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Author:  NurseWayne [ Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:30 am ]
Post subject:  NurseWayne's Game Journal

Going to be documenting my sets on here.

Here's a bit of history about myself

- Shy asian kid all my life, small social circle.
- Started gaming when i was 23.
- First date, kiss, blowjob, and loss of my virginity all in the same year (Loss my virginity to a girl i approached at the mall)
- total of 3 lays before i eventually got into a monogamous long distance relationship that lasted for about 3 years.
- After my relationship, wanted to fuck as many girls as possible so i joined Tinder, Hinge, and coffee meets bagel.
- Slept with 2 girls from online dating - my profile is riddled with horrible blurry pics from 3 years ago.
- Tried to get back into day game but was unable to approach girls due to horrible approach anxiety.
- Decided to do a 2 week bootcamp in NYC with decent success - approached more girls in these two weeks than i ever had my entire life. Had a bunch of insta dates, pulled 6 girls home and had 2 SDLs which were a first for me.
-Back in my home country trying to keep the momentum going.

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