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What are women really like?
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Author:  denig13 [ Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  What are women really like?

I learned in the past years that the image of women I have in my mind is totally wrong. It is made by the media and by the image women want to present by pretending to be nice, faithful creatures.
I am inexperienced, so I'd like to know from more experienced men: WHAT ARE WOMEN REALLY LIKE?
I keep deluding myself, that if I keep being this nice guy, polite, friendly, that some day the right one (a total HB10) will come into my life, she will be charmed by my good heart, and she will go out with me, help me overcome my shiness, guide me into becoming a strong man. I know I'm not alone in this, most men inexperienced with women have this line of reasoning

any books, movies, videos, articles, diaries... anything that would show me what women are really like?

Author:  Hotu [ Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What are women really like?

Some good advice here:

1. If you get friendzoned, don't hate it. But embrace it. Tell her you really like the fact that you are friends now, and that things are less awkward. BUT!!!! That in a real friendship, you do expect friends to be there for each other. Then after a few weeks, of supplementing her, everytime you have "girl trouble" use her as an advisor.

Two funny things will happen. 1. She will always be able to explain the female point of view. Remember, the biggest problem to this is men are rational, and woman are emotional. 2. Sometimes these girls will develop a jealousy and start acting out, which is real good material to sharpen up your game.

I have about 10 female friends; some of them I dated, some of them I fucked, but most of them I met and just decided to be friends. The last class are the best, it shows you are a sociable guy and for a change do not march up to a woman trying to get her into bed. Be aware that you do keep a DHV frame at all times though.

2. Read womens novels. And not the big hyped ones like 50 shades of gray, but found out the mediocre novels that no one talks about. It is a complete eye opener, I will assure you. Make sure the writer is female.

3. There is one basic rule you should follow. Men-women-children. What I mean by this is that women are somewhere between a man and a child when it comes to being a self thinking and self reliant human being. You are correct that in the media women are portrayed as strong, independent and beautiful. Have you ever noticed, that your girlfriend feels the exact opposite? They are insecure about their looks, consult with their parents too much about every major decision in their lives, and seem to need a relationship more then that they consciously pursue the happiness found with a certain partners.

We get the images projected of women the way WE ALL WANT TO SEE THEM, but reality is different off course.

If you manage to address this and give the feeling to a woman that you understand this shit. They will be eating out of the palm of your hand. I guarantee it. But it takes a lot of life experiences.

Hey I'd say go out there and talk about this stuff with some cool women. Talking got me layed a lot more than routines, I assure you that!

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