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Bald wearing a hat in daygame sarging
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Author:  Mature [ Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Bald wearing a hat in daygame sarging

Hi everybody:

I am 39 years old, white and completely bald. I shave my hair (like Style) and have facial hairs. I think I have a pretty face and I am good looking (some women of my age say me that).

Since I met PUA communities, three years ago, I started to do solo daygame. I am portuguese and I practice daygame in Lisbon and Porto in the summer.

I have problems in being bald, specially with young women (under 35/40). I feel myself less attractive and old. I feel that other people treat me like a mature man. They are always calling me "Sir", what I hate. However, I don't have problems in attract older women (40-50) through online game and night clubs for people in their 40s. The problem is that I don't feel me attracted by older women. My desire is to have sex and dates with younger women.

So, when I go sarge in daytime I wear hats and caps and young clothes (jeans, tshirt, tennis shoes). Dress like that I feel myself more attractive (to young women) and young. I feel that other people treat me like a young guy. They call me "boy/guy", what I like. I feel me like another person. I get enough confidence to approach girls. I approach young girls, in their 18's/20's, and sometimes I hit the hook point. However, I 'am afraid to move forward because for that I must show what I really am (bald).

On the other hand I feel bad about myself, because I am one person and I have two realities: 1 - bald, old, insecure, unattractive for young women; 2 - hide baldness, young, confident, funny, attractive to young women. But, the second reality is temporary, because I don't want to show my baldness. So, I go sarge wearing a mask.

I've already tried to pick up girls without the hat (bald) and I got bad results. I was weird, the girls were not receptive and I had many blowouts.

Any advice for me?

Author:  masterm1ne [ Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bald wearing a hat in daygame sarging

I feel bad about myself
It is clear to me that you since you have issues with this yourself, that will hold you back more than anything external. You have to embrace who you are no matter what. No one gets to choose exactly who they are 100%. If we did we would all be Brad Pitts or Dan Bilzerians.

Advice is to embrace the baldness, and NEVER hide it. I am 30, and my best friend is 31 and he is completely bald. It's just genetics. I don't think bald signifies age really. What signifies age is confidence, and you are missing it because of this. If you work out, take care of yourself and clean up, I don't see why you'd have a problem other than you are telling yourself that.

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