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Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Ascending to SnowSaiyan

Well let me take the time to introduce myself. I was introduced to the game back in 2006, 2nd year of uni. I read that book and the Mystery method. I have never really taken it seriously i.e. had routines etc. but I've known the structure and basics.

In terms of social skills before the game. Honestly, they were above average. I've played football and captained each team I've played for. In terms of 'popularity', I was one of the kids on the 'in crowd'. So I am not going to lie and say I have struggled talking to girls etc. because I haven't, not really.

I went to quite a good uni (not oxford or cambridge) but just the level below. I have a decent job. I work in the tech space. Did the old computer science at school. My ultimate goal in life is to have a successful tech company. I code when out of work on my own projects, looking to be the next Zuckerberg one day.

Mystery said there are 3 areas to life (which I agree with, health, wealth and love). I obviously want to improve all areas. These Field reports will chronicle the love aspect of my life, which is seriously lacking.

I want to begin the journey to improving my gaming skills so I can get with consistency the caliber of women I want. I want to have HB 8 and 9's on rotation and f close a 10 (or more than one).

I'm not to sure how long it's been, but I haven't f closed a girl in months. Partly as I working on my app so have literally been locked away. But I have realised every day you should strive to improve all the 3 aspects. So I am finding balance and looking to get into the game properly.

N.B - So you get the complete picture, in terms of ethnicity I am black.

Hopefully that should be enough for you to build a picture of me.

I was motivated to chronicle this journey because of what I read from Valleypua, Enso and Tr@veller. All amazing and inspirational in their own rights.

P.S - Valleypua is a god damn beast! Mofo secretes game. You should check his field reports.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

16th April

I moved to live in London a couple of weeks back. My housemate told me about a Nurse's leaving party that he was going to. I didn't take any convincing. I rolled with him. Some bar in central London. I conversed with all of them. 15 plus nurses. I didn't want to take it sexual or anything like that obviously as my housemate worked with them so I kept it fairly neutral and just entertained.

There was one Spanish hottie that took my eye. Beautiful. HB 8. I ran some game on her and continued building social proof mingling with those around.

My housemate wanted to go fairly early like midnight (we were there from 5pm) so I decided to leave. Most were heading onto a club. But it was a school night and the only legitimate person I knew was my housemate. So I thought it was best to leave. As I was leaving I went up the Spanish hottie and number closed. I can't remember the words. But I know I didn't have to say much. She took my phone and put her digits in with little convincing. Easy peasy.

When I got back my housemate used this word to describe me. 'Predator'. His favourite movie is Predator so I'm guessing he didn't mean it in the anorack wearing, playground stalking way. But the deadly laser focused chick-talker-tooer way.

One thing he did say about me is that 'you have a presence, a cool air about you'. This is not the first time I've heard this, girls have said something similar. One girl got shy and I had to wear her down to tell me but the only way she could describe it as was an 'aura'.

- It was the first number I had got from a girl in months. And it was fairly easy. (But number closes always are).
- No major other talking points, but the greatest journey starts with but a single step and I had just taken mine.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

17th April

Only one other guy I personally know has read the game. My buddy from uni one of my closest compatriots. His conversational skills are top notch. He can talk to anyone. A shortish guy (English but of asian descent). For the purposes of this journey I shall call him Rida.

So I met up with Rida after work in central. We got to a crowded pub and when I say crowded we were in there like sardines. Opened one set of the bat. Contained a HB 9 but she is not the type of girl I really want. Worked as a cashier. Nothing came of it. Then I saw one girl literally eye fucking me. Begging for the open. So I obliged. HB 6. We spoke for 30 mins (and with the rest of the set). She lived in my area (South London). So I number closed. She was more my type except not that hot. Worked in fashion. She'll have hot mates. They always do. A useful connection to have. We rolled out and went to a restaurant/bar/club. On the way I saw some promotional people. Called them over. 2 girls 1 guy. Rida had the guy. I was chatting to the HB 9, columbian beauty. Went for the number close. She deflected that shizzle with the b/f objection. I moved straight onto the HB 8. More my type, posh little country brunette. # closed. Then bounced. Opened the set at the door. I could tell it was dead. Rida had this, I hung back. Get in there and I start to get fully in state. Saw a HB9 at the bar. Drop dead. I wanted to speak to her. Bottled it but saw her going to the toilet. As soon as I started speaking I could tell she wanted the D. We were by the toilets and the bouncer kept telling us to move. I pulled the 3 kisses routine. Got the cheek. She said she need the loo (obviously as thats were I creeped on her). I let her go. I left. Would of been a DLV if I stayed. I assumed I would see her again. I didn't. Fuck my life lol. I go upstairs its a bar up there not like a club downstairs. I begin to work the room. Open a girl, her AFC B/f comes along. We chat for a bit. They love me and Rida, honestly there are few who don't. They buy us a shot. We leave them and continue to work the room. Rida has a table of stunners on his hand. He's entertaining a 4 set of beauties by himself. 3 HB 9's and a HB 8. I hang back continue working the room. One of the HB 9's is a fiancé to a very famous celebrity. As you can probably tell I have high standards when even a famous celebrities gal only gets a HB9 in my eyes. After about 20 mins of him in set I thought I had to roll in, get me some of this. I rub my hands, lick my lips...in my head obviously...I'm not perve... :shock:

I lock onto the HB 8. She's IOI'ing me. I pull out the Vitaly line. 'Can I ask you 3 questions: Do you find me attractive? Do you have a boyfriend? So what is stopping you from kissing me right now?'. I get the cheek. We are there for like another hour. The set is hooked. A table of stunning dancers and we have them hanging on our every word. Not gonna lie. I felt pretty PIMP. The girls then wanna bounce to a jazz club nearby we decline. Personally I wanted to game more and where we were was as target rich as you could get. I #close my HB8. Then they depart.

Work the room a bit more. Spoke to probably the funniest man I have ever met. That mofo had me in tears, straight up. I # closed him, as I know a friend who runs a comedy night....Game?

Then in the smoking area I see a couple stunners. Lord give me strength. I roll straight out. HB 9 and a HB 10. They are tall, tanned, Scandinavians, here to shop for the weekend. And they weren't going to top shop. Could smell the money on them. One of them had the nicest boobs I had ever seen! I eye fucked her boobies for sheezy! That's whats up! She had a boob job. Nice as fuck, trust. The HB 9 with the big ta ta's was mine. I spat some sick game like no man'z business 'Ya hear'!. We go inside. Then they get a drink and go to sit down. I was ambivalent in chasing. I didn't. And it paid off. I see them waving us over. At this point I'm in full on Mystery mode. Game was tight. I was qualifying her a lot. There was strong IOI's. Hand holding and arm linking. I know its on. So I move to an adjacent set. To get some social proof. Mixed set of about 7. Now Im the most in state motherfucker you'll see. They love the banter. They buy me a drink.

Now heres where it goes wrong. My mate turned up, a natural at this shit. When I left the set he struck. Didn't even game her much but went in and got the HB9. WTF! An hour+ of work in set gone. Now my state is fucked. I knew my game was so tight I could of f closed. We were even making plans to 'check out' the hotel. He put no work in. I knew he would only get the k close (and that's all he got). Girls like this take a lot of care and attention. Anyway we go down to the club and there is like 20 minutes left. My head is all over the place. I look for the first thing I could find (HB7). Predator was out. I've taken a leaf out of Valleypua's book and my eye contact is through the roof now. I could have a stare out with an owl and win. I say but 10 words to her and makeout. But I don't want her. I want my big boobed 9 (who literally looked like Victoria Silvestedt) but just not as thin. As Victoria is verging on anorexic. Anyways I scope the club more but its dead. Dance on my own and with this very minor celebrity of TV. Man is a tool. No game. Then I see my HB7 with another man. Without even thinking walk up to her in mid conversation grab her hand and walk her to the seating area. The guy stared right at us in disbelief. In my mind I'm thinking, keep looking homie....keep peeping game. Looked so boss, trust me.

Anyways I ditch her again as the Scandinavian hotties want to leave. The 2 set, me and my mate bounce. Some random dude (suited up) comes up and suggests casino. In my mind I'm pissed. The hotel was calling. So we go. I get out a couple of hundred, throw it around like monopoly money. Trying to impress. Weak game. I wouldn't recommend this. But I gamble quite a bit. The girls like my style. I leave basically with what I got out...but I digress. Anyway I see the suited up homie make out with the 10. My god, this afc has a bit of game. Most surreal thing just a random dude rolling with us. Anyways I skilfully with a bit of practice see an opening. I isolate the HB 9 (take her outside) and we talk. I mentioned something along the lines of 'I thought it would of been me and you tonight'. She thought so too. hhhmmm, strange. Anyways I try and get her in a taxi. A lot of resistance. My mate comes back I timidly attempt a devils 3 way...I was desperate. Not happening. So I bounce, more than tipsy and pissed. Not at my mate as I don't hate the player I hate the game.

- k close on a target, not as a way to escalate to seduction but to lock others out.
- Also this raises the question of can a wing steal 'your' girl. If you have no chance then she's fair game but I had a legitimate chance. Trust me. I know. VP and Enso (pua forum members) are constantly pulling the robbery on each other, surely this isn't the right thing to do?
- write shorter field reports as my fingers now ache. :(

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

18th April

Had a few hours sleep. And had to go home home (an hour away from London). Sooooo tired! Got to my home town and had nothing planned for Friday night so I wanted to line up a date. I began predating the town. BWHAHAHAHA :twisted: Opened a 2 set. One was quite receptive (HB8) the other just kept giggling (HB7). Interesting. I believe if the receptive one was not with her friend things would of gone better. So I move on.

I had a convo with a girl in topshop (who was literally phenomenal) a month back. Always wish I # closed. Didn't. I was a straight up pussay! Today would be different. She's a HB9 with a personality to boot. I go in. And 'be still my beating heart' I see her. I open. I can't remember what I said. Guys I never can. Literally you can say ANYTHING. She says shes bored. In my mind I'm screaming 'YES...perfecto mundo!'. Externally I show as much facial expression as a comatose Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anyways it begins.... After about 2-3 mins she says she has to go to help a customer at the till. Plausible. I continue to look around but she doesn't come back even when the customer goes. Ha, the bitch knew what was up. I continued to circle 'looking at clothes'. Like a great white around a cornered seal. Only thing lacking was the killer thrust. I didn't open again. Yes I am a certified wimp. I leave.

Notice a hottie in body shop HB 8. Tatted & pierced. We speak for 15mins. I try and time bridge for the drinks at night. She declines #close, even facey b add. She gave the B/f objection. But I am happy. Not that she rejected me but I tried. Seriously guys getting rejected hurts a lot less than the 'what could of been' thought.

I bounce to a bar (under her advice). Buy a pint, sit there. No sets. Talent is lacking in the home town seriously. I leave. Go home. Get into bed. The sandman has me now.....

- My day game is poor. Scrap that piss poor....and that is at best. I need to improve. The only positive is the only way is up.
- Maybe focus on single sets in day game.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

I wanted to make a quick note about the HB rating scale. In my eyes everyone has a slightly different barometer which is understandable. For me a HB6 is an attractive girl. Just not overly attractive. She's not an average girl. If she was average she wouldn't be a HOT BABE and hence wouldn't even get a rating. As an example (again my opinion, in my eyes) a Zooey Deschanel would be a HB8 while a Sofia Vergara would be a HB10. Hopefully that can help you guys calibrate to my hotness scale.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

19th April

I had prior commitments and didn't get out till late. I was looking forward to getting out early and gaming but alas it did not happen. Got out at about 12:30 and my hometown bar closes around 3. Not long. Downed a few drinks and I was ready to roll.

Openend a couple of sets. Nothing really going anywhere. One girl who used to go to my school (HB7) was eye fucking the shit out of me. We had spoken on a previous occassion but she was with a hotter target so my gaze was elsewhere if you know what I mean. Anyways she's with some guy. I go over and talk to her. The guy is ordering a drink and doesn't pay much attention to me. Either very confident or very foolish. Homie didn't understand Im a wolf in sheeps clothing! AAAAAAAWWHHHOOOO! I begin the game. But she is literally locked in with this guy. I bounce, I think it was just them two. It would of been an epic robbery if it came off.

In smoking area and some chicks sit down. I get talking to one (HB6). We speak about people we know. Luckily she mentions a few hot gals who I know. One I'd banged. Anyways after about 10 mins, she looks at me and says 'I get the impression you're a big deal'. She said it a couple of times. And she's fucking right! Ya here! This is what I mean, so much of the game is body language, just acting like a fucking boss because quite frankly you are! I used the Vitaly 3 questions (I've been using it a lot lately. lol). k closed. Sloppy as fuck. Bah-dap-bah-dap-daaaaaaa I'm loving it! :D . It was in front of all her mates as well. Did it a few times. Let those ho's peep game. Dun no! Then she went in.

I was getting into state.

A HB7 rocks out, killer bod. Her legs were unbelievable. Im a legs man fo sheezy! Anyways with options to sit down anywhere she sits nearish me. This is proximity guys. Some girls will linger around you wanting you to open. Anyways I'm chilling, legs crossed, arms back, soaking in life. I open. We gets to talking. But she's a bit far, like 3/4 feet away. She says she can't here me. I pat the seat next to me. She enters my space, my reality. I hit her with the Vitaly 3 questions. She says she thought I was gay (coz I had my legs crossed..hhmmm). In other words she wants the D. I try and close a couple of times but she's resistant. Her man is picking her up later. Her brother is in a famous boy band, as in number 1 records, mtv series etc. We'd been to quite a lot of the same places, high end prententious west end clubs. :roll:

Anyways I roll in. Not much. There was a HB9. Kept going for the pull. Wasn't happening. I used to work with her and had a massive crush on here when I was 16. I leave after I instagram close lol (if there is such a thing). I see her outside with some guy. He looked familiar. I talk to the chick and ignore him. He asks if I know him. I said he looks vaguely familiar. He then recants my life story. Apparently he went to primary school with me. It's not uncommon for this to happen when back home home. #big deal :D

Anyways I leave. Nothing else to report.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

20th April

Sent round a few texts. No one was out. This is why I desperately want to meet more people that are into PU. I mentally prepare my self to go out alone. I down a few cans. Luckily my housemate wanted to go out so I wasn't lone rangering it. I felt relieved. Another forum member (Valleypua) does or did this a bit, sarge alone. But I'm still too chicken shit.

We head to a local pub. I mainly used the time to acclimatise. We were in there 10mins. A set walked by. This shit is becoming like muscle memory. God damn. I opened, on instinct. Have no idea what I said as per usual. They are both HB7's. One had hot pants on which will also be here alias. The other worked at a Uni, lets call her Teacher. I spit game at mine. I had Teacher, I actually want Hotpants as she seemed more my type. Petite, tight bod, peach of an ass. 10mins into set they want to leave. We were just on the hook point and bounced with them to another pub. I love that feeling when you hook and merge and you are one group. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside like a pornstar after a creampie shoot.

My housemate knows no game. He did buy them a couple of drinks. I actually spent nothing the whole night. But the girls where buying us drinks as well. So it was all cool. The dynamic was a bit weird, we didn't really spend much time as a 4 set, mainly in 2's. I kept escalating with teacher. Went for the k close. I think I used Vitaly 3 questions...again...lol. She rejected. I pinky promised I wouldn't try to kiss her again. (Go's without saying I tried more than once, the predator wanted those lips lol). We dance and drink some more. The pub shuts. All together we had been with them 3 or so hours. I pull them to mine under the pretence of an after party. On the walk she asks if I have condoms. I said yes. We all chill at mine for a bit. She was quieter as I sat next to her. I think the reality had set in she was in my lair and shit was about to go down!

Teacher liked lord of the rings. I said we'd have a 'quote off'. Eventually after persuading, pulled her to my room. Like Valleypua himself I change into shorts. She asks for a t shirt and starts stripping off. We do 3 quotes each and I put on the movie 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. About 2/3 mins in I start kissing her. 1st time I had kissed her in the whole interaction from meet to bed. She has a lot of LMR. I was inspired by Valleypua again. I started stripping off. She then got her top off and had a killer rack. I sucked on those breastesses. Yum yum. Still LMR though. I attempt my dry humping manoeuvre, basically its where I try and get in to missionary (pants or whatever on) and dry hump them. Girls usually get too horny and cave. Sadly she wouldn't open her legs. I tried. You would of needed the jaws of life. After 30mins I give up. I say the words 'you can leave if you want'. She says 'Do you want me to leave'. We play verbal tennis with this a few times. She gets dressed.

I go downstairs tell the other 2 Teacher wants to go. I leave the living room. I hear a noise. Hotpants is now on top of my housemate grinding him hard and kissing him. He has recently come out of a 3 and half year relationship. Lived with her and everything. Anyways they leave.

Housemate's mind is blown. Mofo didn't know game, or pickup. (Well he just got a dose of it today). Hair all mussed and panting. He shakes my hand and thanks me as if I am a PUA God (I'm not). It was the first girl he'd kissed other than his ex g/f in 3 and half years. He asked what my opener was. I say I can't remember, he says he would of remembered. It was like he thought the opener had special powers, as if there is one thing you can say to make a girl receptive. He didn't understand you can say ANYTHING! I have even opened with 'Do you like Star Wars?' in the past.

I text Teacher after she left, but never got a response. I did quite like her. She was smart, good job, similar values, posh accent (i like) and had a bit of banter. She would definitely of made rotation. Oh well, in the words of jigga man 'On to the next one, On, to the next one!'

- Maybe persist more with LMR. My tactics were the usual. As she says 'we should stop' etc. I agreed and kept kissing and escalating. I also gave the occasional freeze out when it was an outright stop. Then kino'd again.
- Even though your potentially not getting any, perhaps let a girl stay. What was running through my head was that my pad wasn't a hostel and if your not 'earning your keep' you gots to get goin.
- This was the first and only set I opened. Even though I wanted to game others I think it pays off (not for me this time) to invest in the set when possible.
- I feel like I have failed as I didn't f close or get some brain at least. For me, only that feels like success...really.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

21st April

Met up with Rida at about 6pm in central. We got some food. Opened a couple of waitresses. Came to nothing. Opened a few on the street. Again nothing. Hit up a bar in but didn't approach anything. Central was like a ghost town. Nothing of note really happened.

I left feeling I need to get a bit more balance in my life. Work on the other areas (health and wealth) a bit more.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

23rd April

Met up with another aspiring pua in london. It was nice to meet someone interested in PU other than Rida. He mentioned that he might do a bootcamp. We spent most of the time getting to know each other and had a few drinks. I opened these American twins as they were leaving. Facebook closed.

Opened a 3 set next to us. Got some pictures. Instagram closed (if there is such a thing). 2 of them were lesbians. After about 10mins we ejected.

I opened a 3 set upstairs with the thought of seeing them again and re-opening but we left before I could reopen.

- I need to meet more people into PU in London. I think sarging more with like minded people will help.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

25th April

Met up with a couple of friends and Rida in central. Rida was a bit tipsy when he got there as he'd been drinking before. It was happy hour so we got the drinks in. This is where I think it went wrong. I drank too fucking much! In about an hour I'd had 3 beers and a bottle of wine.

The game began.

I opened quite a few sets. An afc I was with was obsessed with one girl in a 2 set. I told him to go over. He wouldn't. Fuck it. I went in for him. They were Lithuanian (Both HB8's). The one he liked was receptive but her friend was cockblocking. I have NEVER experienced cockblocking like this. She kept literally dragging her friend away and actually pushing us away. WTF! Tr@veller (another forum member) has a concept of staying in set. So I did. Eventually we ejected after like 3/4mins.

Now I'm brewing a buzz.

I open everything. Things get a bit fuzzy after this. To be fair, we were all pretty miz-ashed. I was on my own for about an hour or longer. Lone ranger approaching. I saw the Lithuanian girls. I went up. And again I got the cockblock. I was eventually able to get the number close on the one that my afc mate liked. Homie got caught slipping.

I'm then approach happy, hitting set after set in the smoking area (it's where I do my best work). I try to k close this Italian chick. She (wax on, wax off) blocks all attempts.

By this point, finesse had gone from my game. I'm like a (Randy) bull in a china shop. I open a kiwi girl. We speak a bit. I try and k close, but yet another fail. I take her to the smoking area. I probably tried to kiss her more but got nothing. Number closed. Went back in.

I take a break and speak to one of my mates. He drums it into me that the ONLY close that matters is an F close. I agree with him. He says I should do an AB (Any Babe) night. Where you literally just bang anything that not hot. I am reluctant though.

I hit the dance floor, God knows why. I haven't approached a girl on the dance floor in like 7 years! I'm decked out in a leather jacket (zipped up), all saints skinny jeans and black chuck taylors. I gets my shuffle on. A couple of people ask if I'm hot. And question wearing a jacket on the dance floor. But quiet simply I looked fresh to death! So the jacket stayed on. Anyways this time on the dance floor is no different. I approach no one.

I circle the club a bit more. Predate as per usual. But nothing of note really happens. Get more drinks then get outside ready to leave. As I do, I see the Italian chick with some chode (Tr@veller's getting to me). He had her up against the wall and his arms around her. I head over. I speak to her, the chode looks away. I tell her not to cheat on me. She laughs. I think I tried to number close but it didn't come of. However I did notice how powerful and strong that position was. Valleypua (forum member) has been using this hug tactic. There could be something in it.

At this point (in the words of drake) 'I'm soooo throwed!'. Not white gyal wasted but more pissed than I wanted to be. In one of Vallypua's post he mentions that alcohol gives you the rawness but fucks the acuity. I think this is so true. It can be a hindrance when not consumed in moderation.

I hop in a taxi and head home.

- Don't drink as much. After a certain alcohol threshold your game is weakened. Find balance.
- Field test Valleypua's hug tactic
- Field test the dance floor more.
- I'm starting to lose a little bit of hope and my state is a bit down as I haven't been able to convert an f close yet. But I just have to keep going.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

26th April

I head to a race/festival thingy. You basically run a race then have an hour after party. Turned up stone cold sober. All other participants where out of their dish on booze and drugs! Would have been so much better if I had a buzz on. A mate of mine has 2 housemates (HB 7's). Went in for the warm approach. The plan was to go out after the event at about 11. So I was playing the long game. Didn't hit gaming mode and stayed more conversational with light kino buttering up those biatches for the night time takedown. But the night takes a turn. The girls don't want to go out. Fuck my life! Should of escalated more and would of had I known.

Anyways I head home. Rida and my natural smooth criminal friend is with us. He is very much a natural. This is the guy that stole the HB9 of me the week before. As he will probably feature a lot in posts I will call him Smoothie. So we get changed and head out. I don't have ID and can't get in at the first club. By this point in the night, time is becoming a factor. It was about 1:30 and a lot of places were stopping to let people in. We head into Central and hit up a rave club.

I am resolute in my thinking that a rave is the worst place to game for 2 reasons. Firstly the boy to girl ratio is disgusting. 75% boys to 25% girls usually. In london we are lucky as many clubs and bars usually maintain a 50% ratio. High end clubs aim for 30% boys to 70% girls. And when it comes to fanny, it is simple economics. In a rave there is too much competition for the scarce resource that is women.
Secondly, people are schnozzled. On a messy cocktail of drugs and booze. Charlie Sheen in his heyday would have nothing on some of the people there! Criiiiickey! Conversation, where my game is played is hard. Most people are dancing...like loonies might I add.

After last night's debacle I am careful in my alcohol intake. I have 3 beers and 4 bottled beers over like a 6 hour period. Relatively sober.

Rida is not feeling it as much. He's not on the approach ting. I open a couple of sets. Nothing of note happens. I then see 5 girls. A rare sight in a place like this. One is looking at a picture. I comment on it. She either ignores me or doesn't here. Then she turns after a minute or so and asks me to take a picture. I do. I have my in. We gets to talking and all of a sudden an absolute beauty rolls in. Blonde hair and the brightest of blue eyes I have ever seen. I talk to her. She is soooooo receptive. I literally would of run of to Vegas and got married to her. I'm not even joking...no seriously...I'm not....seriously! A HB 9. They were on a hen do and tonight was their last night. I held the Blonde Swiss for about 20 mins in all. Her friends hung around as we spoke. Rida and Smoothie still weren't on approaching. She had a b/f which she brought up when I tried to kiss close about 10mins in. I kept kino'ing her. Used Valleypua's hug tactic. I should of tried to isolate her as the k close wasn't going to happen in front of all her friends due to the b/f. Eventually they leave. I got the facey b add.

I opened around 3/4 more sets. One more Facebook add. I usually go for the Facebook add with foreigners. Anyways not much more happens. We call it a night. Head out and the birds are chirping and the sun is rising.

- Gaming in a rave is not for me.
- I need to have the concept of staying in set longer or more importantly, tracking them down if they leave. I have the open down and can hold cocky funny conversation with the best of them. But I need to be more clinical. I need to go HAM (Hard As a Motherfucker) when it comes to the concept of ABC (Always Be Closing). I am missing this killer edge in my game. But just with a few minor tweaks I honestly feel the flood gates will open.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

27th April

Felt surprisingly fresh today...aaahhhh the joys of not binge drinking. Rida spent sometime showing me motivational videos. Anything with Jordan in is always a winner. Then after Rida's oscar winning worthy pep talk we roll out to the shopping mall.

We cruise the underground and Rida spots a girl writing a script or something. Rida is actually quite big on scriptwriting. It was the perfect in. After 20secs of mental masturbation he bottles it. Bottle job. I roll in, she's surprisingly receptive but her stop is next and she leaves. The curse of opening on the underground.

We hit the mall and go to Starbucks. I have never been in a Starbucks. Don't drink coffee. Don't drink tea. But I heard you can get some decent tarts in there (if you know what I mean) so I'm down. We open nothing, partly due to lack of sets and bitch butterflies. Mainly the former.

Theres a music production thingy going on upstairs. We mozy along. I open some brazilians. Nothing much. Chitty chitty, chit chat to be honest.

We then walk around the park with as much purpose and direction as a drunk vagabond. I open a 2 set. As we walk, they say they are going to sit down to smoke. We let them leave.

We cast our eyes around on all of the hotties but AA (or common sense) is setting in. We realise no more will come of the day and call it quits.

- My day game is weak. I think I need to be more persistent. Even when the girl is making excuses etc. pull harder to get her to stay in the interaction. Rida and myself both feel the day game is the key to the super hot babes. If we can master that we will be Gods. But right now we are beyond a million and one miles away.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:06 pm ]
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28TH April

Watched a video of this guy Julien from RSD. Valleypua (a forum member) takes a lot from him. I watched the 1 hour seminar. He mentioned about jumping around from set to set and the concept of destroying your self image. As I watched I actually wondered if this guy is pulling celebrities and/or 10's? I can't see how these tactics would get you high quality women. I just can't. But there was one thing I'll take away. That was the concept of being aggressive in the pull. Guys you have ABC (Always Be Closing)!

I'd lined up a day two with a HB6 for 8:30. (earlier post: 17th April). I will call her Kowala. I was also trying to set up a day two for the next day with the Lithuanian chick, HB8 (earlier post: 25th April). But she could only do today due to work commitments. I knew nothing about this girl. Not her name, her job etc. Nada!!

So, I did want any aspiring pua would do I arranged the Lithuanian chick for 7pm. I knew this was unlikely to lead to a bang as we were in Central. I tried to pull her South but wasn't happening. Anyways we meet and she is looking smoking! CRIIIIICKEY! I said we'd get coffee, but I told her I don't drink coffee, which I don't. So we went for a drink. Guys always know where your going to take them. I made a schoolboy error and went to an area I didn't have intimate knowledge of, but we found a pub/bar.

We go to the bar. I order 2 of Irelands finest..aaaahh....Guiness. She pays. Game! I'm touchy feely from the start. She says something along the lines of 'I talk a lot'. I ask why. She says 'Its fun'. I say you can have fun without talking as well. She asks what can you do. I look into her pearly blue eyes and kiss her. This was about 15mins after meeting her. We talk and kiss some more. But now its getting late. It's 9pm. Im soooo late for Kowala. Thankfully she met a friend in there who was keeping her company.

There was a tube strike starting around 9pm so I knew I had to leave. Lithuanian chick had the best smile ever. Her codename (check me out all Jack Bauer) can be Smiley. This is the point where I maybe would of left it. Let her go home and go to Kowala. But I thought fuck it! Be ruthless! Be the Ted Bundy of Game! I go for the pull. I say 'Lets get some coffee from South London'. She takes a bit of talking around and reassuring. At junctions i.e leaving the pub, getting the tube etc. I just made sure I kept talking. Occupying her brain with babble so things run smoothly.

I'm walking with Smiley and I have to walk past the pub I was meeting Kowala at. I look in. I see them! I look away. 'Oi' she shouts. Still looking away. I keep walking with Smiley. Hahaha...'these boots where made for walking and that's just what I'll do'. Kowala messages me and rings me. But I've gone dark. Radio silence. MIA. I give her nothing back.

We get to my house. Smiley laughs. 'This is not a coffee shop'. Me: 'I said we were getting the best coffee in London and we are, I said nothing of going to a coffee shop to get it'. Which is true. She assumed coffee shop :twisted: . I take her into my lair. I ask her 'Do you like movies?' (inspired by Valleypua). She says 'Yes'. (They always do). I put on my go to movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I take sport shorts from the draw. She asks what I'm doing. I brush it off and say getting comfortable. We lay on the bed. She is drinking a hot chocolate (long story). I simply take the cup from her hand and put it down. She asks what I'm doing. I ignore. Escalate.

I get token LMR and I use a move I have never done before, that I doubted (again insipired by Valleypua). I get butt naked homie. Straight up! Like a veteran chippendale, clothes of in an instant. It works a treat! Trust me guys.

Long story short, it was that time of the month, so I settled for some brain. My Gosh! My Golly Gosh! It was good. Deep throating and everyting fam! Criiiiickey! She was proper kinky too, which I like. Sexually dominant. In the words of Borat...'I liiiiiiiiiike'.

I've been waiting a while to say this...'Game is Game!' BOOYAH!

- As I walked with Smiley I noticed how many boys even girls looked at her. It felt good. I thought she was just a pretty face but she wasn't. She was soooo funny, we had the same values and I found out she'd got a scholarship for her bachelors and turned down a scholarship for her masters to come here. Girls got brains (and gives good brain :D ). And importantly she loved dragonball Z! Fuck yeah! It made me happy because she is eligible for rotation. Actually that's not the right word. She's eligible for the harem and hopefully will be the first member. What I'm building is more than chicks on rotations. It is a collection of high quality women I legitimately could see myself spending the rest of my life with...aawwwww. It's not going to be easy but I'm going to keep on trying to formulate and build my harem.

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

29th April - Day

I message Kowala. Doing some disaster control. I don't apologise. Like fuck I would! Long story short we arrange another catch up. Her housemate is coming and I'll bring mine.

I watch another RSD video with Tyler teaching danclefloor game. hhhmmm. The 15 min clip proceeded with him essentially telling you not to care about getting blown out and just keep on approaching. WTF! For anyone who has played sports, got coaching, been a coach. This logic seems at its very essence flawed. Imagine your a striker with a poor long shot and score 5% of your long shots. He is simply saying shoot more to increase your overall goal total. This would happen but you would still only be scoring 5% of what you take!

This is the opposite for what I am going for. I'm looking to improve my game. Bring up that score percentage. Not by taking more shots but by getting better at shooting. Mystery had a concept of mastery. 5 approaches in a row, 5 times you get the girl. That is the goal. That is my goal.

The video then showed Tyler k closing 5 or so girls drunken ho's. 4 of them were HB6's with 1 HB7. This made me feel the RSD teachings are incompatible with my thinking, my ethos.

There was a reason guys I haven't been layed in months. Partly due to working on being the next Zuck but also there was an epiphany. I have a close friend who mentioned that he banged a girl. But he didn't enjoy it. He had no emotional connection. This resonated with me. I was on a 'successful roll' at the time. For months I had hit SNL's on 80% of the weekends I went out. Closing HB7's mainly and some HB6's with the odd HB 8. I thought that I was happy but I wasn't. Not really. Guys I have never had a girlfriend per se. Never had a girl that I have called my girlfriend in my adult life. But I digress. Anyways after that moment I knew I had to change. I knew I needed more from life. To get the girls you desire you have to be the man that they desire. So I gots to working. Admittedly worked to hard on wealth and forgot about other aspects. Now I'm getting more balance. Which is important.

A part of me wants to just start rattling anything. But I know that this will not lead me upon my path of happiness. I need quality. Girls who are the full package. Looks, brains, personality, the full sha-bang.

I think mastery of day game would help this MASSIVELY! But I'm struggling at it. Which is strange as my game is built on conversation. To put things in perspective I remember my friend in conjunction with a colleague had a charity speed dating event. Around 40 boys and girls. His colleague graduated from Oxford and my friend went to quite a good school as well. Some people had really cool jobs and there were also the usual professionals (lawyers, bankers etc). I was up against top competition. The sort of men women (or definitely their parents) would want them to marry. I was up against the best to get the best. I came away from the 3 hour event with the most matches by a country mile. And the women didn't even know of my unfolding potential. My ambition. That I will one day be the next Zuck. Things like this simply solidify the fact I am lovable by all. My chat is on point! BELIEV' DHAT!

Author:  Snowsaiyan [ Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ascending to SnowSaiyan

29th April - Night

I rock up to this funky tapas place with my housemate. Serious mood lighting going on for real. My first thought was 'you could finger bang in here and get away with it'! Straight up. Kowala and her housemate were running late. 20mins. Playfully I give them bare shizzle about it. They bring up me standing them up. haha! And what! Just how I roll bitches!

NB - Kowala has a b/f...kinda. And he lives in the area. Hence why she wanted her housemate there.

Drinks get flowing but my afc housemate is monopolizing the convo. Serious. The God damn Rockerfeller of boring conversation. Luckily Kowala smoked so we head outside just the two of us for a cancer stick. As soon as her cigarette is out and she is now one step closer to the beginning stages of cancer I go in for the Valleypua patented hug. I tell her 'We're going to speak like this'. We talk but she wriggles free. She is stronger than she looks. lol. We head in. Convo has picked up to more fun stuff. Maybe it was the A-A-A-A-Alcohol! Seriously makes everything better. (God - I have the mindset of a relapsed Alcoholics anonymous member).

I then initiate another smoke. We go out. She finishes. The predator pounces with laser like focus. I have her in the hug again. She is reluctant. Hesitant. Like a young gazelle in a lions grasp, she is trying to wriggle free. I'm losing my grip. Legitimately half of her body is outside of my grasp. I have her in a strange crippler cross face manouever. Chris Benoit would of had nothing on me! Criiiiickey! Eventually she breaks free. And she heads in like a shot (Chris Benoit.... actually, perhaps it's still too soon to finish that :) )

After a night of boozing, we get ready to leave. It was quite fun. Definitely chill with them again. Outside I hug Kowala's housemate goodbye. Then I hug Kowala and she does this strange lingering thing. lol. Guys I can't explain it. Like the ending of Lost, I just didn't get it. It's like she wanted me to k close her in front of everyone. wtf! She wouldn't do it on her own but its like she wanted it in front of everyone. I'm unsure what it was. Anyways I wasn't k closing her. And we peaced out!

- I like Kowala. One day I may end up banging her but I'm not going to pursue it. She (actually both girls) work in fashion and have hot friends. For now I have no intention of trying to induct her into the harem and her only purpose will be to simply build out my social circle.

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