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Physical tension repels women. How to release all tension.
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Author:  Bruce-Wayne [ Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Physical tension repels women. How to release all tension.

All around you, women's subconscious minds are picking up information about your physical tension, your stress, your anxiety, your attitude-- and whether you are making sudden, frightening movements, or smooth,
soft, graceful reassuring movements.

Notice hollywood actors and supermodels always move slowly and gracefully. Slow, graceful, relaxed movements displays a lack of tension, which displays relaxation, which displays confidence.

Try this once. This is not something you can experience by reading. You gotta try it. You'll notice the effects immediately upon completion.

1. lie down on your back;

2. arch up your knees, so that the bottoms of your feet are on the floor;

3. now lift up your heels, so that your feet are resting on your toes;

4. extend your feet somewhat, so that you can feel your legs beginning to tremble;

5. let them tremble-- the more strongly they tremble, the better;

6. now arch up your pelvis, and hold it up; at this point, your entire lower body should be trembling;

7. if you have the privacy, intensify this by making sounds-- let
yourself make sounds that somehow express what you're feeling;

8. if the sounds sound unpleasant to you, that's perfectly okay-- in fact, it's a sign that you're doing it

9. keep yourself trembling this way for about twenty minutes;

10. now get up, relax, and evaluate how you feel.
Your body and internal state will probably feel notably lighter after you do this.

This can be done 3 times a week or more (I do this as a combination to "code of the natural" by rob brinden) and the results are incredible. This is also fantastic for mental relaxation/inner game, as it has the same effects as meditation (release of excessive mental activity)

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