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non verbal signals
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Author:  fuzzysig [ Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  non verbal signals

what are some specific non verbal signals that females catch that might spark sexual interest

for example I'm sure all of you know a girl or two that are not really that good looking but does things to catch your attention.

like randomly biting her lip when thinking about something( probably not even related to sex)
or sitting in a certain position, leaning over showing major cleavage and acting like she has no idea
or fixin her boobs or walking a certain way that makes her boobs bounce.
wearing her clothes certain way to get just enough attention without being an attention whore

pretty much all the little things that catch your eye as she moves about doing whatever she does.
in short, being sexy. some girls seem to naturally have it some look very awkward when doing it others don't got it at all and a pain to look at even when they are really good looking.

what are the things that females catch that will make a guy look "appealing"? or sexy (don't know the right word for it)
I need to imrove my skills outside a nightclub and I think catching someone's attention before you approach her would help massively.

Author:  qlds [ Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: non verbal signals

I think all of this is bullshit. Honestly.
Body language is extreamly important.
But these small details are most often subconcious.

Body language can be used to show interest (facing the girl, eyecontact open posture)
and disintresst (facing away from the girl, crossed arms, looking at the phone.)
But being sexy through body language is another dimention.

I think you'll have to be a sexy guy over all and then all your small postures and poses will be sexy in their eyes.

Eyecontact has allways been a big focus though.
Dont flinch.
You can read so much about a person through his/her eyes.

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