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PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:57 pm 
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My friend got a scholarship and we went out to celebrate. She's a girl and we're close enough that we just wrap our arms around each other making it seem like we're together. A beer later, the other table containing the 7set, 4 girls and 3 guys, asked for a lighter. So at first I went and lent it willingly. Two beers later they asked for my lighter again, and there was one Hb-8 that I wanted to target.

As I lent them my lighter, I said
"You've been asking for my lighter so much, you don't even know my name."
And fortunately, the girl i was targeting asked for it, which I know is an IOI. I introduced myself and I used Style's bestfriend test. And surprisingly it worked. They asked for more, so i got them hooked, unfortunately all the seats were taken so I couldn't really lock myself in but i had the attention so i guess thats okay. I actually was proud of myself for engaging with the guys.

Anyways, I asked if they believed in ESP and they were skeptic. So I asked who wanted to volunteer for a test. and fortunately again the HB volunteered. I did Mystery's number ESP test. I asked her for a number between 1-4 and guessed 3 and proved it again by asking a number between 1-10 and I guessed 7. So 2/2 all's good. I could see her eyes just getting wider. So I told them that I had to get back to my friend but before that she asked me my background and I gave it, age, school, course (Idk if that was a good idea)

Later on, I went to the smoking area and two of the HB's friend went there and asked for a lighter again and we got to talking and they asked if my friend was my gf. I cleared it up. She went back in, maybe to tell them that im single. I was thinking so hard on how to get her isolated but she was placed so intricately and centered that i wont have the guts or find a way to do it. I couldnt and i didnt.

I have plans for the nxt day so I had to leave. I couldnt figure out how to isolate her anyways so I just decided that Ill go home. I went back to the table coming back from smoking, my friend was there at the table and talking to them. She winged me pretty good, She had good reactions from them. But we had to leave, so we went to their table to say goodbye. And she asked for my last name. I wanted to ask her number or give mine but I couldnt spit it out since everyone would hear.

I left feeling accomplished to overcome my fear and engaging in a 7set and succeeding in building rapport and demonstrate high value. But I couldve done better, that was third time sarging.

I would appreciate if any of you would give me tips on how I couldve get that #close or kissclose.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Mann.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:09 pm 
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A lot of the veteran posters have moved to http://mpuaforum.proboards.com/ since this forum went belly up. Feel free to go there because that board is a lot more active and has quality posters. You'll get more feedback there.


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