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How People Treat Short Guys
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Author:  Sneezy4u [ Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:17 am ]
Post subject:  How People Treat Short Guys

I’m 5’6 in college and I notice the more I get older the more people will just mention my height. “You’re really short” statements or sometimes comments that’ll try put you down, especially a go to insult aswell.
What I don’t get is like, I’m not going to go up to a fat girl and tell her she’s fat as if she doesn’t know herself, but I kinda think that would be more acceptable to do that than to put people down for height.. because atleast the fat girl can do something about her weight?

Being short doesn’t bother me but it’s like the way people will talk about it makes me think that they think I should be ashamed of it.
So when people say something about it I’m just like “yeah, okay?” and it seems like people get this tiiiny but disappointed that I’m not bothered. Then on the other hand, it’ll catch me off guard sometimes and I don’t have witty comebacks for it but I know they’re probably saying it to downtalk or whatever, so I probably come off stifled for about a second.
My question for you short guys is ,
Does this happen to you?
How comfortable are you in your own skin?
What do you think of the way people treat you?
And how do you deal with it? (Mainly externally but for the sake of this forum section internally aswell)

(PS. Personally thinking of a celebrity the same height as me that I look up to does help me a lot when I start to lose some self esteem over it)

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