Mastering the game in Belgium- journal by only1splinter

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:46 am 
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After almost two weeks I thought I would suck at game again but I was actually pretty decent. Got a phone number in a cocky funny way. It was a party for rich people. Got my best vest and nice shoes and went out.

Me: Hey, I really like you!
She:Huh, what?(laughs)
Me: I really wanted to meet you. (to her friend) Is it ok if I borrow your friend for a bit?
Friend: Yeah sure!
Me:Nice to meet you, my name is splinter!
She:My name is Blabla
I pull in my new wingman and introduce him. He starts talking to the friend and I listen with them. I turn to her and say something and turn back to my wing. I repeat talking to her and listening to my wing two times and ask for a phone number.
She: I don't know you!
Me: I'm splinter, I like the color blue. Put in your number.
She: Hihihi. ok.

She didn't reply when I send her:Color blue. :( *sad face*
I understand that I had to get to know her better and show my personality more. But in the end, it doesn't really matter.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:53 am 
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Internet was down for about a month. Many things have happend.
And that is: TREE KISS CLOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!Victory dance!!!!!!!

I've officially promoted myself to dragon slayer. In Belgium we call the ugly girls dragons.
Since the first lovely ladies were around a HB4 and HB6, I have now successfully slain dragons with my
tongue. I can tell you that slaying dragons ain't no easy job for an Average Frustrated Chump.
Especially the closing part. It is a true battlefield. Moods go up and down, music disrupts the senses and eyes
stare for a chance to escape the dangerous situation. Only a true dovhakin can capture the soul of one.

My last close went like this:
I spoke to some girls who ignored me after 30 seconds. I spoke to another one for 20 seconds.
And another one, 5.623seconds.(I could really feel the milliseconds in that one.) And finally a set my best
friend had kept warm for me after I had opened them. I talk a bit and isolate the baboushka girl. She was 20
and had a towel over her head like those old women you see in the Italian spaghetti commercials. She was
talking endlessly about her exchange studies and how she lived in a box for the next week. I kid you not! She
literately slept in a box! She even showed me a picture!

And I said: ok,ok, stop. Do you want to kiss now or later?
She: uhm *looking away and doubting*
Me: ok, later it is!

And I continue talking. We bounce with the group of new made friends into another bar and meet up with
friends who were chatting up with HB8 brown hair and HB9 blond. And I'm like: "I think I'm going for HB9
instead of baboushka girl.It is not like our gay friend wants to do something with her" So my best friend keeps
the baboushka girls buying temperature warm the whole night while I try to get it on in front of her eyes.
*the more I type the more I start to realize how hilarious this all was* o the HB9 set fails and we all walk outside to say goodbye.

I go to baboushka girl and say: Ok, do you want to kiss now or never?
She: Now.
Me:*reaching for the kiss*
We say our goodbyes and I which her the best with her box. jk.
I had just learned that line from my friend and applied it to see if it works. So I learned that it works and I have to try out things that I don't believe would work for me.

Today I said: I am going to do 5 sets every day for an unlimited duration.

The first one was a girl on the street who was walking in our direction. I didn't see her face and my friend asks me if she is white or black and pretty.

I yell from across the street: Are you black or white?
She: Black!
Me: Are you pretty?
She: Yeah!

My friend was first afraid but soon realized she was loving it. We talk a bit and see that we had found a cougar.
I remember giving the cougar a high five and saying something. But an aggressive man came and I thought it was her husband. When we walked away it was actually a drunk dude who was jealous. He walked away in the opposite direction from the women. So I should not make conclusions too early.

The others were weird. But fun weird. The girls liked it to.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:11 am 
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:06 pm 
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Hi guys,

I am claudio, 29, I live in Ghent and I would like to sarge in Brussels this Friday

if there is anyone free, repy here or send me PM :wink:

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