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Field Report - Girl from Bookstore - #Close
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Author:  Mann [ Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Field Report - Girl from Bookstore - #Close

I went to a bookstore with a couple of friends. I immediately recognized an old schoolmate.
I opened with "Hey, aren't you X friend?"

Her: Yeah, I am.
Me: We're friends too...

I kept fluffing her and I threw in a neg
Me: Hey I like your hair! Too bad its a wig.
Her: No it isn't! Feel it.

Yeah, anyways, I kept talking to her and I threw in around 2-3 compliments. Eventually I asked one of my friends to give me a pen and paper (next time I'll be ready with those stuff) and I asked for her number saying we should hang out sometime.

I got a number close but I want to know what I could have done better and what I did wrong.
I would like to ask too where we could hang out and what I'd do from there to maybe get a kiss close.

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