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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:04 pm 
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I myself am naturaly very pale...but after a couple of weeks going to the sun-studio and getting some tan, i got instant compliments from people. I look much healthier too

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:22 pm 
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dont even consider sun beds just to pick up chicks , the long term health risks are just too bad .

im pretty pale myself and instead of fake tan i use a tinted moisturiser , but i always go for one with just a hint of tan in it and make sure you get the one thats best suited to your complection . i also only wear this when im sarging . it doesnt so much tan me , it more smoothes out my complexion

another important note , apply one or two layers evenly then wash your hands immeditley or you will have orange palms no matter how light of a tint it is

Buck on ! ! !

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:28 am 
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I use tanning beds, trust me it works :)
and most of the time you look more attactive with a tan

If when you drink you get red in the face (like me)
or are hot in a club, it shows up less

For money for a month unlimited tanning $50 (thats nothing) I pay more for my cell phone bill a month..
I suggest getting that..going 4 times a week for 2-3 weeks
and then only go 2 times a week to keep it up.
then once you have a tan pay 50 bucks for 15 tans.
go twice a week (if you lose ur tan very fast). 4 weeks a month x2 is 8
so it averages out 30 bucks a month to look great

If girls call you on it.. I just came back from...(insert hot destination)
Use it in your routine.

and best of all, first day there i sarged a girl hahahaha
There are an unlimited amount of chicks there

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:02 am 
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There are many ways to get rids of blemishes.
One of the best ways is using lemon:

its juice is considered as one of the most popular tips on how to remove blemishes. The juice can serve wonder as among skin-lightening home remedies for dark spots and the hyperpigmentaion thanks to the bleaching effect.

Follow some steps:

Mix lemon juice with attar
Combine ½ can of yogurt into this solution to create an anti-acne paste
Apply it to your face
Leave it on for 30 minutes to get its extraction can be absorbed into your skin

This method is believed to successfully make you skin clean and smooth.

Or use cucumber Cucumber

Cucumber is widely known as one of the quickest methods on how to remove blemishes, thanks to its cool and fresh effects. Accordingly, you can consume or use cucumber to apply on your face daily without worrying about any side effects [6].

How to apply:

-Cut a cucumber into slices and rub them on your face.
-Wait for 30 minutes and rinse with water.

Source: ... blemishes/

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:03 am 
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A good professional body spray salon. Tanning is bad for your skin, especially for the lighter complicated folk.

Look at other ways to look better with lighter skin. Use moisturizing cream for a good complexion. Trim excess hair and work out.

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