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Confidence $ Self Esteem Development: Training Regimen
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Author:  Ascend82 [ Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Confidence $ Self Esteem Development: Training Regimen

This site is full of great advice and insight. For me, I visit this forum not to develop my skill of attracting women, but more so for the development of my "inner game."

I want to take a year and dedicate a significant amount of my free time outside of work to developing a strong inner game. My goal is to get to a point where I am confident, relaxed, and immersed in love for myself and others no matter what situation I am in. I want to be able to remain un-phased and calm regardless of the social setting that I am in. To do that, I want to organize a legitimate inner game training regimen. If any of you have any ideas - please help!

I've looked through the forum and have found so much great info for the THEORY of inner game. However, i'm having trouble finding direction on how to actively apply and practice this in my daily social interactions. If any of you have ideas, please send them my way.

What are some things that I should be doing DAILY, in order to develop self esteem and confidence? Things that I am thinking should be in the regimen include:
- reading self compliments
- introducing self to stranger once a day
- envisioning success and accomplishing my goals
- refrain from self judgment and seeking acceptance in social interaction

IDK - please post anything that you do DAILY to develop or sustain your self esteem and confidence. Thanks!

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