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 Post subject: How to dress?
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:47 am 
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Hey guys in new and was jus wondering how a guy should dress to attract chicks? SHould u dress in suit and tie lol or jus jeans and dress shirt

 Post subject: Re: How to dress?
PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:57 am 
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First post in a while...

Your dress should only account for about 15-20% of a women's perception of you. While of lesser importance than your social presence you should not discard the idea of being well dressed.

Whatever you choose to wear you have to be comfortable in. Luckily my family had a lot of money when I was growing up so I feel as if I can casually wear a suit or jeans, sometimes I mix a jacket and jeans. There is nothing worse than a man in beautiful italian designer clothes who looks awkward. Here are my tips:

1. Shoes- in a recent study by, most women notice a mans shoes within the first minute. Buy comfortable shoes. Supple leather is the best. A brown matte look can be worn with casual clothes. If you spend money anywhere it should be on shoes.

2. Facial additions- it is really up to you, just don't wear a studded fake diamond earring. If you are slightly tan with dark hair and dark stubble the top look for thin 20-30 year olds is a small black plug in one ear and one double stripe shave on the opposite sides eyebrow. Personally I won't use any facial additions.

3. Trousers- Jeans, chinos etc. Whatever you feel comfortable in. Dark shiny jeans with flared ankles are extremely smart and can be pulled off with an Armani shirt or jacket. Burgundy shorts shin shorts are great in summer with a white shirt.

4. Shirt- it depends on your build. If you have a ryan gosling/ brad pitt in fight club look go for skintight. Have you watched dexter? Buy the henley dexter kill shirt in olive. (You can get a really cheap non-brand that looks like it is designer) Kojo jeans in japan i think... Otherwise dress shirts go well with jeans, untucked. Casual tees or peacocking stuff works as well. Just be casual and comfortable.

5. Socks- i don't know how many times i have been complimented on my socks. I wear really outrageous purple socks with subdued dress or silver silk with colourful just to stand out when I put my leg on my knee in club loveseats.

I hope this helps. Also never brag about your clothes. EVER! A rich man doesn't have to tell you he is rich.. If you are complimented don't be cocky and say "I know" say thanks or nod and continue what you were saying so it seems like the way you dress is nothing to you.


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 Post subject: Re: How to dress?
PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:10 am 
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Hey guys in new and was jus wondering how a guy should dress to attract chicks? SHould u dress in suit and tie lol or jus jeans and dress shirt
There is no one way to "attract chicks" through clothes. What sort of girl do you go for? If you go for punky/rock types, dress punky/rock. If you go for preppy types, dress preppy. Whatever, you get the point.

Assuming you're just fairly "normal", and going after fairly "normal" girls who don't really fall into a niche category like those above, you should again wear your own style, but there are some more general points to focus on.

FIT FIT FIT - most important. Get clothes that fit. Ideally, get a tailor (often they will change clothes a lot cheaper than you would imagine). Obviously if you've just bought a cheap vest to wear under a shirt, you don't need to get that fitted, but for your nicer outer pieces which people will see, either buy them fitting well or get them tailored to fit well. That goes for shirts, jeans, trousers, suits, whatever - not only formal stuff.

Colour 1 - wear colours that go. Bright red with bright lime green and vertigo stripes is going to look rather garish. Google "colour theory" or "colour wheel" and you will get a colour wheel and most sites will explain how to match the colours and shades. Such things as colours directly opposite go well together, three shades in a row often go well. These aren't hard and fast rules, especially if you've only got a basic colour wheel which doesn't have the multiple different shades of a colour. Often the shade of the colour is as if not more important than the colour itself - matte, darker shades of two colours might go together really well, whilst two brighter more 'neon' shades of the same two colours might clash. Work and practice.

Colour 2 - wear what goes well with you. Your hair colour and skin colour. Again, look it up online for more detail, but as some general examples - if you've got dark hair and a fairly dark complexion you will usually be able to wear brighter more 'neon' shades. If you are paler or with lighter hair, you will probably have to wear more 'faded' tones of the colour so as not to wash yourself out. Again, that's very basic and not a hold-fast rule, but it's a good start point. A lot of the rules for matching colour to your hair and skin tone can be broken BUT you have to try things on before you buy them,. Get down the shop, put them on in the changing room, see if it goes or not. Also, don't be afraid to ask female friends or relatives. My Mum once said to me "that's a nice colour on you" and I started to wear it a lot more, get a lot of compliments from women now.

They're the main tips really. Everything else is about what you want to wear, what is your style and what looks good on you. A final point, you don't need to buy expensive clothes or brand names. Cheap clothes are fine - as long as they look good and fit well (and often it is harder to find cheap clothes which fit well than it is to find more expensive clothes which fit well, but that shouldn't stop you. Look hard enough and you'll find a great fitting, nice looking cheap bargain).

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:30 am 
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I kinda hate to make my first post here by calling someone out, but there are some rather big misconceptions/overgeneralizations here so far. So my apologies in advance if I offend someone :)

1) "How to dress" is equivalent of asking "How to get laid", there's no single, simple answer without resorting to oversimplifications. And saying that it's only about fit and colors is pretty much like saying that all there is to body language is standing straight.

2) Suit? In most cases No, unless you really know how to rock one (then it could work just superb), but if you knew how to do that you probably wouldn't be asking this question :)

Dress shirt and jeans? Sure, this is what most guys resort to: dress shirt/shoes, jeans and a coat/jacket - its quite a safe choice and hard to completely mess up. On other hand, safe means you're really not utilizing the potential of looking your best.

One more side note: you can build outstanding outfit from the components mentioned above, but this doesnt mean that any pieces will do the work.

This is a huge topic so for the moment I'll just note main points:

-Dressing sexy is very different from dressing well and lead to very different results. And even though dressing well will not women attracted to you, dressing sexy definetely gives you an extra edge before any game even starts.

In other words this means that before you do anything, based on your style (body language+dressing+grooming+physique) you are already falling into one of the categories: "not attractive", "attractive for long-term relationships", "attractive for sexual encounters & short-term dating" (more on this in the next point). Sure you can move from one category to another with "game", but why play against the odds in the first place?

-Knowing your audience (what kind of girls you're into and how they dress) is great and does add an advantage, however, if you look at the research there some universal rules that majority of women find attractive for sexual encounters and short-term dating. There are also universal rules that women find attractive for long-term relationships. This means you could be "in her crowd" by dressing like she does, but if you don't tick the right visual triggers that make you attractive, you fall into the "un-attractive" category.

Note: here we are talking purely about physical/visual features that women find attractive.

Okay, now you might wonder what this has to do with dressing?

Well, we can't change our height and changing physiques takes time (though a worthy investment imho), so clothes is one of the few things we can control in the short-term that will affect how we are visually perceived:

F.e. In a poll more than 80% of women reported that for both short term and long term relationships they prefer man that is tall. (reasoning: being 6ft or taller just screams dominance)

Now you can't really do much if you're actually shorter, but you can build monochromatic outfits that will make you LOOK taller and make sure to wear jackets with three or less buttons. Furthermore wearing a v-neck with a necklase will help draw attention from your height to your shoulder/chest area.

In another poll the ideal physique for men has been very one-sidedly reported to something similar of the one B. Pitt rocked in "Fight club" (and body builder physique got least votes, so be careful with looking too big).

What this means is that while we work our asses of in the gym to actually build this physique we can use simple approaches to visually get as close as possible to this "ideal physique" to trigger the attraction and before we even say anything, drop in the right category we want to be in.

Now, these are just the basics on going in detail would fill at least a book :)

So let me just finish with this, dressing sexy is about creating a style that is both comfortable for you, emphasizes your best features and camoflages the less awesome ones and just as importantly, triggers the right evolutionary mechanisms for women to find you visually attractive.

Now, even though I can't give you specific advice without actual details, feel free to compose a more detailed question and I may be of assistance.


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 Post subject: Re: How to dress?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:18 pm 
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Avoid the same old light-blue button down shirt...or the douchy frat boy look.

Go towards a metro look. Browse through to give you that model inspiration on high fashion.

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 Post subject: Re: How to dress?
PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:00 am 
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you can buy some dress and try to dress

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