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Routine for clothes from idea to purchase
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Author:  lonerx14 [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Routine for clothes from idea to purchase

So I wanted to hear from the new regulars what they do for clothes as I am running into this (routine / real question I use to open and tie into clothes. I ran into the concept of hired guns (people who work at the stores) and they just want you to be a sales number.

So in short my approach I have found success (saving money by using clothes I have) with is getting the latest magazines and being able to see the fashion and clothes and choosing outfits closest to being complete (I might have the shirt, hat, and coat and I will pick up the pants or I have the pants, watch, belt and I substitute a white collared shirt and get a nice look)

I have a ROSS (cheap good looks ... but now its just small discounts after a huge marketing push to tv advertisements. and pants range now up to low 30s for jeans but special pants normally no more than 20) I do shop at the BR, Express, H&M, etc... but full prices are typical and I plan when I go to maximize the discounts (VERY rare nowadays / everything is itemized and not store based discounts like they used to do)

Pros: Keep the current clothes and have a new outfit/ not spending money on entire outfit

Cons: buying the new pieces to complete outfit, investing in magazine (time or money or both)

What would you say is a good investment for outfits and how do you make money back to channel money from older pieces into the newer wardrobe. Please put how you come up with your style and all the way to purchasing and where etc...

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