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Best Way To Raise Your Self-Esteem (Feel Good About Yourself
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Author:  Black Phantom [ Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  Best Way To Raise Your Self-Esteem (Feel Good About Yourself

If you ever felt down or not as worthy or worth less than other high-status
and popular guys or women, I want to share with you a simple equation, or
a formula for raising your self-esteem.

It is simply this:

Your Self-esteem = Value you provide to others

Now value is anything that contributes to people in any way.

It can be as simple as making people feel better about themselves,
or it can be as complex as finding the cure for cancer.

For example, the reason why a basketball or a football player has high
self esteem is because of the value he provides to his club and his fans.

The more value he provides, the more self-esteem he's going to have and
the better he'll feel about himself.

One of the greatest self-esteem boosts is found in doing great work, something
that you know you were born to do.

For example, just writing this article and knowing it will help at least 1 guy to
do something differently and feel better about himself gives me a self-esteem boost.

The same happens when I coach a guy and he goes through his transformation.

Can you imagine how I feel when a guy goes from a guy frustrated with women, to
dating multiple women in his life? Can you imagine how that makes me feel?

Now some people take a destructive path and try to feel better about themselves
by putting other people down.

But that's a very short lived path, as it may give you a shot of adrenaline but it
will eventually catch up with you.

So if you want to feel better about yourself and raise your self esteem, forget about
saying "I'm the shit" and "I'm the man".

You can naturally achieve that state by simply creating more value for other people.

> Help an old lady to cross the street
> Tell that girl she looks beautiful
> Write that poem, article, make that video
> Volunteer to an orphanage or a retirement home and help out for a day

And here's the trick - when you do these kind of things, and you feel better
about yourself, WOMEN will take notice.

A lot of your stupid insecurities will go away because you'll feel PROUD of yourself.

You'll naturally look more ATTRACTIVE.

So ask yourself:

What is 1 thing I could do today that would add VALUE to people?

Write it down, and go and do it now.

I promise you, you'll feel amazing, energised and better than you felt in a very long time.

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