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Weekly Frame Control Development Exercises
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Author:  Ascend82 [ Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Weekly Frame Control Development Exercises

I've been reading up a lot on frame control/inner game components and compiling a list of outline notes. I'm currently organizing them and once I have I would like to begin applying them in my daily life.

What I would like to is develop a list of around five specific practices to complete as somewhat of a daily check list. As part of my job, I interact face to face with at least 30 strangers and 15 people in my office every day. So, for instance, one of the daily practices I would like to complete every day to develop my inner game would be to actively attempt to maintain my positive frame in five different interactions with people, and then reflect on them when I get home to try and observe my progress/what worked and didnt.

If anyone has any suggestions of specific daily practices that would tend to develop inner game/frame control, and that I could include on a to do list with regularity, please post your suggestions.

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