walked in I noticed a 2 set checking out our group. I went over to them and asked why they were looking at me. They said they wanted to dance and have fun, but I needed to bring my tall friend (Kal). I went back and grabbed him and we all exchanged introductions. Kal and the friend started dancing and HB Pink said she was really thirsty so we went to the bar and got some water. We danced for a little. She was playing me hard core, negging me, push-pull, and rejecting all my kino even though Kal and her friend were sex-dancing it up. She was rejecting all my game, but every time I mentioned leaving she would pout or physically pull me back. I wanted to set up the frame that she should be jumping through my hoops instead of the other way around, so when she made fun of my dancing I told her women don't tell me what to do. She apologized and I patted her on the head like a good little girl. She responded to that a little better but was still playing a lot of games, so I set up a jealousy plot line by going to say happy birthday to my friend (HB Tattoo). She seemed annoyed at first. When I came back she was in the bathroom with her friend. I talked to some of the other guys a little bit, but she came back and pulled me away. She was much more receptive to my game after that. She said she would not tell me where she was going to University, so I TBed her and made her promise to tell me next time while I number closed her. Noticed Kal and the friend smoking which made me really want to, so I pulled out a cigarette. She told me I shouldn't smoke and I shrugged my shoulder and asked why as I lit up. Then she just walked away.

I went outside and talked to NorthernLights some before he left. Then Kal called him trying to get to me. He told me to come back up because HB Pink wanted me. I went up and she reverse kino-ed me asking me why I left her. We started dancing more and she noticed it was bright out. I asked if she wanted to leave and go somewhere else and she agreed so she pulled her friend and Kal and we bounced to a noodle stand. Kino escalation went real quickly after this, and I found out a lot about her, like she lived in London for a year. She spoke English really well and had a really cute accent with a little bit of Korean and a little bit of British. We ate and she said she wanted to go sit in a cafe, so we all went to Nestle Cafe.

The girls went to the bathroom first so Kal and I talked game plan a little. He was going to try and bring her to a motel but didn't know any in the area, and I was going to try and home-bounce but wasn't quite sure how to get to that point. I went outside to call NorthernLights to ask about the motels and get some advice on the home-bounce. When I got back, HB Pink had her feet up on my chair, so I picked them up, sat down, and started giving her a foot massage which she was really into. We were there for maybe 45 minutes to an hour. I started to focus a lot more on eye-contact and building sexual tension. I seeded the guitar at my house and she seemed keen, but she was literally falling asleep on the table from time to time. She also started to throw in some innuendo here and there. I isolated her and brought her outside.

She asked what we will do next and I said let's go home. She said we should get a taxi and she would go to her house and then I could go to mine. I was going to say "Let's just go to my house," but I was afraid she would pass out as soon as we got there so I agreed. She said she was impressed that I was such a gentleman. In the cab kino was really good, she was holding my hand, resting on my shoulder, and I had my hand on her nice legs. She asked who was whiter (looking at my arm on her legs) we debated it for a minute, and I used it as an excuse to push a little higher, which she was really receptive to. BUT then we got to her house. She kissed me on the cheek and told me to call her and I said okay. She stayed on the sidewalk and waved until the cab was out of sight.

-First off, it was really great to meet a bunch of the lair guys. I met a bunch of cool guys who I could really see being good friends with and I look forward to hanging out with you all again.
-I need to not ask about boyfriends and go for number closes faster.
-I need to keep my house clean so I am more confident in the home-bounce. I think setting up a confident frame about it will be more persuasive.
-Had some fun testing out the theory of instadates and bouncing a lot to build the idea that we'd known each other a long time.
-I'm thinking about calling HB Pink and inviting her over today/tonight. Thoughts?
-Looking forward to reading Kal's lay report! Apparently the motel worked.

Re: Post-Meet Up FR, HB Pink
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2012, 01:48:23 PM »

Ladies and gentlemen (well, just gentlemen I guess), This just turned into Pheonix's First Lay Report!

I guess this could qualify as a SDL considering it happened within 24 hours. Anyway, I texted HB Pink yesterday afternoon after I woke up.

Phoenix: It was really great meeting you last night
Phoenix: What are you doing today?
HB Pink: hanging with sister and have dinner plan
Phoenix: Okay well I hope to see you again soon
HB Pink: when
HB Pink: im leaving for germamy this month
HB Pink: i have about ten days
Phoenix: Sometime this week? Or drinks after your dinner plans
HB Pink: drink where?
Phoenix: Hyehwa obviously haha

Anyway, had to do a little more convincing to get her to come out to my neighborhood, but she agreed if I picked her up and we went together. I figured it was a small price to pay for high potential rewards. I also seeded playing guitar for her. I had told her about the bar I play at, but luckily it's closed on Sundays, so she would have to come to my house to hear me.

I picked her up in her neighborhood and we got a cab over to mine. The Kino was really good. She was still wearing the same pink dress and said she hadn't slept much since we left. We talked about fashion and other countries we have travelled too. She kept talking about her ex and asking about mine (so many K Girls do this to me and it's pretty annoying). We got dinner at a spaghetti place, she bought a shirt from one of the many clothes markets in the area, and then we went to a really quiet bar in my area.

I love taking girls to that bar because they have a lot of cocktails with really sexual names and it's easy to bring up flirty sex talk and test their limits. She had no problems talking about sex, but said she didn't like oral sex because it was dirty. Oh well, I guess I got to wait even LONGER for a blow job... Anyway we left there and she said she wanted to hear me play so we went to my place.

She immediately made herself at home, started browsing my book collection and using my computer to look up shoes. I played her a couple songs and we talked about other music we like. She kept bringing up songs on youtube and cuddling with me while we listened to them. The last one she was straddling me. I went for the kiss, but she backed off. Then she went into my bathroom and asked if I had another toothbrush. I said I didn't, but there was a GS right around the corner so she asked me to go get one. When I came back, we bother brushed our teeth, then I turned on some music and we sat on my couch making out.

She said she was really tired, so I picked her up and put her on my bed where we made out some more. She seemed hesitant though. I asked her if she wanted a t-shirt and she did so I grabbed one from her closet. She made me turn around while she put it on. She kept her panties and bra on underneath. We did a lot more making out but she kept pushing my hand away any time I'd get to the good parts, so I did a few freeze outs and she would come back and want more. She said she was really hot (My A/C is broken right now), so I took off her shirt. Then I started getting more aggressive, a little hair pulling, biting, etc. She was really into it at first, but when I got her panties off she freaked out and said she had to call her friend. She went into the bathroom for a minute (I don't think she called anyone) and came back and laid back down. I tried to go again but she freaked and said she needed to leave.

So I lay there as she got dressed and got her things together. She asked me if I would walk her to the taxi and I said I would. The walk to the main road was totally quiet and awkward. Once we got there she asked if I had anything to say. I told her I was sorry for being so aggressive and I did like hanging out with her today. She said she felt I was just planning sleeping with her the whole time and that I thought she was easy because we met at Helios (a little true, but I denied it). She kept asking me what we should do and made it clear she didn't really want to go home. I told her it needed to be her decision, but if she came back I would let her sleep and not try anything unless she wanted to. She agreed and came back up with me.

The minute we got inside she stripped to bra and panties and laid in my bed. I lay next to her and she immediately took off my shirt and started rubbing all over my arms and chest saying how smooth my skin was. She was tentatively going lower, so I recalled LS's LRs and pulled the DMove. She went right for it. I started massaging her, got the bra off, and then she took off her panties. I tried to finger her, but she stopped me saying "No fingers." I said "No fingers, no mouth, do you want me to put a condom on?" She said yes and it was on.

I won't get to graphic for you, but I will say this: my last two girlfriends (The only girls I've slept with) were really inexperienced and I basically had to teach them how to have sex. It was really nice to be with someone who already knew

Afterwards we cuddled and talked for about an hour and then fell asleep. I woke up when the sun came up (I have really big windows in my room) and we went two more times before I had to go to work. I also tried not finishing in the morning (as some of the guys have been talking about on the relationship board). The first time she was okay with it and it led to a follow up round. She seemed a little annoyed the second time, though.

It is SO nice to break my 3month+ dry spell!


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The Weekend of the Braces
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Prologue: Um, most of the guys who have gone out with me have PROBABLY heard about my braces fetish. I talk too much... If you have not, well, basically I have one. I just want to watch a brace face giving me a blow job so bad. The problem is, ANY time I have seen a girl with braces in this country, they've been really unattractive. But this weekend, well... this weekend was good. No LRs for you guys, but I did learn quite a bit this weekend and talked to TWO hot brace faces.

Also, in these journals from now on, I'm only going to write about the good sets. It's a waste of time to write about things that didn't hook or I was blown out of.

The Weekend of the Braces

Aegy and I decided we needed to stop hitting Hongdae on Fridays since we really haven't ever had a lot of success, and it's much more dead than Saturdays there. On the advice of a couple KGirls I've dated, we decided on Itaewon Fridays and Hongdae Saturdays. Also, Aegy had made plans to hook up with a super hot little blonde he had met doing day game earlier in the week. We met up with Melo in Garosugil before going out and got some food. We got to Itaewon pretty early, and most of the better places were still dead. Melo brought us to the awesome new lounge bar (can't remember the name) that was PACKED! Lots of hotties, but really hard to move around. It will be interested to check out later on, I think. After that, Aegy and Melo opened a couple street sets and we met up with Pitchblack. We went into Circus to get our bracelets, but it was dead, so we decided to go to JJs for a while until things picked up.

This was only my second time going to JJs. I don't think I wrote the FR from last time, but I did not have fun. It was a little too cougary and gold-diggery for my tastes. Plus some guy grabbed my ass. Anyway, I was a little hesitant about going this time, but I was willing to give it another chance. Aegy and Melo opened a set in the hotel area while Pitchblack and I were in the bathroom. We got down to JJs and walked around for a little. Melo and Jack split off to a different area so we weren't rolling so big. Pitchblack opened a set at the bar outside and I went in to wing him. His target was looking pretty good out on a summer night, but the girl I was talking too, HB Movies was super cute. Did a little bit of kino with her, but did not get a lot of compliance so I cooled it and tried some qualification with her. Her English was really good, so I hit my strong points I could bounce off of. Travel: she lived in the Netherlands for about a year and just finished her degree in Dutch. Family: She has a younger brother she's pretty close with. I was able to tell her about my travels to India and how my family is really close and she was really digging it. Since things were going well with qualification, I tried a few other topics that don't hit as well with the KGirls usually: Movies and Music. Not that KGirls don't like movies and music, but they like a lot of crap I hate. She was okay on music and I got to plant a couple seeds and future project a little about me playing guitar. Got to movies and I was really impressed, she liked all the same stuff as me. She asked me if I had seen 500 Days of Summer and from there we were talking about all kinds of stuff I have never been able to talk to KGirls about. I future projected that we should watch some movies together because she was really interested in my recommendations. Backtracking: after a few minutes in the set, Pitchblack wasn't feeling it and ejected, leaving me with both girls, but Aegy came over after that and winged for a while. I definitely like winging with Aegy, he knows what he's doing and was able to get the girl away for a little while I got HB Movies' number. He came back and said we had to go, so we said our goodbyes. His blonde was in Itaewon and she had called him about 10 times while we were in JJs, so we headed over to Circus to meet up with them.

Met Aegy's target and her Russian friend at Circus while Melo and Pitchblack stayed at JJs until it closed. Talked to the Russian for a little bit while Aegy played with his target. She asked me if I wanted to dance. I was really not into her, but took her down while Aegy and Blonde followed. We got down on the dance floor and within 30 seconds Russian was grinding on me. I danced along a little, but tried to turn her into a less sexual dance. While we were dancing, super cute HB Jjigae came and danced next to us. I was checking her out and she was smiling at me, but I was really unsure what to do in that situation. I wanted to open her so bad, but I was in the middle of winging. Aegy saw and told me to open. I said Annyeonghaseyo and she was super excited. When I said hello, Russian went over to the stripper pole and started humping that as well. HB Jjigae grabbed my head and stuck her lips into my ear. She asked if that was my girlfriend, and I said no, just my friends friend. Her eyes got wide and her mouth formed an "O" around her braces. KACHING! "Really?" she asked. She grabbed Aegy to verify, and he confirmed Russian was his girl's roommate and I was a cool single guy. HB Jjigae got really excited and came over and started dancing with me. It was really loud, but we managed to exchange names and some basic info. I spiked her with my korean skills and my "racist comment" (I'll go into that more later, but you guys can't be stealing too much of my stuff ). She pointed at her friend and said she was really lonely. I really wished Melo and Pitchblack were there to wing, because that girl was fine too, definitely HB9, but Aegy was deep in set. I went over and charmed the friend a little. It was a little quieter over there so I talked to HB Jjigae some more (don't remember specifics) and number closed her. At this point, Aegy and his 2 set were out of sight, so I figured I should dip back into wing duty. I told Jjigae I needed to find my friend, but I would see her later. She said okay, but that I did need to come back.

Looked around on the balcony and didn't see anyone I knew so went outside to check if Aegy and pulled them out and if he needed help. Found Aegy and Blonde talking with Russian nowhere to be found, so I smoked my cigarette out of sight. Eventually Blonde went back downstairs to find her friend, and Aegy and I rehashed at the bar. While we were sitting there talking, HB Jjigae and her friend came up and stood right in front of us on the balcony. She saw us there, but I didn't want to look needy and go talk to her, so she started putting on a show, sticking out her nice ass and dancing. Eventually some KGuys came over and started talking to them. Aegy and I watched as the friend went to the table with them, and HB Jjigae kept putting on a show for me, push pulling the KGuy. Eventually she went to the table with her friend and we went upstairs with Aegy's set to wait for Melo and Pitchblack who were on their way. I friend framed Russian, and told her I knew a perfect guy for her. When Pitchblack came, I introduced him to Russian, and they hit it off. I felt relieved that I didn't have to wing a set I wasn't into and could focus on HB Jjigae. I went back downstairs and found HB Jjigae and her friend. Her friend was dancing with this really short KGuy who shared the same name as me (yeah, his name was Pheonix). I friended that guy so he wouldn't Amog, and he was really receptive. We did some group dancing, and then got some good sexy dances in with HB Jjigae. I tried to follow che rub's dance floor game, and it was working really well. Then I saw one of Captain Morgan's friends from last week, so I said hi to him. He told me he was having a party at his apartment (right above Circus) that night, and I should bring HB Jjigae up. I said I would see him there and went over and seeded the party to HB Jjigae. She was excited and said she wanted to go in a little bit. At this point I was thinking this would be an SNL and I had this in the bag. Then, out of nowhere, the Korean guy from before came up and pulled HB Jjigae away. She tried to protest, but he kept pulling. I looked at HB Jjigae's friend with a "What the fuck?!" face. Shorty said "It's okay, they're just friends. She'll come back soon." That calmed me down a little, but I was still pretty pissed.

I went up and found Melo, and we decided to go back downstairs. While we were going HB Jjigae and friend walked past us on the stairs. I grabbed her arm and asked if the wanted to go somewhere else. She said yeah, but then KGuy came back and pulled her away again. His friend took her back to the table, and he turned around to me with a "That's my girlfriend." I responded with a "No she's not." He tried to look tough and said "What did you say?" "I said she's not your girlfriend." I expected him to do something, but he just turned and walked away. Whatever. I was pretty pissed off by that point. Hung out and talked with Melo, Aegy and Pitchblack were gone to Seoul Pub with the two set.

Anywho, long story short, Nothing else big happened for me that night. We checked out Helios, but it was pretty dead. Then HB Jjigae called me and said she was sorry she had to leave. I asked if she wanted to hang out, but she was on the way home. She was pretty drunk and she kept saying she needed to send me her Kakao ID (even though we had already exchanged a couple messages). We TBd for Sunday and text compliance has been off the wall. She kept sending me pictures of her at the park yesterday telling me to come play, and some pictures of her cooking my favorite.... Kimchi Jjigae! Seeing her in my neighborhood in a few hours. Pretty pumped.

LR: HB Jjigae
« on: June 20, 2012, 08:19:18 PM »

Met HB Jjigae on Friday at Circus in Itaewon. The full FR can be found here. For a basic recap, she sort of opened me, sexy, braces, hit a major wall with some K-AMOGs (pronounced kay-moggs if anyone's wondering...), but she called me on the way home and we had good text compliance for most of the weekend.

I initiated setting up a D2 and she wanted to do it during the week. I told her I was too busy on weekdays so it had to be Sunday evening or next weekend. She agreed to Sunday.

Day 2

Based on her attitude on Friday and her level of text compliance, I assumed that it would be a done-deal for that evening. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first, shied away from minor kino and it took a little while to get her into the convo sometimes. She brought her iPad and kept whipping it out to translate things. We went to a coffee shop where I qualified her for family life, independence, high aspirations, and staying fit.

Tried to bounce her to Dive, the bar with he sexy cocktail names, but it was totally dead so we left and went to another western bar. On the way over I did some kino guiding her through traffic with my hand on her back, but she rejected the arm-in-arm. At the bar we sat by the 2nd floor window, and it had a really nice SPAM. Pulled up the cocktail menu for her, and she said "let's just get beer." My kind of girl. We talked some more about our coffee shop topics. I asked her how many foreign friends she has, and she said a lot but they're all gyopos. I said that didn't count and I could be her first. We talked a little about family again, and I moved next to her to show her a pic on my phone. She had no issues with this, or when I put my arm around the back of her booth (although she pointed it out. Pulled away since "I'm not an easy guy" and put it back later), or my hand on her hot legs. We started talking about movies. I gently seeded some at my house, as well as recommending some with actors she liked. Seeded guitar bar, and we went over, but Oh No! It's closed on Sunday's!

We went to 7-11 to get some drinks and then sat down on the creek. She said it was so nice here because the river by her house is so busy and near the road so you cannot hear the water flowing. We played Q's, The last time she was romantically involved was 8 months ago, but she's really busy with her job and not really looking for a BF now. Score. I future projected for Spiderman and seeded the movies at my place some more. She didn't seem too keen, but kino was really good at this point. I didn't think she was going to come to my place, and if she was I would probably hit LMR and scare her away, so I decided to role-reverse her and point out the time asking when she was going home. We bounced from the creek with no real destination. I brought her towards my house, but I stopped about a block away. I pointed it out so she knew where it was, but reminded her I'm not an easy guy (our running joke) so I helped her get a cab. She was really impressed that I waited with her for a taxi, and I told her I would text her the license number so she could call the police if the driver tried to rape her.

Total Day 2 time: 4 hours. Wow, really? I didn't think that...


To say this girl has strong text compliance is an understatement, I think she texts more than any of the K-Girls I've met. I tried to balance it with some conversation and then randomly going dark with no explanation. She was trying to set up another date again during the week, I don't think she believed I was busy.

I had a field tip on Tuesday with my kindergarten, and sent her some of the pics with me and my kids. I told her one of the students was my girlfriend, and she picked one of them to be her boyfriend. I made fun of her for liking younger guys (she's a year older than me). Aegy was laughing at me and said I better be planning on marrying this girl if I was sending her cute kid pictures, but it worked out for the better. She downloaded and watched one of the movies I recommended and really liked it. She asked when we could watch some of the others together. She texted me Tuesday and said "let's eat beer and chicken together tomorrow!" I told her again that I was busy on Wednesday. I had an improv rehearsal Tuesday night that is pretty open, so I called them and told them I couldn't make it tonight.

I texted HB Jjigae and told her my evening just opened up if she wanted to watch one of the movies tonight. She said she wanted to, but wouldn't get off until 9pm or later. I said that was fine, my place or yours? She said she didn't have the movie so it would have to be mine. She added that I couldn't come into her house yet because she wasn't easy. She also said if she was going to come we would hang out all night, would I be tired the next day? I said I don't sleep a lot and it was fine and I asked how long she wanted to stay (instead of leaving the awkward "Am I sleeping there?" question in her mind.) SHE asked how long she was welcome to, and I said she could leave whenever she has to, but I have a bed and a futon so she could crash here if she didn't want to take the cab ride home at night. She joked that I was easy again, and I sent her a picture of my bed and my couch and said she couldn't sleep with me unless she paid me a lot of money. She agreed.

Also, she asked me if I knew about some kind of vitamin injection (she's a nurse at a plastic surgery hospital) and could she bring it to my house. I said it was fine, but needles freak me out.

Day 3

She showed up at 11:45 pm. She came in and made herself at home. Neither of us had eaten yet, so we ordered some Chinese delivery. While we waited I showed her some guitar stuff and she was really impressed. I told her I learned guitar to pick up girls. She got a weird look on her face, so I told her I was 14 and girls were all I thought about. She thought it was hilarious. Food came, we ate, and I went to brush my teeth. She asked if I had an extra toothbrush, which I did from HB Pink... I told her my friend had only used it once, but there was a GS 25 around the corner. We walked over there together, got some drinks and a toothbrush. She laughed that I knew what 2+1 is and I told her I'm a genius. Most girls I have been with, even my ex who I dated for 6 months, felt weird about going to a store to get something obvious like a toothbrush with a guy. Also I was grungy: pajamas, glasses, the works, while she was still pretty dolled up. She had no issues, even grabbing my hand in the shop and making a big deal finding the toothbrushes.

We got back to my place and she brushed her teeth. Before the movie started she said something like "injection time." She whipped out an IV bag, tubes, and all types of needles. I thought that this was a pretty far way to go to look good, but oh well. Then she asked me if I was sure I was okay to do it. Wait, what? I already told her that I wasn't going to look when she did it, now she wants me to stick her with the needle? Do I look like a doctor? I tried to reiterate how much I hate needles. She kept saying "An apah! An apah!" I told her I didn't think I could do it, I had never stuck anyone before. She looked confused. "Ahni, for YOU!" Um, WHAT?! Ain't no way! I had to turn away and clench my fist when they took blood for my E-2 health check! I told her no, but she kept insisting. I told her I wasn't afraid it would hurt, but the thought of a long object going inside me made me queasy (ironic, right? she seemed to have no problems with it ). She had to break out the ol' iPad for that one. I guess the thought of keeping the boggeumbap in my stomach made her give up, because she started to put the needles away.

She asked if I had pajamas. I grabbed a long T-shirt and shorts that were clearly too big for her out of the closet. She pouted that she couldn't wear the shorts but said the shirt was fine. She went into the other room to change. We started watching the movie, and she seemed SLIGHTLY pissed at first that she didn't fulfill her mission of sticking me like a pig. Oh well, Kino was initiated slowly. I pulled down a blanket and put it over our legs. Then I got some real good kino on her amazing legs, gradually moving right up the thigh until I started to feel warmth on my hand. By about 30 minutes in, we weren't even watching the movie anymore, just laughing, talking, cuddling. She seemed really hesitant to kiss, probably because of her braces, but really liked when I kissed her on the neck. Finally she looked up at me with those big eyes and and I planted one on her. After that she was all for it and there was some ALMOST totally smooth sailing.

We made out for a little while. She pushed away first, which I smacked my own forehead for when it happened. But as soon as she did, I did a total freeze out and put some pillows between us. I joked that she just kissed her first foreigner, so she could go home now if that's all she wanted. She laughed, "No! No!" trying to pull me back over the pillows. I put the pillows away and put my arm around her again, but acted really into the movie. She kept stroking my chest and arms, and finally pulled my face over and started making out with me again. I started traveling up her shirt, feeling her tight ass, and she was really into it. Got the bra unhooked, when to lift the shirt over her head, and she stopped again. Again, total freeze out. At this point I had already pulled my futon into a bed and given her a blanket and pillow, so I went over to my bed and got under the covers. She pouted and asked where I was going. I said I needed some sleep. I told her she was so sexy that if I didn't go to sleep now, I wouldn't be able to stop myself. She pouted some more and pulled out her iPad. She pulled up some videos and stuff and started telling me about them, clearly inviting me over. I sat on the futon next to her, and she immediately started kinoing me. I lay down next to her, and she starts making out again. I go right for under the shirt again and notice that she left her bra unhooked and disheveled.

I picked her up by the ass and slammed her on the bed. I lifted her shirt right off, no problems this time, then I took mine off to make her more comfortable. She was really into the breast-play, and while I was sucking on her nice tits, I stuck my hand down the back of her shorts (you know, those super-tight ones a lot of KGirls wear over their panties for no apparent reason). Played with her ass some and then started fingering her from behind. I think it shocked her, and she let out a really passionate moan. I fingered her a little more, than ripped the shorts off. We hadn't had a chance to talk about oral yet, so I decided to test it by kissing down her body. She stopped me, and I asked if she wanted me to get a condom. She said yes and I fucked her missionary for about 10 minutes. Oh yeah. That's what happens when you try and stop jacking off when you don't have a steady stream of girls yet...

Anyway, she acted not disappointed. I rinsed off real quick, and she lay there naked when I came back. We talked and cuddled for a while. She asked me how many K-Girls I had been with, and I was an idiot and told her. Oh well, lesson learned. She got up to get her iPad and watching her sexy body walking around my room got me ready again. She came back and started making out with me again and grabbing my dick. Then, she didn't ask, she said "get a condom." Round 2 was much better. We fucked for at least another hour until we were both a sweaty heap on the bed. I know I said this before, but it makes a world of difference when you are with a girl who actually likes sex. Even though it's only been with 2 girls now, I definitely have noticed myself getting better at sex since I got into PU. Reading Daniel Rose's Sex God Method really helped me identify some problems too, although trying to implement some of his stuff almost made HB Pink walk out on me. Lessons learned. After this time, we were both pretty exhausted. She kept telling me to go to sleep, so I did.

I woke up when her alarm went off, and she was back on the futon in the PJs while I was lying like a naked fool on the bed. Apparently she hadn't been able to sleep so she watched a movie on her iPad. Helped her wake up, we made out some more. She told me the reason she knew she could trust me not to use her was the pictures of my kids I had sent her. She didn't know any foreign guys worked at kindergartens and she knew that I was more than just a guy trying to bang as many KGirls as possible. I was clearly still really tired, so she told me to go back to sleep (still didn't have to be up for another hour). She kissed me goodbye and we've been talking over kakao again today.

Time from D3 start to PinV: about 2 hours give or take 30 minutes.

-Killed that LMR in its tracks!
-Judged well when it was time to not push the envelope too much on the D2 which made for an awesome D3 close.
-Used a LOT more push-pull than I have with anyone else. (Thanks, Aegy, for those tapes!)
-Didn't let the KAMOGs in the initial sarge rattle me too much and played it cool (At least around HB Jjigae. Melo will probably tell you a different story).
-Fucked her hard and made her scream. (Yeah, sounds vulgar, but it feels really good right now.)

-Talking about other girls I've slept with AFTER already closing (not that before would be any better).
-Used so much korean on kakao that she felt weird when I couldn't speak it as well in person.
-Almost had a girl stick an IV in me for no reason.

I'm feeling much better about this girl than HB Pink. I spent way more time qualifying HB Jjigae, and I did like hanging out with her a lot more. We've already TBd for a date this weekend and next, and we are both so busy in the week we can only logistically hang out once a week anyway. Plus, she lives alone, has a good job, and really likes my 20" cock (sorry, Socrates...). I'm thinking this girl might have just gotten Regular status!

Plus, uh, braces! No BJ last night, but if she's gonna be my new regular, that's something we need to work on...


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LR: Daegu Dream Girl
« on: August 18, 2012, 02:10:18 PM »

I met Daegu Dream Girl (DDG) what seems like a long time ago now. It was probably about two months ago in Itaewon. I opened her while she was waiting in the line for B1 with her friends and Pitchblack winged me. I don't do a lot of street opens, but she was really cute and they were just standing in line so I thought I'd give it a shot. I can't remember what I opened with because I kind of wrote off the set afterwards. I found out she lives in Daegu and she was visiting her friend who lived in Itaewon. I had made plans to visit Daegu in a few weeks so I number closed, talked a little more, and ejected. This set was run in pretty much all Korean.

My plans to visit Daegu fell through and I never followed up texting with DDG (I think that was the night I met Jjigae so I had other things on my mind). But I ended up adding her on Facebook and Kakaostory. I went to Busan over my summer break, and I saw on Kakaostory she was posting a bunch of pictures from Busan. This girl is exactly my style, and she was looking good in a bikini, so I commented on one of them asking if she was still there. Unfortunately she was leaving as I was coming. I posted some pictures from Busan on Facebook and she commented on my wall telling me how much she liked Busan and how cute I was in the pictures. I took this as an invitation to initiate texting. I started out asking what was good to do in Busan, and then switching to normal text game.

I should have saved my logs from this exchange because it went really well. Pretty much the entire reason this LR happened, IMO was from text game. I found out she has a boyfriend, but everytime he came up she would change the subject. We talked a lot about Seoul vs. Daegu and I VERY tentatively tb'ed to go down and visit Daegu in a couple weeks so she could give me the tour. Then she tells me she just bought her KTX ticket to come up to Seoul and she wants to see me. I got logistics, she was staying with her friend in Itaewon and she was only going to be here for one night. I made plans to hang out with her and her friend after I finished my comedy team practice. Again, this texting was all in Korean.

I met up with them at 10pm at NesCafe in Itaewon. She brought her friend because she was nervous about talking to me because she wasn't sure how much Korean I could speak in person. At the cafe I was focusing more on being social and spent a good amount of the time chatting up her friend as well. They were both on the opposite side of the table and DDG was clearly nervous about meeting me in person, so I didn't try to push any Kino or anything at this point. We hung out at the cafe for a little bit, and then headed over to Hongdae where I called Pitchblack to come wing again. We all went to Terrace bar where we started out with the girls on one side and the guys on the other. Pitchblack and I had a lot of fun joking around with them and I made up some excuse to switch sides, which made the friend go sit with Pitchblack. After that point, we were practically in isolation. It was raining, so the canopy was up at Terrace, isolating us from the rest of the tables and the inside area. I ramped up the Kino pretty quick at this point, holding hands, hands on legs, pushing her hair out of her face, etc. Pitchblack got some soju and initiated some drinking games. Afterwards, I started talking to her about some trivial stuff, I don't even remember, and then I just went in for the kiss because I really wanted to. She was very receptive and we went through a few rounds of making out, then me breaking it off and talking, then making out, etc. Pitchblack and the friend were both very tired and were in their own little world. Right before we left we were in a pretty heavy makeout session, had my hand down her pants, etc. She told me she was sad she was only staying for one night, and we made plans to hang out again the next day before she left.

We all left to get a taxi. I assumed Pitchblack was going to try a home pull because he lived in Sinchon. I didn't want to initiate first because DDG was staying with her friend and I didn't want to trigger her ASD. But I guess Pitchblack was too tired, so he just left. I got a taxi for the girls, and then headed home.

The next day I woke up around 11, cleaned up my house, chilled out some, and contacted DDG around 2. Her train was leaving at 6, so she took a shower and got to my place around 4. Once she got here, we talked a little bit, she commented on how clean my house was and how cool my computer was. I playing Ukulele a little. But I knew we were pressed for time. I stood her up on my couch and joked how that was a good height for her because we could see eye-to-eye. We started making out again. I pulled her to my bed. There was no physical LMR, but a whole lot of verbal. It was a very strange situation for me. She kept saying how bad we were being as I was taking off her shirt and sucking on her tits, or how we needed to meet one more time while she was rubbing my dick. She literally told me we shouldn't do this because she has a boyfriend right as she was putting my dick in her mouth. She tried to act angry that I had a condom in my nightstand, but I told her I liked to always be prepared and she laughed as I entered her. This was no doubt the loudest girl I have ever been with. I mean pretty much all Korean girls make noise, but I really almost covered her mouth a few times because I have neighbors... again, a little strange for me but I liked it. Even with my A/C and fan on, we were still getting pretty hot so when we finished, we just lay down together covered in sweat. We talked for a little bit, but then she realized it was 5:30 and she was going to be late for her train, so we made a mad dash to get dressed and run down to a taxi. Luckily she made it just in time.

Followed up with her on texting, she really wants to meet again. I am not going to make the same mistake as last time and see her too often like I did with Jjigae, so it is good she lives in Daegu because we are pretty much unable to see each other for another 2 weeks.

I wish I had better remembered the conversations and stuff because, like I said, the key here was text game. I've talked to a lot of guys here who handle texting a lot differently than me and rely on phone calls. Personally, I hate talking on the phone, and almost all the girls I've talked to will not answer unless you guys are already dating. I pretty much treat my text game like most guys treat phone game. Yes, I do run some attraction texts and other stuff, but mostly I just have conversations, banter, and tease over text. I also text a LOT. My natural coworker does the same thing so I've kind of picked up his style a little bit even though I hate him. It definitely works here in Korea, but I'm not sure how it would in a western country.

I am posting this LR because there were a lot of new experiences for me. DDG told me later she came to Seoul just to meet me again because she thought I was so cool. That was nice to hear... haha. This is the first girl I have won over pretty much purely with text game. I know we had a lot of other interaction when she came up, but I really think I could have gotten her to just stay with me and not even go see her friend if I had wanted to, I was just nervous about pushing it too far. This is also the first girl I have had with a boyfriend. I felt really bad about it at first based on my history of being cheated on multiple times. I still feel a little bad, but at the same time I do not feel I manipulated her at all into sleeping with me and that her decision was her decision. Also, this is the first girl I've been with who knows how to deep-throat... HEYOOO!


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LR: HB Finger
« on: August 27, 2012, 01:22:37 AM »

This weekend i decided to push hard for SNL game. This was the first time I've really done that. Friday I went to Ellui with Aegy, Melo, and a few other guys and got a table. I was totally out of state getting there and it took me a while to warm up cuz there was not a lot of quantity of sets probably because of the rain. Had a bunch of burnouts or sets that hooked initially but then got boring as f*ck. I didn't really kick it into gear until around 4pm.

I met HB Finger probably around 5am. I had decided I was going to try opening girls sitting down next to the dancefloor and push for the table quickly since they obviously want to sit and chill out. At this point I was with Melo's friend, T. I noticed HB Finger and her friend checking us out, so I stared them down and then waved. They waved back and giggled. I went over and opened them with "Why were you staring at me?" They laughed and I immediately pushed for the table. They talked about it for 5 seconds and then agreed.

Both of the girls didn't speak any English, and T didn't speak any Korean, so I pretty much had to occupy the whole set once we got back to the table. I ran the conversation and had a lot of energy. They said they had to go to the bathroom, so I escorted them over, one on each arm. I then went back to the table and told them to meet me there when they were done. T was telling me they wouldn't come back but I figured it would be better not to hang around, especially since they knew where I would be. Sure enough they came back. Kino was pretty good with HB Finger. We were holding hands, hands on legs, around the shoulders, etc.

T was in and out of the table, and I knew I couldn't do a lot with the friend there. Since it was late and I was trying to SNL, I just stood up and grabbed her hand. I started to pull her away from the table. Her friend started asking where we were going, so I just said "Give me one minute." I pulled HB Finger behind the speaker near the VIP DJ booth, around the corner from our table. She asked why we were here, and I said I really wanted to kiss her, but I didn't want to embarrass her around her friend. She got a little shy at first, but then I pulled her face towards mine and we started making out. I pulled away first, but she kept going for more. Eventually she had her leg up on my hip and I was fingering her against the wall. I suggested leaving and she seemed keen but kept saying she had to leave with her friend. I even suggested going to the bathroom together, but she said we had been away from her friend too long and she would start asking questions. Eventually we went back to the table and the girls decided they needed to leave, so we all left together around 5:30.

I texted her while I was in the taxi home saying nice to meet her, and tb'd for a date in my neighborhood on Sunday. I assumed her ASD would be really high given what went down at the club, and the fact that she suggested just seeing a movie. I met her at the Dunkin Doughnuts outside my subway station because she was about 15 minutes late. We went to the movie theatre, but there were no English movies playing so we decided to go play pool instead. Kino was still pretty good, holding hands and stuff. We were there for about 45 minutes playing. It was fun, but I definitely felt my Korean skills were lacking. When we left she asked where we would go next. I said I still wanted to watch a movie so we should go back to my place. I have a lot of Korean movies with English subtitles. She kept making faces at going back to my house and saying she shouldn't go. Whenever she would protest, I would stop and say okay, but she kept walking on, so I took that as a sign it was okay. We got back to my place and I put a movie on. Within 5 minutes we were making out. From there there was absolutely no resistance at all. We spent the rest of the day together having sex, ordering pizza, having sex, starting to watch more movies, having sex, etc. She left around 10 because she had work in the morning.

This was a big success for me because it's the first time I've successfully run really fast game. At least it was really fast for me. We spent about 1.5-2 hours together in total before we were having sex. I'm also really surprised that I was able to push past getting CB'd by the friend and turn it into a lay. The frames I set were totally sexual. I don't know if I'll see her again, and it's nice to be in that situation as opposed to trying to juggle someone's emotions.

Also, she was barely a B-cup, but after being here for two years, I was all like "These puppies are HUGE!"


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LR: HB BootyCall
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:40:26 PM »

Well that was easy...

Met HB BootyCall in Baby's in Hongdae last Saturday. I had just been in a set for 10 minutes with an 8 and got blown out. This 7 walks by and eye fucks the shit out of me, so I poke her and say "Annyeonghaseyou" and we start dancing immediately. She goes for the booty dance, so I comply, then I pull her face towards mine and we make out. Then I ask what her name is. Then I get her phone number. No joke, this happened in, like, 30 seconds tops. Pitchblack was winging me with her friend. After a few pleasantries and more dancing, we leave to meet some other friends. It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes together.

I text her some that night, but then go cold for about a week. Then this morning I was bored at work so just texted "anyeong." Instant compliance for the rest of the day. I asked if she was doing anything on Sunday, but then remembered I had plans so cancelled. Then my rehearsal tonight got cancelled, so I texted her "My practice tonight got cancelled." "I'm bored and want to watch a movie." "But I don't want to watch it alone. Come over." She said okay.

Neither of us had eaten yet, so we got some food first. During dinner she told me that she had my kakao but not my number since we had only been talking over kakao. I called her phone. Then she handed it to me so I could put my name in... because she didn't remember.

After dinner I asked if she wanted to go to the DVD bang, or my house. She said my house. We got here, she used the bathroom, we chose a movie. We started watching it, and of course started making out, and then started fucking. Zero resistance. Afterwards we finished the movie and then I walked her to the subway. I still had time to do a load of laundry before bed.

Seriously, WTF was this?! I barely ran any material over texting, just talking about our day and our job and stuff. At dinner we just talked mainly about food. I really don't think there was anything else. I guess it was really just a right-place, right-time situation. But I'm not complaining.

P.S. this chick had NONE of the tell-tale "easy girl" signs, except her speediness in making out. Clothes not skanky, doesn't smoke, doesn't speak English, really innocent looking face. I am seriously baffled.

Re: LR: HB BootyCall
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2012, 12:04:55 PM »

Quote from: T***** on September 18, 2012, 08:38:57 AM
-Lucky son of a bitch.-
After an evening of reflecting, now I don't think it's totally luck, I mean I guess I did capitalize on a lot of opportunities. I opened her when she wanted to be opened, started sexualizing early, read the cues for the makeout, etc. yesterday I knew she was really keen over texting (even though there were no sexual texts at all) and I dont have any time this week so it was do or die. I suggested two SLs after dinner so she probably knew what was up. Kino was good from the moment she got off the subway (arm in arm, holding hands, playful hitting). In short I was able to read opportunities and take risks in a way I never would have been able to a year ago. A year ago I probably wouldn't have even opened her.

Re: LR: HB BootyCall
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2012, 06:47:59 PM »

Quote from: T**** on September 19, 2012, 05:30:54 PM
-What cues were there that she wanted the makeout? what cues were there during the text? be specific.-
While we were dancing with her back to me, she kept looking around and pointing her face towards mine. I turned her around and put her hand on my shoulder and she started caressing my neck. That's when I went in.

During texting she was just really responsive and qualifying herself a lot. When I suggested the Sunday date she immediately agreed and seemed quite disappointed when I cancelled it.


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LR: HB Booty
« on: January 20, 2013, 11:10:47 PM »

Okay! First close since my ex, Phoenix is back!

I met HB Booty at Club Answer (See my FR Journal for FR). Here are a few of the key points that led to this D2 close:

-I TB'd in the club. I NEVER do this. I've set false time bridges before, but this is the first time I actually set up a date not over the phone.
-I framed HARD against her flaking. I joked with her earlier about how she was a liar and I couldn't trust her. Then when we set the date I talked about how I would probably make other plans because I don't trust girls' promises and KGirls never want to come out in the cold. She was all like "Oh no, no, I will come! Really! I promise!" and then we talked about how much we hate when people flake on plans with others.
-I set the date as watching a horror movie. There are no horror movies playing right now. She even tried to go to the theatre to check times but everything was sold out or playing really late. I brought up a DVD bang but she turned it down the first time. We talked about it again and I told her I knew the stimulus about DVD Bangs, but foreigners really like them because there's lots of English movies, and most of the Korean movies have subtitles. Finally she said "Okay, but just watching a movie. Nothing else." "What? Of course not! I'm no easy guy." She thought that was really funny. I told her we were not going to have sex. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS WORK WITH GIRLS? GIRLS ARE CRAZY!
-She is really young, so I was trying to be really careful not to be coupley. There was no kino at all until we got to the DVD Bang. Afterwards I walked to the subway station with her, but we didn't hold hands or anything. I also teased her a LOT throughout the night for acting like a child, checking herself out in the mirror a lot, and having a crack in her phone.
-Probably the thing that hooked this the most for me was the abundance mentality. I'm back at a place now where I am consistently adding numbers to my phone while getting closer and closer to getting an SNL. My inner game was tight. I just kept thinking, "Even if this girl doesn't put out, I can call one of these other three girls for a date tomorrow, or one of 5 for another time this week." Which may not TOTALLY be true, but it did the trick

A few events that were important but not as related to the actual lay:
-I was supposed to meet this girl at exit 11 in Gangnam. I was waiting outside when I got noticed by one of my Ex's friends. She said she was waiting to meet my Ex right now. This was bad. I quickly texted the HB Booty telling her to meet at another exit. I linked up with her outside of the bathroom while I was walking over there, and we took a backway I had never seen before but just explored. We were walking towards a DVD Bang when Melo texted me and said he saw my Ex on his block, right the direction in which we were going, so I pulled HB Booty down a side street to look at something ("Wow, look at the shiny thing!) and then took her around the block a back way. Crisis averted, but it felt like a Scooby-Doo episode.
-This girl, face-wise, was probably just a 6. However, her body was ROCKING! Big squishy bubble butt and huge tits on this tiny little frame. I thought I was facing some major LMR in the DVD Bang, but it turned out she just didn't want to take her shirt off because she was shy of her boobs. I tried SOOOOOOO many times, but that shirt wasn't coming off the whole time. I guess you gotta take what you can get, though, and even grabbing them over the shirt was okay. Seriously, this girl is tiny, maybe 5'3 at MOST and her boobs were at LEAST a C cup (I didn't bother asking) and all real.

Early on when texting her she threw me the "You're a player" shit test. I took a lesson from Aegy's book and just said "Maja." She'd never been with a foreigner before, but she knew how to ride like nobody's business!

Re: LR: HB Booty
« Reply #10 on: January 22, 2013, 04:14:06 AM »

Quote from: M***** on January 21, 2013, 11:32:10 PM
-This is the worst lr ever. You met her and closed her in a dvd bang and you barely went over what made it go down.

Seeded dvdbang since the club
let her options run out for movie tickets
told her some nicely disarming reasons why dvd bangs were good.
Put up with some resistence and closed.

Was this girl dtf from the beginning? what were the time intervals or signs for you to progress?
how did you not manage to lose her after such a short meeting and getting shot down going for the shirt?-
I think I mentioned this on another thread, but I was reading a Love Systems Coach's field report, and he said, "If she is talking to me while I'm staring at her like a piece of meat then she knows dam well I want to fuck her and she wants to fuck me for sure." I've been trying to incorporate that into my game lately, that self-confidence and knowledge that if a woman's "stayin', she's playin'." So I guess sort of like Aegy said, you can't really tell if a girl is DTF unless she flat out tells you, so you just have to assume she is if she's talking to you. That's the mindset I'm trying to operate from, at least. And I'm not a big day-gamer, so I don't know if that can be communicated in that scenario, I'm pretty strickly talking about about my experience in night clubs.

As far as time intervals and signs, I really can't tell you. That's not something I think about a lot these days. There was one where she said "Do you have chocolate?" and I used that to isolate her outside to the convenience store. Pretty much, though, I don't worry about if a girl is giving me signals or not these days. The way I see it, if she's giving me signals I've probably already missed the opportune moment. I've become really selfish in sets lately, just doing what I want when I feel like it. I felt like pulling the girl away from he friends, so I did it. I felt like getting her phone number, so I did. When we were in the DVD Bang and I felt like kissing her, I didn't run a kiss gambit, I just kissed her. I wasn't thinking "Is this the opportune time? Is she giving me a sign?" I just did. I think girls respond to that "manly" do what you want, don't ask questions attitude. This is not something that was easy for me to develop because I am a NEEDY mother fucker... but I've been in so many sets in the past almost year, and had so many experiences that were "lucky" because my subcoms were strong that I don't feel like putting up with shit anymore. A girl in a club a couple nights ago kept giving me all these stupid shit tests, so I just walked off. I was at NB tonight with Dorian, and we were in a two set and the girl hooked really well, but then she started getting really cocky and playing with her phone. I used some of my old jokes and she wasn't laughing so I shut down. She asked me what the matter was and I told her I was bored with her and she was really annoying. She thought I was joking and said, "Yeah, you're really annoying too." So I said cool, see ya, and walked off. Did I blow that set? Maybe. Did I ruin things for my wing? Dorian knows how to handle himself in these situations and if he needed help I could have reopened. But if a girl is giving me a lot of shit just to test or toy with me, I have no interest in her anymore.

As far as the short meetup, I think those are my strengths. Unless I'm trying to SNL a girl I usually keep the interaction short. I get the phone number within the first few seconds, BT spike, qualify a little bit (in this case, for horror movies), find out logistics, if they're not there for the SNL then I BT spike a bit more and I'm out. I would rather leave her with a good feeling and with a desire to talk to that cool funny guy later, than stay in and put my foot in my mouth or show her what an awkward geek I really am. Most of my short sets turn out pretty good if I can hook them in text game, and most of my D2 lays are from sets that lasted 2-10 minutes.

And yeah, in regards to the shirt, pretty much what Aegy said. Moved downstairs and no resistance. I only mentioned it because I thought it was weird she wouldn't take her top off, and also at the time I thought it was just general LMR. It wasn't, though. I just went for the ass, reach under to the pussy rub, no hesitation on her part so I pulled down the pants and we went at it.

In regards to your texting question, I just looked at our log to find out. Pretty much the gist of it was, I said hey, have a good night I'm going home. She sent me a lot of emoticons. I said something else boring like I'm working tomorrow or something, more emoticons. Just lots of dry comments, setting up the date, and her sending a buuuuuuunch of emoticons. A few points I should probably note though:
1) She asked me how many other girls' numbers I got at the club that night and I told her 500. More emoticons "I'm so sad. Bye." To which I said "Just kidding, 0. Now you don't know what is true."
2) I can't remember if I wrote this in the FR or not, but when I was leaving she pointed at me to kiss her cheek. I laughed at her and pointed at mine and said "You first" to which she got really embarrassed, so I pecked her on the lips and said goodbye. Later she texted me asking why I kissed her and I told her "Because I wanted to. If I want to do something, I usually do it." Yeah, she had to know we were gonna fuck...

Thanks for the questions, I'm really bad at breaking things down afterwards unless I can focus on more specifics. I hope it helps, and it really helps me to think about it and put it all down in writing.


 Post subject: HB Passport
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LR: HB Passport
« on: January 30, 2013, 06:21:53 PM »

Met HB Passport on Skout a few days ago. I opened her with "Hi" in Korean/Konglish. She answered with "HiHi" in the same way. So I said "wow, you speak Konglish well!" She answered "I speak English well too." so then we started talking in English. I just led the conversation in a basic comfort direction for a few minutes. Then I told her my Skout app kept crashing and gave her my kakao ID.

We talked on and off for a few days on Kakao. Initially I kept with the comfort, talking about family, the US (which she lived in for half of her life), and movies. I started to sexualize a little bit with a new tactic I'm trying for online game. It's sort of like the question game, but I've been playing "would you rather." I think it does a good job of sexualizing over texting, but it doesn't pull the trigger too early.

Anyway, a few days ago we were texting and she said she was bored and lived near Gangnam, so we decided to go get coffee in Gangnam. I could only meet for an hour because I had a SPAM interview later. We talked about most of the stuff over texting. We also talked a lot about movies and TB'd for a DVD Bang.

I met HB Passport again yesterday. We were supposed to meet at 2pm but we were both up really late so we pushed it back to 4pm. We headed right to the DVD Bang and picked some Johnny Depp movie. We started watching the movie, amping the Kino, making out. There was some major LMR once the clothes started coming off. She said if we were at my house we would be having sex now, but she didn't want to do it in a DVD Bang. I froze her out and smoked a cigarette. She took a few puffs. Then she wanted to make out. She said she'd never kissed a guy after he smoked. I asked her if she liked it, and she said it was good. She started giving me a hand job and saying how much I was tempting her. I picked her up and started making out again and she said she was really wet, so I stopped asking, threw on the condom, pulled down her panties, and we went at it.

Unfortunately there were only about 15 minutes left of the movie, so it wasn't the best, but still fun.


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LR: HB China
« on: February 19, 2013, 02:13:40 AM »

Met HB China on 1KM the night before valentines day. Next I gotta get one from Who's Here for the hat trick.

(In Korean):

Phoenix- Hi
China- Hi
Phoenix- Wow, you speak korean well.
China- Yeah kk
Phoenix- Have you travelled a lot?
China- Not as much as I would like to.
Phoenix- Do you speak English?
China(English from this point on)- Sure
China- Why did you ask me if I could speak Korean?
Phoenix- Because you're Korean
Phoenix- I thought I would ask to make sure.
China- Oh, I see, hahahahaha
China- Actually I'm Korean Chinese.
China- I was born in China

From then on it was lots of logistics and basic conversation shit. Then:

Phoenix- I don't have any plans tomorrow. Do you want to get some coffee?
China- Don't you busy tomorrow?
Phoenix- I have to work in the evening.
Phoenix- So coffee?
China- Why not~~
China- What time?

While we were setting the date I kept interrupting the plans to ask her random questions about stuff we had been talking about earlier, or Korean and Chinese culture. Basically it was "When?" "Random question" "answer" "1pm" "Where?" "random question" "answer" "Gangnam station" blah blah blah. Then she said "I have a serious question. R u pervert or bad guy?" to which I said "I don't think so. Would I tell you if I was? Wait, are you?" and then I promised her I wouldn't make out with her at the coffee shop. She said of course not, people never kiss in the coffee shop, so I said, Okay, street or coffee shop. But if we meet in the subway station it's fair game. I tried to sexualize the conversation a little (I had just had a girl send me boob and pussy pictures the night before, so I was under the impression anything can happen on this app), but I had already told her I wasn't a pervert so I didn't want to freak her out. I asked her what she was wearing to sleep in. She asked why. I told her you could tell a lot about a person by what they sleep in (bullshit). She said usually she sleeps naked, but now she's wearing pajamas with cartoon characters. I told her because her pajamas match she's really organized and a hard worker, but still loves to have fun and embrace life because of the cartoon characters(bullshit). I also told her because she sleeps naked she's very impulsive and comfortable with her self and her decisions. She doesn't take shit from anybody and she does what she wants (bullshit). She ate it up like whores eat crack. By the fist full. I told her I was really into psych tests and had a few more, but they didn't work over texting so we would do them tomorrow.

I meet her for coffee the next day. She's late. I hung out with stargazer some before she showed up. At the coffee shop I run my normal framing and comfort game. I also do the cube (which I haven't done in a really long time) and strawberry fields (which I've never done on a girl I'm gaming). She ate it up like more crack. Aegy showed up with his girl and we all introduced each other and we made lots of jokes about how we're gay. Then I had to leave after about an hour and a half. We made plans to watch Sunny later.

On Friday night I was out with some work people and Aegy. We were at noraebang. I was texting with China and asked her what she was doing. She said she was getting ready to go to Ellui with her friends. I told her to come by and say hello and sing a song or two. She agreed and came out. We hung out in the noraebang for a couple songs. I gave her shit for not knowing "Creep" by Radiohead. Then we went outside because she had to meet her friends. I started walking her to the taxi and pulled her into an alleyway. I told her we weren't at a coffee shop anymore and we started making out. She complained that my beard was too scratchy. I said "Okay, then stop kissing me." She laughed, made out some more, and then went to get a cab. We set up a date for Sunday to watch a movie.

She texted me Sunday saying she's going to be late again and asking where we're going to watch the movie. I tell her a DVD bang, she puts up resistance. I run my normal DVD bang stack and she still resists, saying she's not comfortable with it and can we just get coffee again. I say okay, but I will talk you into going to a DVD bang by the end of your coffee. That's pretty much exactly what happened. I didn't do anything other than normal to get her to go, but I just pulled a Dorian and kept bringing it up again and again. Finally she caved and we went across the street to one. We got Love and Other Drugs (a great DVD bang movie! Lots of sex, funny, and REALLY long. second time banging to this one). Faced some MAJOR LMR in the room. We kept making out, getting hot and heavy, then she would stop. I'd freeze out. We'd make out, clothes coming off, she'd stop. Freeze out, clothes back on. rinse, repeat repeat repeat. Finally I told her if she's scared, I do have a condom. She gave me shit about being a playboy and I told her any guy that doesn't carry condoms around is a pig. Freezeout again, but the next time it's on. Get all the clothes off, go down on her, she's super orgasmic. But, I notice she's REALLY tiny in the vaginal department. Whatever. She cums a couple times, I start to take my pants off, and she freaks out. She's never been with a non-asian guy and isn't used to the big white dick. She keeps asking me if it's always that big and freaking out that it won't fit. We try to make it work. It's really difficult. Seriously, I can barely get a finger in there. Finally we squeeze it in but it won't go past halfway and she's wincing in pain a lot. Obviously because she's so tight I cum in like, 10 minutes. She's pretty relieved. This was also pretty lucky because it was right when the movie ended. We get dressed and walk around outside for a little while. She's pretty funny and cool. I like hanging out with her.

Aegy calls and we meet him at a cocktail bar. He's there with his girl. We all hang out for a while. China doesn't drink much. I drink quite a bit. I tell her to come back to my place after Aegy and his girl leave. She does. We go a couple times again before we go to bed. It's getting better, but still hard for her. I stop before I come because she's having trouble, and she goes right to town on the blowjobs. I don't know who taught this girl how to suck cock, but they did a good job. She can take more in her mouth than she can in her pussy. She's working it like a pro. We fall asleep, next morning we wake up and go again. Shower, then I go off to some other plans and she goes home.

Overall a fun time. She's pretty cute and really fun to hang out with. I think I will try and regular this one.

Re: LR: HB China
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2013, 12:29:27 AM »

Quote from: B*** on February 19, 2013, 08:40:46 AM
-Learned a few things from this report. I'm at the beginning stage, trying to get from initial txt to first meet.

So if I understand correctly: open, tease (reverse role), qualify, casual chat, set up meet? Do you usually open with just "Hi"? I guess the profile pic would have to be pretty important in this case.

Another important bit: sexualizing the interaction. First you asked if she was a perv, then later promised not to make out with her. This is an area I'm lacking in, mostly because I'm worried as coming off as a "creep", and also can't come up with content easily. Any tips for sexualizing, or changing mindsets?-

Hey, B***, honestly I don't have a set-in-stone stack. I kind of let the interactions play themselves out. I know this is not really what you want to hear, but that's the way I've best learned to do these apps. Every girl has a different background, standards, buttons, etc. A lot of PUA guys call this her fuse, and usually they range from short, medium, or long. It's impossible for me to make a concrete structure of how to talk to girls on line because #1 I'm just now starting to have success in it and #2 every girl has a different fuse length and sometimes it's not until deep in a conversation until you figure it out. In fact, for this girl I assumed it was pretty short, but it took 3 meetings before she was ready to get down to business. I do tease a lot, and I do reverse-frames a lot. I don't know that I necessarily qualify, at least I don't do it consciously. If I do, it's just because I say "oh, that's cool" to pretty much anything anyone tells me. If I could give any advice as far as gaming on these apps, the biggest would be what a lot of guys call BT spikes. And I don't just mean say stuff like "I drive a really nice car" or "I have a lot of money," just pump their emotions. Get them to laugh, get them to be flustered, get them to be engaged. This is not an easy fix, it's something that takes a lot of practice if you're not at a social level where you do this a lot. I've been on 1Km since maybe April of last year and this is the first lay I've gotten from it. Practice makes perfect, just try it a BUNCH and develop your own strategy. For me, usually my first 5 texts are routine, but after that it's calibrated to the girl and the conversation we're having. And yeah, typically I just open with "Hello" in Korean.

The profile pics are SUCH a big deal. I mean not just your first one, but all of the ones you have in your profile. There is so much that one simple picture can communicate to a girl's subconscious and you should put a lot of thought into which ones you use instead of just throwing up random ones that you think you look good in. Most of the ones I use are in my kakao story, so if you want to get an idea of what I'm talking about you can click through to that on the lair chat.

And as far as sexualization, that was my biggest issue getting into game. You can ask anyone who was here when I started on the lair, or anyone who gave me advice early on, this was all I asked about. Again, the only way I can tell you to fix it is practice. It doesn't much matter on these apps because if a girl is creeped out by you, she just won't respond. But there are a million other hot girls out there. So just push your limits every time until you have more of an idea what works and what doesn't. Like I said, there isn't one magic pill that will work for every girl, and if I told you things that work for me it wouldn't even matter because we're different people. You have to test your own limits and find what works best for you and your personality.

Quote from: D******** on February 19, 2013, 10:55:54 AM

-Did you consider closing her right then and there? R****s friend in Busan did a fuckton of that type of closes (alleyways, staircases etc) and I'm soo excited to try it out -

Dude, have you seen how cold it is outside? There's no way in hell I'm going for an alley way bang. Not only was her buying temperature not right at that point, but I didn't want to die of frost-bite-of-the-dick. I'll definitely be trying this stuff out once summer comes around, though.


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Yo wad up Im a 25 year old dude from Auckland new zealand.

Ive been doing pick up since I was 21.

If u are in Busan or know any one in that area that are keen to do sum BEASTING


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Yo forgot my number is 01035910353

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Yo wad up Im a 25 year old dude from Auckland new zealand.

Ive been doing pick up since I was 21.

If u are in Busan or know any one in that area that are keen to do sum BEASTING

Hey Chris im like an hr away from you in Daegu whats the scene like in Busan?

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Good article, I will visit your blog more often.

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