Getting too caught up ed in what i did was wrong/poor game

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:42 am 
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For example,

I met a girl. went out for a first date. she showed up drunk unknown to me(4 beers deep). we hook up, no sex. she drove home after having like 8 beers total. already had a pending dui, pending pot arrest, lived at home with her parents.

I guess a logical person would not take r serious. but i was willing to give her a chance.

we hang out a few times. she is flaky but keeps offering to reschedule.

shows up to my place on our last hangout. seemed very irritated the entire hang out. i cooked dinner and she went outside and chain smoked. she also kept saying things i think she would know would turn me off. like how she cant quit her horrible job because she cant stop smoking pot and their will be a drug test. or how she is hanging out with her ex's.

She ended up kiss rejecting me, and leaving and said i dont have to walk her to her car. she texted me to hang out again, but i declined as i thought the way she acted was rude as fuck.

now the issue i have is, i get caught up in where did i fuck up? what did i do, to make her act like she did on our last hangout? what didnt i do to attract her enough to make her less flaky. and i kinda obsess over my mistakes if there was any.

when i wasnt even into that girl that much

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:05 am 
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Honestly, first problem. Why you even let yourself treat so shitty by girl totaly under your level? Because she is good loking? Ok, but than what? She act as total bitch and you let her stomp you. What is she thinking about you after that? Thats not how value is build up. For her, you are now just stupid moron boy she can play with and throw at him her own frustrations from her horrible life. (sorry, I dont want insult or be rude, Im just totaly honest)

Maybe you just stick with such girl, because you think. Hey, her value is so low, maybe I can have higher chance. I can understand that if you just want get fast bed time and than bye. But this doesnt seem like that case.

My first advice, date girl with at least same value as you have.

There wasnt much detail about your hang outs, so hard to say where was problem. But here is one I noticed. Never, ever, let her talk to you about her exes before you get intimate (dont even mentioning how she hang out with them!!!). Thats best way right into Friendzone, be guy she turns to with her troubles.. ("oh on last my hang out with my ex he just.... surely you would understand me .. blablablalba"). You dont want her do that. Dont be rude, but let her directly know that You are NOT interested in talking about them. Let her know, hey, I dont care about them, Im here, not them and I want be your mate now.

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