Tell me About Your Experiences Red Over Other Colors

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:39 pm 
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I was wondering about how well wearing red has gone over. I hear that it is the best color to wear.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:04 pm 
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Color is used to provoke emotion (as you know.) Usually the emotions and associations are very intense with red (such as: passion, danger, desire, love etc.) in nature due to Red being an intense and eye catching color.

However, when it comes to clothes wear colors that compliment your skin tone. Usually it goes if you have lighter skin tone wear cooler colors and a darker complexion wear warmer colors (I wont bother going into undertones and what not because this would be too long)

To answer your question. Shades of red have worked well for me. I have this salmon colored button up, wore it to a Valentines day party and took a girl home that night. As for the color red itself; I wear smaller things or accessories which are red (think socks, pocket square, a watch strap etc) so I dont usually wear say a pure red shirt, my reasoning for this is two fold. I have a medium complexion (think an olive skin tone) so as stated above warm colors work well however I don't want a huge portion of my appearance to come across as intense all the time; I like people to be at ease when with me and second reasoning I dress based on the situation I will be going too and I don't need to come across as intense or powerful all the time.

My final input, do some research on colors and their meanings, write them down and wear those colors which 1. Go best with your skin tone and 2. Send the message you want to send. Remember cdolors have different shades and those shades mean something too (example a lighter shade of red like pink is seen as more romantic and playful than a "blood red" color.

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