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 Post subject: Tatoos and earings
PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:51 am 
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Hey guys I need an opinion: What do you think about tatoos and earings? I have an eraring and I would make a tatoo. Do you think girl attract such things or they don't like it so much? Earings can be added to the peacocking theory, but tatoos?

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 Post subject: Re: Tatoos and earings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:34 pm 
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go for mass appeal and dont get it- tattoos and piercings are breaks in rapport and can sever it

remember girls may say they like something in men like saying they want a "nice guy" or "with abs" but doesnt mean its true

i had my eyebrow pierced for about 4 years and got a dating coach and he told me to take it out and i started getting a lot better results- now i go for a more sophisticated look

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 Post subject: Re: Tatoos and earings
PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:13 am 
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Ok, do you like tattoo's or not? If you do, then who the fuck cares what other people think? There's very very very few girls I've met that don't like tattoo's and I've never met any girl that would reject a guy just because he has a tattoo; that's stupid. And if you met a girl that would literally reject you because you have a tattoo/earring, why in the fuck would you want to know that person?

Furthermore, if you have a tattoo, chances are you will come across girls that will freaking LOVE IT!

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 Post subject: Re: Tatoos and earings
PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:36 pm 
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It's incredibly simple to test this out. Just look for places that offer henna art. These are nothing like the little stickers you played with as a child. They actually draw them on, just like a real tattoo. And they look %100 real when they're fresh. They only last about a week, but you can field test tattoos, and even see where to put them on your body.

From what I've seen, tattoos on your chest and upper arms are usually just considered sexy. Ones on your lower arms... vary. Some girls seem to be intimidated by the look and won't talk to guys who have them. Do not get neck tattoos unless you're looking to develop a sexy scumbag persona.

The only thing that concerns me about tattoos is aging. I've never seen someone plastered in tattoos that looks young for their age(30+). Never. I don't know if that's a causation or just a correlation, but I would be reluctant to get a lot of them.

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